The Canary Weekend Tips 26-28 February

It’s carnival parade weekend in maspalomas, with mayhem abound throughout the Yumbo centre and thousands of people expected in the south to enjoy one of the main parties of the year.  Here are just some of the highlights.  What will you be wearing for Carnival 2016?

Check  Carnival Season in Gran Canaria 2016 

Maspalomas Carnival 

Friday 26 FeRecorrido_Cabalgata_2016_1-page-001bruary
Tourist Day
12:00 Rescue of the Sardine (From the charca (Maspalomas Pond) via the Maspalomas beach, all the way to the Playa del Inglés shopping centre Anexo II )

From 12:00-16:00 at Anexo II, Music and activities for kids

Maspawood 26feb221:00 Tourist show at Yumbo

An evening full of entertainment, with all the winners so far and the Drag Queen candidates. Performances from the amazing Garbo’s show with singers including Gara Guerra, Virgina Trigo and presented by local British resident showgal Sally Jensen.
23:00 Party at Yumbo “Raiders of the lost flip-flops

Music stops at 04:30 and all activities at 05:00 

paradeSaturday 27 February

17:00 The Grand Carnival Parade

Expect tens of thousands of people in outlandish costumes.  No need to say more. Its the BIG DAY ! Join in the fun!

21:00 Party ” Gone with the mask”
Music will stop at 04:30 and all activities at 05:00 

Parade with 115 floats travelling through Avenidas Gran Canaria and Tirajana and finally stopping the floats at Avenida touroperador Tui in front of the old water park.

Maspawood 28feb2Sunday 28 February, at the shopping centre Anexo II in Playa del Inglés
14:00 Beach Carnival 
20:00 Reading of the Sardines last will
20:30 Funeral of the Sardine, fireworks



veneguera carnivalMogán barrios Carnivals 

Mogán is celebrating neighbourhood Carnivals and getting in to the festive mood by music and dance performances during the weekend and on Monday, before the main Carnival of Costa Mogán starts on 1 of March

Friday 26 February, Motor Grande, Puerto Rico
17:00 Children’s costume party. Carnival hot chocolate and tortillas, makeup workshop, costumes parade and disco with animation.
Saturday 27 February, Veneguera
21:30 rope dancing with Veneguera Parranda in Sociocultural Hall and then party at the town square.
Sunday 28 February, Playa de Amadores
11:30 Festivities with Samba drum group Da Ihla Drum Group and Aragüimé troupe. Music, drums and dancing
Sunday 28 February, Puerto Rico Beach
13:00  The Samba drum group  Da Ihla and Aragüimé troupe. Music, drums and dancing
Monday 29 February, Puerto Rico Shopping center
20:00  The Samba drum group  Da Ihla and Aragüimé troupe. Music, drums and dancing

teror marketSunday 28 February, Teror

Mercadillo de Teror

The surroundings of the Basilica del Pino are transformed each Sunday by the weekly market, one of the oldest street markets on the island with two centuries of history. Typical local products such as sausage, black pudding, sweets, cheese and bread, religious items, textile, handicrafts, etc. Sunday market in Teror in Plaza de Sintes. 09:00-15:00

marketSunday 28 February, San Fernando 

Rastro Second hand market & Farmers market

The Sunday must for all previously-owned-item lovers. The second hand rastro market, where you’ll find  brick-a-brack and so much more. This Sunday joined by the local farmers market.

Go early to find the best bargains !

a walk in a parkSunday 28 February, Parque Sur, Maspalomas 

A Walk in a park with Lilly Rikhter

Come and join a free hour of stretching and work out. At noon in Maspalomas Parque Sur, next to the climbing wall.


New Land Act meant to protect those living in tourist apartments


Playa del Inglés – © 45photos

A new Canary Islands Land Law, to be passed by the Canarian Government, has been presented to Parliament as a temporary solution for those who have lived for years in serviced apartments making residential use of properties otherwise specifically classified as for tourist exploitation, in effect protecting, those who might otherwise have been negatively impacted by the latest controversial Tourism Act, reports spanish news agency Efe.

