The Las Palmas Film Festival Starts Today

The Las Palmas Film Festival 2017 Starts On March 2017

The Las Palmas Film Festival 2017 Starts On March 2017

The 17th annual Las Palmas Film Festival starts today and runs until April 9. It features 100 films and 200 screenings at several venues across the city including the Multicines Monopol, Teatro Perez Galdos and the Paper Club. 

See the full film festival schedule.

The competitive section of the festival has 13 international feature film contenders and the first to screen is Katie Says Goodbye, Wayne Roberts’ first feature film. There are also 16 short films competing for a prize and a separate Canarias Cinema section with five features and twelve short films.

This year there is also a foodie element to the festival with 20 Las palmas restaurants offering special dishes during the festival week.

See the restaurants and festival dishes.

Tickets to attend the 17th Film Festival’s screenings go on sale on Wednesday, March 29, at the Pérez Galdós Theater, Monopol Cinema and Elder Museum of Science and Technology’s box offices.

Each film costs  4 euros and there is a 12 euro pass that allows you to watch five films.

Full ticket price information.

There are also a series of music concerts during the festival, including Los Vinagres, Julieta Venegas and Bejo. There’s a free concert in the Santa Ana Square in Vegueta on Friday 7 and Saturday 8 of April.

Concert information

Brexit A Big Opportunity For Canary Islands Business?

Is Brexit a big opportunity for the Canary Islands?

Is Brexit a big opportunity for the Canary Islands?

KPMG Abogados partner Francisco Uría has told a business audience in Gran Canaria that Brexit is a big opportunity to attract Gibraltar-based businesses to the Canary Islands.

Uría believes that the uncertainty surrounding the Brexit process and Gibraltar’s future means that companies will be looking for an alternative base.

The Canary Islands’ low tax regime, within the Zona Especial Canaria (ZEC), allows companies here to set up and pay just 5% corporation tax and no VAT on exports.

More on the Zona Especial Canaria (ZEC)

Christmas Events In Gran Canaria 2016-2017

Gran Canaria Christmas & New Year Events 2016-17

Here’s a useful guide to Gran Canaria Christmas and New Year events from all over the island (2016-17).

Municipio de Mogán

Download the Mogán Christmas program.

Highlights include:

  • Mestisay concert in Mogan Pueblo and switching on of the Christmas lights: 6th December.
  • Food fair in Arguineguín during the day. Carols in the evening: 17th
  • Christmas market in Playa de Mogán: 22nd
  • Street procession in Arguineguin with traditional music and carols: 23rd
  • Living Belen in Veneguera: 25th from 19.00
  • New Year Celebrations in Mogan, Playa Mogan and Arguineguin: 31st
  • Three Kings Fair in Arguineguin: 5th January

Municipio de San Bartolomé de Tirajana

Download the full San Bartolomé program.

Highlights include:

Living Nativity Scene: Plaza Cercado de Espino: 18th December at 20.00

Three Kings Parade: January 5th. 18.00 San Fernando: 19.00 Tunte: 20.00 Plaza de Fataga


Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Download the full Las Palmas Christmas program.

Highlights include:

  • Sand nativity scene at La Puntilla on Las Canteras beach: Open every day.
  • Cero Festival: Live outdoor music by The Birkins, Xoel Lopez: By the Alfredo Kraus statue on the beachfront: From 20.00: 8th, 9th, 10th December. Full Cero Festival program.
  • Musical Procession: Thursday 15th from 17.30 in Triana.
  • Gofiones Concert: Wednesday 21st from 21.00. Plaza Santa Ana in Vegueta.
  • Fireworks: From 23.00 on December 31st.
  • Three Kings Parade: Thursday 5th January from 17.00. From Castillo de la Luz to Parque San Telmo.

Other events

For detailed info about events each weekend, see the latest and always excellent Canary News Event Guide.

In Las Palmas, La Brujula del Ocio lists concerts and events. Also keep an eye on the LPA Info Facebook group.

Most municipios publish their own local events guide on their websites.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Gran Canaria Guru.

Gran Canaria Expat Television: TV Mucho Now Available Online

The Guru Guide to watching UK television and programmes in Gran Canaria

TV Mucho is a revolutionary new way to watch British television in Gran Canaria (and anywhere else in Spain). 

We love it because it is a Gran Canaria-based company that lets you watch British telly in high quality and high definition rather than relying on dodgy websites and pixellated streams.

Until now, TV Mucho was available via a simple box that you just plugged into your television. It was a neat and simple way to get British telly.

However, the TV Mucho boffins have just made things even easier. Now, you don’t even need a box.

TV Mucho is now available via your browser so that you can watch it on any device with an internet connection and, of course, on your big screen via any TV box or smart telly.

And, best of all, you can try it for free!

Sign up to TV Mucho online and you get a seven-day free trial. If you like the service (and you will), then you pay just eight euros per month for unlimited, high-quality online programs from the BBC, ITV, Dave, Spikea nd a whole host of other British channels.

