The Guru Guide To Watching UK TV in Gran Canaria

The Guru Guide to watching UK television and programmes in Gran Canaria

There are various ways to watch UK TV in Gran Canaria; some free,some not; some legal, most not; some on your TV and some via the PC, Mac or smartphone.

We’ll try to explain all the different methods, give you the best websites and show you the different costs. If we have missed anything please let us know in the comment section below this article.

Easy, legal UK TV in Gran Canaria with TV Mucho

The easiest way to watch UK TV in Gran Canaria is to buy a TV Mucho box.

TV Mucho is completely legal and takes seconds to plug in once you get the box. It works if you have a reasonable internet connection and costs just €10 per month.

It gives you all the freeview channels like the BBC channels, ITV channels, C4, C5, Dave, etc.

If you can’t be bothered with illegal websites, VPNs, complex workarounds, etc, just get a TV Mucho box

Other TV Boxes

There are currently lots of TV boxes for sale online and many offer almost unlimited television for either a big, upfront fee or a monthly payment.

They are known as Kodi boxes after the free and legal software that makes them work. However, many have extra, illegal software added that streams more channels. Most if not all of these boxes are technically illegal although nobody is going to get fined for owning one (TV companies are going after the sellers).

The danger of buying a fully loaded Kodi box is that it could stop working at any time. Fully loaded Kodi box prices range from €35 to €250 per box.

NOTE: The online TV world is going the way of online music and the dodgy players (think Napster and Pirate Bay) are feeling the squeeze. In the end, we suspect that legal subscription services (like Gran Canaria-based TV Mucho are the way forward).

Contract SKY in Gran Canaria

As you are probably aware SKY is not legally available in Spain as the advertisers pay for a UK audience. However, there are various companies that will install a dish and set you up. The costs for this are for the dish and sky box and your monthly subscription. There are 2 sizes of dish available, a smaller dish which will allow you to access all the standard SKY TV channels and a larger dish which will also give you access to terrestrial TV channels such as BBC and ITV too. The cost of the smaller dish and box is about 600€+ and your monthly subscription about 50€ depending on which package you choose.

You can also get a family member in the UK to connect your tablet or laptop to their Sky account as an extra device. You may also need to use a VPN (see below) for this to work permanently.

Watch UT TV in Gran Canaria on the Internet

Streaming TV is a free and convenient way to watch UK television but the sites you need to use to access UK TV in Gran Canaria change regularly. Most are a bit dodgy and they do tend to disappear.

The main website people use to watch UK TV online is Filmon. It used to show you everything but is now blocking sports broadcasts. If you can’t get to work, try Same same, but different.

Download TV programs

Is the Pirate Bay up this week or not? You never know these days and downloading television programmes is getting trickier. You can still do it with lots of patience and decent spyware and antivirus software on your computer, but please protect your computer well. You need something like AVG Free combined with SpyBot Search and Destroy to be even vaguely secure on torrent sites.

Watch BBC iPlayer in Spain

As you probably know you cannot watch the BBC iPlayer or listen to certain sporting events in Spain. However, there is a pretty simple workaround.

Subscribe to a VPN (virtual private network), change a couple of simple settings on your computer and the BBC think you’re in the UK. Once setup you can happily watch the iPlayer, the ITV equivalent, Channel 4 catch-up and any other content that is exclusively for UK customers. We find it particularly useful to watch sports events that are streamed on the BBC website, like Wales rugby matches, Wimbledon, The Open etc.

VPN companies also tend to come and go, but here are some to check out.

Companies which offer VPNs include for $5 / month for £6.50 / month for accessing US-based services such as Hulu

The Gran Canaria Walking Festival Is Ideal For Residents & Visitors

The Gran Canaria Walking Festival 2016 starts on November 2nd

The Gran Canaria Walking Festival starts on November 2nd and is an ideal opportunity for island residents and visitors to get to know more about the Miniature Continent. 

Now in its fifth year, the GCWF is designed to give visitors and residents alike a walking experience in Gran Canaria with fun, tasty and educational activities included along the way.

There are six different walks between November 2-6, each on with a knowledgeable local guide that speaks English. This year there are even two nocturnal routes that include a guided tour of the Gran Canaria night sky.

Times and routes of the the six walks in the 2016 Gran Canaria walking festival

The six walks in the 2016 Gran Canaria walking festival

Each route includes bus travel (to & from Playa del Inglés and Las Palmas), an activity such as a tasting or guided visit to a local attraction, and a guided walk.

You can sign up for the full package of six walks for 120 euros, the weekend pack, or choose any of the walks for 18 euros each.

Full details of the routes, times and pickup points for each walk are on the GCWF website.

Register for the Gran Canaria Walking Week by October 30, 2016.

Property Consultant And Office Coordinator At Cárdenas Real Estate

Two excellent positions available at Cárdenas Real Estate; a top Gran Canaria estate agent

Two excellent positions available at a top Gran Canaria estate agent

Cárdenas Real Estate is an estate agency based in Arguineguín, Puerto Rico and Puerto de Mogán. 

The company has been in business for over 30 years and is south Gran Canaria’s best regarded agency. It offers contracts plus commission and is an excellent place to work.

Cárdenas are currently looking for a property consultant and an office coordinator.