Minister for Territorial Policy, Nieves Lady Barreto (Coalición Canaria (CC)), explained that reforms to the tourism legislation will be undertaken in 2017, which are intended to regulate this issue once and for all, but also stated that the government wanted to meet the commitments they have made with the people concerned, consisting mostly of apartment owners in southern Gran Canaria.

They have, they say, therefore introduced an additional provision in the new land law that affords “temporary residential uses”, and “consolidated” uses to provide coverage for the de facto situation, whereby many people have been living at these properties as their primary address.

This “transitional provision” is meant to regulate mechanisms provided for in the current Tourism Law, whereby the owner of an apartment, in an area classified as a tourist zone, in a complex built under tourism regulations, could theoretically have their property expropriated for trying to exploit it in a manner contrary to the rules. Now this new law is said to be aimed at preventing those rules being applied to people who are simply living in these properties and making residential use of them.

Barreto stressed that it is understandable that the new Tourism Law establishes a system of use for apartment complexes, but also argued that this new regime of regulation can not ignore the rights of those who already have established use of their property

Though details are sketchy right now, and we cannot fully confirm our interpretation of this announcement just yet, it certainly looks like people power, and the strong movement to mobilise affected members of the public has had a significant affect on the speed with which the regional government has acted to try and answer the demands for clarification and protection of peoples right to property, even in a situation where the de facto residential uses have stood in opposition to the original laws in place.

Simply put, local and regional government have been happy to register citizens as tax paying residents within these properties for decades, despite the letter of the laws governing tourism.  The controversial parts of the texts in these new regulations have been painted by some as an attempt to back pedal on this fact and thereby endanger, at least theoretically, a persons right to choose the use of their own property.

Renting directly to tourists will still carry heavy fines, or worse, unless carried out within the regulations (ie with a single authorised managing agent), however the immediately foreseen danger to the thousands who have purchased and been allowed to live in these properties on a residential basis, seems to have been dealt with.

We will update you as more facts become apparent.  One thing is clear, though first in English, we are not the only news team to pick up on the story, we are also sure that further clarifications will be needed, and it is important to remember, that this is not yet an applied law, but right now just a Government announcement of stated intentions.

Gran Canaria collected 1.4m m3 of water

SORIA DAMGran Canaria’s main reservoirs collected 1.4 million m3 of water during the weekend, divided between El Vaquero, which received 35,087 m3, La Candelaria with 55,783m3, and with Chira 12,581 m3. In addition to this more than a million cubic meters was collected by the Comunidad de Rigantes (irrigation water community) of La Aldea on the west coast and 296,000 m3 by the irrigation water community of the North.

In the cases of La Candelaria, located by Gran Canaria’s highest village Artenara, and El Vaquero, between La Aldea and Agaete in the north west, the water collected represented 10% of their total volume capacity.

However, according to the Island Water Board, the amount collected in the eight largest reservoirs has not been significant, given that the precipitation occurred primarily in the cumbreros municipalities (those areas nearest the summits of the island) and that most of these water collection facilities are located in the south of the island. In fact, El Mulato, Soria, Gambuesa, Fátaga and Ayagaures received practically no water, yet the farmers have said that the rainfall at least watered the ground which is still very important for them.

Recent rainfall has left these eight large dams at just 31 % of their total joint capacity, with nearly 3.3 million m3.

Dams belonging to the La Aldea Rigantes (irrigators), benefited most from the waters flowing through the Tejeda basin receiving a significant proportion. Reservoir Parralillo collected 603,422 m3, Siberio 264,831 m3 and Caidero 151,348 m3. These figures are set to increase over the coming days with the melting of the snow.

Reservoirs for the Irrigation Community of the North gathered some 296,000 m3 of water, increasing their reserves by 10%.

According to official rain gauges, that the Island Water Board has installed over the dams of El Vaquero, Ayagaures, Chira, El Mulato and La Candelaria, 445 litres of rain per m2 fell between Friday and Sunday.