Get your free TV Mucho online trial

The Gran Canaria Walking Festival Is Ideal For Residents & Visitors

The Gran Canaria Walking Festival 2016 starts on November 2nd

The Gran Canaria Walking Festival starts on November 2nd and is an ideal opportunity for island residents and visitors to get to know more about the Miniature Continent. 

Now in its fifth year, the GCWF is designed to give visitors and residents alike a walking experience in Gran Canaria with fun, tasty and educational activities included along the way.

There are six different walks between November 2-6, each on with a knowledgeable local guide that speaks English. This year there are even two nocturnal routes that include a guided tour of the Gran Canaria night sky.

Times and routes of the the six walks in the 2016 Gran Canaria walking festival

The six walks in the 2016 Gran Canaria walking festival

Each route includes bus travel (to & from Playa del Inglés and Las Palmas), an activity such as a tasting or guided visit to a local attraction, and a guided walk.

You can sign up for the full package of six walks for 120 euros, the weekend pack, or choose any of the walks for 18 euros each.

Full details of the routes, times and pickup points for each walk are on the GCWF website.

Register for the Gran Canaria Walking Week by October 30, 2016.

Anticompetitive Canarian Holiday Rental Restrictions Challenged In Court

Canary Islands tourist rental laws challenged on competition grounds

Canary Islands tourist rental laws challenged on competition grounds

The Spanish Competition Authority is to challenge the Canary Islands Tourist Rental Law in the Canarian Supreme Court.

The Comisión Nacional del Mercado de la Competencia (CNMC) believes that the law imposes a range of unnecessary restrictions that don’t correct a fault in the market or protect a public service. As such, it is to challenge the rules in court.

Amongst the rules that the CNMC regards as unjustified or anti-competitive are the ban on private rentals in resort areas, the ban on single renting out rooms in a private property, and the need to register each property before renting. Read More

Gran Canaria Hasn’t Been This full Of A-listers Since 1956. Here’s Why Hollywood Is Back

The original Gran Canaria blockbuster back in 1954

The original Gran Canaria blockbuster back in 1956

When Shirley Maclaine filmed Wild Oats in Gran Canaria, she wrote a book about the experience.

It’s mostly about how she reconnected with her past life in Atlantis while the film crew searched the island’s sofas for change; Wild Oats was a shoestring production.

But they got it filmed and you can read all about it in Above the Line: My Wild Oats Adventure (if you dare). It’s a fascinating account of how a Hollywood diva sees the world from her suite.

At least the book made it into print. Wild Oats is still in post-production and doesn’t have a release date.

Showbusiness eh! Read More

Good Day Triana Shopping Jamboree

Shopping and street entertainment at Good Day Triana on April 30, 2016

Shopping and street entertainment at Good Day Triana on April 30, 2016

The popular Good Night Triana shopping evening changes this year to an all-day event called Good Day Triana (imaginative eh!).

Instead of starting in the afternoon and running until midnight, it starts at 10.00 and finishes at 11pm.

Apart from the name and time, Good Day Triana is the same as it’s been since 2011; a big excuse to go shopping in Triana.

Expect promotions and discounts, live music, fashion shows, workshops and guided tours of the zone’s galleries and museums.

There’s no published timetable of events, so you just have to turn up and see what’s going on.

Vote For The 2017 Las Palmas Carnival Theme

Vote for the Las Palmas carnival theme

Vote for the Las Palmas carnival theme

Voting for 2017 Las Palmas carnival theme opens at midday April 28th. You can cast your vote until midday on May 9th.

The three options are

  • Eternal spring (eterna primavera)
  • La dolce vita
  • Around the world in 80 days (la vuelta al mundo en 80 días)

Cast your vote on the LPACarnaval website.

The results should be announced on the day voting closes.

Las Palmas Casting Call For Period Film

Casting call for major film in Gran Canaria

Casting call for major film in Gran Canaria

Production firm Sur Film is looking for extras for a period film shooting in Las Palmas in May.

The only one we know of is Allied, the Second World War drama starring Brad Pitt & Marion Cotillard.

We can’t confirm that the casting is for Allied, but it’s likely as it’s the only super-production going on at the time.

When, How?

The casting is on April 20 in the Edificio Miller in the Parque Santa Catalina.

To even stand a chance of standing close to his Bradness, you need to preregister for the casting here, then turn up at the right time for a photograph.

Note: The production company asks for your 20-digit code bank account number in the inscription form. They say it is so they can confirm that you are able to work and be paid.

If you aren’t comfortable with it, you can still turn up on the day between 09.00 and 18.30 (we advise being as early as possible).

Don’t forget to take your NIE or DNI.

The classic look

The producers have stated that only people with an appropriate look stand a chance of becoming an extra.

That’s a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” for anyone with visible tattoos, a modern haircut, colourful hair, false nails, or visible piercings.

Men must be prepared to cut their hair and shave for the actual filming.

Gran Canaria casting calls

Keep up to date with all casting calls in Gran Canaria on this Facebook page.