The requirements for both vacancies are very reasonable.

  • Honest, reliable team player
  • Energetic, optimistic, and happy to deal with people
  • Speak Spanish and English, and Scandinavian or German. Other languages an advantage
  • Good knowledge of Windows, Word, Excel, social networks
  • Driving license
  • Experience in the real estate industry and/or sales is a plus but not essential

Please send your CV and covering letter to  career(at)

The Guru Guide To Setting Up A Tax-Efficient Gran Canaria Business (ZEC)

Low-tax Gran Canaria business and ZEC investments in Gran Canaria

Low-tax Gran Canaria business and ZEC investments in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is part of the ZEC, or Canary Islands Special Zone. What’s special about it?

Well, open a business in Gran Canaria and tick all the boxes, and you pay just 4% corporate income tax and gets a slew of other benefits.

What is the ZEC?

The ZEC is a low-taxation zone focused on the Canary Islands. Its main purpose is to encourage European businesses to move to the Canaries, or set up subsidiaries here, to provide jobs and experience to local people and boost the economy. In exchange, it offers businesses one of the lowest corporate tax regimes in Europe. Read More

The Ultimate Guru Guide To Relocating To Gran Canaria

Complete guide to relocating to Gran Canaria

Unless you try to drive over, relocating to Gran Canaria isn’t really any harder than moving anywhere else in Europe.

That said, the more information you have before you move to Gran Canaria the easier things are. Here’s everything we can think of that you need to know about relocating to Gran Canaria. Read More

Gran Canaria Teaching Jobs: Arucas Academy Needs Two English Teachers

Quality English teaching jobs in Gran Canaria

Inglés Vivo, an excellent Arucas language academy is looking for two native English teachers for small groups of children between the ages of four and 18. These are good quality 20-hours contracts with an employer that looks after its staff. 

Here’s the description…

We are looking for 2 Native English teachers in the north of Gran Canaria. Teaching children from 4 -18 years of age in small groups. 20 hours a week, 4-8pm Monday to Friday. Spoken Spanish and experience needed. We offer long term stable work.

Please send CV to inglesvivo38 (at)

Gran Canaria Insurance: Civil Liability Cover Gives You Peace Of Mind

Gran Canaria Insurance: Caser Expats have your civil liability covered

The Gran Canaria lifestyle is all about being outdoors and enjoying the gifts that island life gives us every day.

Those beautiful surf waves, the spectacular walking trails, the stunning highland roads; it’s hard to live in Gran Canaria and not have a hobby that involves making the most out of the sunshine.

Whether you surf, drive a motorbike, or just hike with your dog, you want to do it knowing that any accidents are covered by insurance. And also that anything that happens at home while you are out enjoying yourself is also covered.

Now, health insurance makes sure that you are protected, but what happens in the event of an accident involving other people, or a boiler failure when you are on the beach?

An innocent mistake or mishap can end up costing a fortune if property is damaged or a third party gets injured because of something you do. Court costs and damages add up fast!

Civil liability insurance covers you for exactly this sort of event and gives you and your family complete peace of mind.

Caser Expats Civil Liability Insurance

In Gran Canaria, Caser Expats offer a tailored civil liability insurance policy that covers the needs of foreign residents on the island. A Caser policy insures you against the cost of any accident you are involved in and protects you and your family from court costs and damages.

CaExpatsarts insurance covers the following….

  • All costs associated with your non-professional activities, including outdoor sports, in the case of your actions causing damage or injury to a third party or their possessions.
  • All costs associated with the actions of your pets.
  • All costs associated with water damage to third party property (a common problem in Gran Canaria due to the effects of the highly mineralized tap water on pipes, boilers and washing machines).
  • All costs associated with a fire or explosion in your rented property.
  • Protection against the costs of a wide range of common accidents and mishaps such as food poisoning, falling antennas.
  • All court case costs resulting from a third party claim for damages.

To contact Caser Expats for a free insurance quote, just fill in this form and they will be in touch with you within a day. 

Full Time Chef And Sous Chef Jobs In Arguineguín

Proper jobs in Gran Canaria from Gran Canaria Guru

The excellent Taste Meson restaurant in Arguineguin is looking for a full-time chef and a full-time sous chef. 

Here’s the job description…

“We are currently looking for one new chef, and a sous chef to our high quality kitchen in Arguineguin.
The “Line chef” should have a minimum of 3 years experience.
Full time job for both positions.
We are an all year around restaurant so it is not only for the winter season we hiring but it is also a possibility if that is what you are looking for.
We cook all food from scratch and it is more towards “fine dining” food but in a very relaxed environment.
It is a huge plus if you speak Spanish but not a deal breaker.
Send your application to info (at)”

Proper Gran Canaria Jobs: English Teaching Jobs In Vecindario

Operations manager and PA to MD: Jobs available in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Operations manager and PA to MD: Jobs available in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

An established language academy based in Vecindario is looking for two teachers; One full-time position and the other part time.

Here’s the description…

The English Centre in Vecindario has 2 positions available for Native English Teachers from 3rd October 2016: One full-time, teaching children and teens in the afternoons and evenings, and the other part-time, teaching young children twice a week in the afternoons.  Please contact Gordon on 696953092.