5 Essential Tips About Gran Canaria Expat Insurance

When you relocate to Gran Canaria, everybody from the bank to your accountant and gestoria wants to sell you insurance.

It’s because Spanish insurance companies pay generous commissions for high-quality but uninsured clients.

Then you have price comparison websites, and a huge selection of local insurance brokers. Where do you go for good insurance?

The Guru’s top tips for getting a good Gran Canaria expat insurance deal

Gran Canaria Guru’s experts have crashed their cars, run out of petrol, flooded the downstairs neighbour’s kitchen and broken bones (and that’s just this year) so we know a thing or two about Gran Canaria insurance. Here’s what we’ve learned about getting insurance as an international resident in Gran Canaria.

Start with Caser Expat Insurance In Gran Canaria

Caser, one of Spain’s largest insurance firms, has offered tailored expat insurance in Mainland Spain for 10 years. Now it’s opened two offices in Gran Canaria; in Las Palmas and in San Fernando, Maspalomas.

Its expat insurance deals are fantastic value. For example, Caser’s car insurance is up to 50% cheaper than its standard policy because it has found that international drivers are much lower risk than the average Spanish driver.

Must be something to do with roundabouts.

Caser Expat Insurance also offers a 20% home insurance discount for expat clients.

Its private medical insurance policy is tailored to match Spain’s immigration requirements so it is perfect for people who want to get residency in Gran Canaria.

We’ve met the team that brought expat insurance to Gran Canaria and we know that they know their stuff. Caser has already saved Alex’s dad over 100 euros a year on his car insurance.

We advise all expats to contact Caser Expat Insurance for a car insurance quote.

You can do that here.

Research the cheapest quote carefully: It’s rarely good value

This is true of most things but with insurance, it’s a serious matter. If you get an insurance quote that is far cheaper than the competition, find out why. Has the insurance company found a low-risk niche (such as expats), or is it cutting back on coverage and service to top the quote lists?

Insurance, particularly if Spanish isn’t your main language, is one of those things where it is better to pay more for service and decent coverage.

Read this first-hand account of why the cheapest insurance in Gran Canaria isn’t a good deal.

Our advice: Be wary of the cheapest deal and make sure you understand the small print.

Pick an insurance company with a Gran Canaria office

Some insurance companies advertise in Gran Canaria but handle everything by phone and the internet from Mainland Spain. Their sales and billing services always work impeccably, but things go downhill when it comes to getting in touch when you need them.

Our advice: Pick an insurer with a Gran Canaria office. This way, you know you can walk in and get things sorted out.

Choose a company with customer service in your language

When you get in touch with your insurance company it’s because you need to. And at stressful times, you want to talk to someone who speaks your language and understands your problem.

Even if an insurance company advertises its English or German customer services, always check when it’s available and whether your broker speaks your language. It’s no good being stranded in your car on a Sunday when the English translator is on the beach in Barcelona.

Our advice: Unless your Spanish is good, you need to be able to talk to someone in your language.

As with everything, a personal relationship is best

Online quotes and claims are all very well, but insurance works best when you know your broker and know that you can get in touch with them and rely on them. From experience, we always advise Gran Canaria expats to deal with real people rather than telephone services.

This applies to everything (like internet services and telephone services), but it’s most important with insurance.

Our advice: Work with a good local broker or insurance office.

 Get good insurance and personal service in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria Guru recommends that all expats talk to Caser Expat Insurance as the first step of getting good value, high-quality insurance in Gran Canaria.

Get started by filling in this form and Caser’s Gran Canaria team will contact you fast. Or call Nayra direct to book an appointment or get a quote.

Free Gran Canaria insurance quote

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  1. Hi, My husband and are looking to move to the lovely island when we retire next year, due to pre existing medical conditions can you recommend a good medical insurance that will cover us but won’t cost the earth, and how can we get his medication? Thank Gail

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