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If anybody needs information on the island’s buses I can help you out, whether it’s fares, routes, times etc. For example there are numerous buses from the south to Las Palmas, some take less than an hour and others take two hours, unless you want an unwanted visit to every town on the way you need to know which bus to catch. There are a few places to buy discount cards and 10 journey tickets which both give you a 20% discount but you have to buy them in advance. Any queries post them on here and i’ll answer as quickly as possible.


  1. RollRollie Tyler -  June 23, 2015 - 1:14 pm

    I found the website and I was wondering if you could help me a bit with some answers. Is it possible to buy a discount card like AB card in the airport. How do I use it? Is it also valid to use it to travel from maspalomas to playa ingles? THank you very much!

  2. Tom Thomas -  August 28, 2009 - 9:06 pm


    Myself,wife and two children (4&5)are travelling to Gran Canaria on the 10th of November and arriving at 18.00.
    we are thinkin of taking the bus to the resort.
    I’ve looked into it and know we have to walk through the underpass to the other side of the motorway.
    The two buses that I have seen that travel that way are the 01 and the 91.
    The 91 is advetised as an express service but will it take us all the way to mogan as the timetable says Playa del cura which I have read is half way between morgan and Puerto Rico.
    The 01 looks to take much longer
    The tariff states 7.95each, do they charge for children ?

    Do you think this is a feasable option for us or is it too much with two children and two suitcases

    any advice is most welcome and greatly appreciated


    Tom Thomas

  3. kaney2021 -  October 1, 2011 - 2:06 pm

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  4. piernut -  April 6, 2010 - 3:28 am

    Two of us are coming to Gran Canaria on the 19th of April and are thinking to use the express bus No.91. What are the bus times from the airport to Puerto Rico and how much is it now per person

  5. madscot -  April 6, 2010 - 5:29 pm

    The bus leaves Las palmas at quarter past the hour so should arrive at the airport about half past, you do know it calls at the motorway and not the airport itself? Coming back from Puerto rico to the airport is at quarter to the hour. The single fare is €6.15 per adult. If you’d rather have a private car transfer, I can give you a good price and cut out the hassle.

  6. seabay -  April 10, 2010 - 12:04 am

    I travelled recently from Las Palmas (San Telmo) on the No1 to the San Fernando stop at Playa del Ingles. I have to say it is a stopping bus that takes a long time through Telde Ingenio Vecindario and Doctoral avoiding the GC1 until the last bit from around Juan Grande. Also therefore does not go near the airport so it must be the 91. I have often seen people using tickets in a machine in the buses. These may be carnet of a number of tickets maybe at discount. This interests me but is it of any use to buy these if you want to make journeys of different length from different starting and finishing points -how long are they valid for and do you get them at Airport or San Telmo or Santa Catalina or anywhere else please. I think you have to be over 70 to get senior citizens discount -I am only 65 !

  7. bernsky -  April 10, 2010 - 4:44 pm

    hi madscot
    can you tell me how much it costs in a private car from playa del cura to the airport? thanks

  8. tony -  June 11, 2010 - 2:01 pm

    hi their are nine of traveling to the balito hotel on the 16 of july is their a bus service from the airport direct and if so what is the price thanks

  9. madscot -  June 11, 2010 - 7:21 pm

    Hi there,

    As you’ve probably read elsewhere the number 1 is a bit of a nightmare, your best option therefore is the 91 which is an express bus anyway and much better, it’s motorway all the way to Arguineguin. The timetable only tells me the time it leaves the bus station at Las palmas so I can only guess the time at the airport, it leaves Las palmas at 15 minutes past the hour, it takes about 15 to get to the airport so you need to be ready for half past, if you don’t know how to get to the bus stop on the motorway i’ll tell you, when you come out into the arrivals hall, take a walk over to the far left hand corner behind all the tour operator buses, through a set of doors, up 2 lots of moving walkways and along the pavement, being very careful when turning left and underneath the motorway as the pavement disappears for a bit, you then have to walk up a bumpy path to the bus stop, if you have children with you please be very, very careful as the speed limit is 120 km and they could be blown over.
    The fare one way is 6.15€ for adults. I know a couple of people who do airport runs in a mini bus, if you want me to get you a quote pm me and i’ll see what I can do, it may not be much dearer and will be much less hassle.

