Cars and driving in Gran Canaria

Cars and driving in Gran Canaria

Here at GCGuru we’ve bought cars, sold cars, rented cars received parking,speeding and random unknown fines, we’ve contested them and got off them. Most impressively we’ve driven here for years and years and we are still sane. We think we know how to get the best deals and how to survive on the Spanish roads, before buying, renting or driving have a look at our comprehensive guides.

Buying a car

Renting a car

Driving in Gran Canaria – the rules you probably didn’t know about.

Car Paperwork – the labyrinth of buying and selling a car

How to contest a parking (or other) fine and win


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  1. Hi. Can you advise me of the year Spain implemented emissions testing for the ITV. I am looking to buy an older UK car which is not required to have an emissions test in UK.

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