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Owning a car and doing the paperwork is simple, just make sure you’re on top of your documents otherwise you can get pulled over and fined for something you didn’t even know you were doing wrong.

Buying a car

Additional paperwork you need every year

Buying a car paperwork

Once you have agreed to buy a car you then have to do the paperwork. Garages will usually do this if you buy a car privately you or the seller will have to do it and, as is usual for Gran Canaria, this can be a pain in the arse. You have two options

1.    Pay a gestor ((A paper pusher, gestors will do all kinds of paperwork, they charge a small fee and will save you a large amount of hassle) to do it for you, they will charge you but will probably save you 4 or 5 hours work.

2.    Do it yourself … this is where it gets tricky.

a.    First you have to go to the office on Franchy y Roca, there you fill in a form (???) and pay the transfer tax. Don’t bother undervaluing the car to pay less tax, they have a table with make and year and they just follow that. You will then be given a document to take to trafico. If you want to see how much you will have to pay click here

b.    At trafico you will need

  • The form from Franchy y Roca
  • The old Permiso de Conducción
  • Your license
  • Certificado de Empadronamiento
  • The most recent road tax.
  • If the car was bought on higher purchase, the document certifying that it has all been paid.

c. Fill in the form (???) pay €40 and the car is yours. This stage can take hours as there are often huge queues. If you don’t want to spend a whole morning there go early – it opens at (???) and it is worth being there 15 minutes before opening.

If you want to fill in the forms beforehand go to the tráfico website and download them

Additional paperwork you need to carry with you at all times

  1. Your permiso de conducir (driving license)
  2. Your permiso de circulación (Car certificate)
  3. Your insurance AND the last bank statement showing you have paid it. If you don’t have the statement you WILL get a fine.
  4. Your ID (DNI or passport) – They can fine you for not having it.
  5. Your last road tax payment.

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