  10. seabay -  June 11, 2010 - 4:37 pm

    I find it easier to catch the 66 at the airport and get off at Yumbo Playa del Ingles -there to pick up a 32 or 33 that goes to Mogan or a No1 from there after 6pm. I found youcan buy at 15 euros a time bus prepayment cards that give a 20% discount at bookshops -there is one in Puerto Mogan near the ‘canal’ next door to the hardware shop and you can get them in the Yumbo not far from the bus stop.I find being in Mogan village if occasionally I want to go to Yumbo for an eveningm I am curtailed by the last No1 bus from Las Palmas that stops at Yumbo at 00.30 -00.45. The last 84 from Puerto Mogan to Mogan Pueblo is officially 21.45 but have known it to leave at 21.00 so the alternative is taxi at 10 euro or to thumb a lift or buy a car or bike or stay at Yumbo till morning book or share a bed ! When the tunnel is finished the bus service might improve -by way of a later bus through to St Nicholas or Galdar that stops at the village. In many respects I found the absence of English in Mogan Pueblo no great problem. Nice community- opportunity to learn Spanish .I am present back in UK but when I go there again -definately November possibly September I might find one or two English people.I found a lot of channels in Spanish on TV but no english sub titles. Also radio stations -radio classica -spanish version of maybe classic fm rather morbid selection of classical music. I found good wifi at Waypoint cafe in Puerto and at the Irish Restaurant Marina and really good internet service at Cyber in Mogan village.I find mobile internet expensive in GC -Telephonica -Moviestar or Vodaphone. But with Moviestar you can have a contract with spanish bank account and NIE number that you can open use for a month or 2 or 3 then suspend it and re-activate at a moviestar shop when you next go out -so you do not have to pay when not there. This is useful because ASDL costs 15 euro a month plus IVA makes 17.5 and HSPDA 45 euro inc IVA per month much more than what you pay in UK for 3 mobile for example

  11. seabay -  May 6, 2013 - 6:34 pm

    Good service provided by this company over the island . The AB 20% discount card is still available but not now from Puerto Mogan to the Pueblo. The most commonly used discount card is the IN CONTACT card that you have to go to San Telmo armed with two photos and if you are applying as a pensioner a copy of the letter from Glasgow that gives evidence that you are a state pensioner.Then you have to go back a week or two later to collect it. Usual bureacracy but ok once done. Write down all the details somewhere but better not to lose it ! But this gives discount up to 60% if you pay 100 euros up front. Lot of problems at beginning but its got better and you can top up in various places. GC1 now extended to Mogan and some of the 32’s are using the new tunnel out of Puerto to Parque Tropical which is quite fast now. But the 33 and the No 1 still grind their way round the cliffs via Taurito. I hear the plan was for No1 to use the tunnel to Taurito to cut out this dangerous bit but there is some problem with the useage at present of the access road from Taurito to the GC1.Since January last year the bus service from Puerto Mogan to Mogan Pueblo has improved with buses as late as 01.00 from Puerto. This is good for people who work in the evenings in the restaurants and specially as accomodation cheaper in the village. However it would help if the No84 waited for the No1 coming in if it is late as it can be coming from Las Palmas and it would be good for continuation of the service if more people used these late buses that are very reliable and at 1.40 casheach way cheap for the mileage. Puerto Mogan has been much busier at weekends now the tunnel is open but much of the traffic is day trippersand using the bus avoids parking problem. Personally find it better in the week when its quieter. Thiswinter was mild in south Gran Canaria and the sea temperature better than last year with the large amount of sunshine we had and light winds from Africa.

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