Judge orders jail for 8 rescued migrants

photo : Salvamento Maritimo

photo : Salvamento Maritimo

In Maspalomas a court has ordered the imprisonment of 8 sub-saharan migrants, suspected of murder and threats of violence to the other occupants of a small boat (patera) from which they were all rescued on 7 February, and brought to Gran Canaria.

Magistrates Court No. 3 of San Bartolomé de Tirajana heard that the patera was located and assisted to the south of the island by a marine rescue vessel after the large group of migrants had departed the coast of Western Sahara, adrift for five days at sea with almost no food or water and that several of them died during the voyage (seven, according to the survivors testimonies).

On arrival to Gran Canaria, most of the 42 passengers who were on the patera needed medical attention and one of them died within hours.

Several lines of investigation were followed in order to try to clarify what happened during the five days they were adrift in the Atlantic, resulting in eight sub-Saharans being imprisoned, accused of crimes of assault, threats, murder and involuntary manslaughter.

Next week two from the boat are scheduled to go to court, in order to respond to charges of aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

The Spanish government delegate to the Canary Islands, Enrique Hernández Bento, reported that seven of the 49 immigrants on the patera died during the voyage and that their bodies were thrown overboard.

Hernandez Bento also said that testimonies from the survivors had led authorities to believe that the group now jailed had grabbed food and water for themselves and retained those provisions violently against the rest of their fellow passengers on the patera.

Monopol Cinema Trials English Weekend Films With Brooklyn

English-language films in Las Palmas

English-language films in Las Palmas

Triana’s Multicines Monopol cinema has been showing English-language films during the week for a while, and now it is trialling weekend shows with the highly-rated Brooklyn.

It’s a great move to show English films at the weekend and we encourage everyone who can to turn up and support the initiative. A good turnout would mean weekend films in English on a permanent basis.

The Monopol is Las Palmas’ only regular provider of original language films; This week is is running The Revenant from Monday 22 to Thursday 25 at 21.15 and next week, Hail Cesar! (a rare Coen Brothers funny) is on. Tickets cost five euros per person.

Brooklyn is set in 1950s New York and has been described as a “beguiling love story” about a young Irish woman torn between two lovers.

There are plenty of bars and tapas places nearby for the blokes to recover in afterward.

The Monopol cinema is in the Bulevard Monopol shopping centre at the southern end of Triana (right by the Plaza de ls Ranas).

Check the latest original version films at the Monopol on its website.

MEET NEW PEOPLE AND SPEAK BETTER SPANISH: New Language Exchange for Gran Canaria

The Gran Canaria Language Exchange is a new initiative being created by Spanish and English tutor Theresa Coe. The aim is to provide a cost-free opportunity to improve your Spanish, English, German, French or Norwegian through one-to-one contact with a native or fluent speaker in your chosen language. Initially the focus will be on matching Spanish and English speakers for mutual support but hopefully the Exchange will expand over time.

You can meet others face to face or practice your chosen language(s) via email, SKYPE or Messenger.

Those meeting should aim to distribute their time equally between the two languages; to correct each others’ mistakes during the conversation, and encourage one another in a friendly, relaxed environment (e.g. over a coffee). A bi-lingual dictionary and of course notepad are recommended.

By filling in a brief form with details of your needs, your details will be kept on file until you can be matched with the most appropriate person to practise your chosen language with. Questions marked with an asterisk are obligatory but the others are optional. To request the form and sign up for the Language Exchange, without commitment, email or for more information, see Spanish lesson 29 in The Canary News’ November issue No. 35  ( – page 14).

Many thanks,


U2 coming to GC

Please – the official Spanish U2 tribute band will be in Las Palmas on 7th October. This is the closest you’ll get to seeing Bono and his sunglasses in the Canary Islands despite the numerous rumours that float round every year, so get your tickets now. Anyway you can find more info and book tickets at

[Blog] Classic Canarian Photos on Facebook

We have just started a new album on our Facebook page with our favourite classic Canarian photos – not the beautiful mountains or beaches but the photos of the real Canary Islands. Policeman parking on pavements whie having their breakfast, great fashion from our Northern European neighbours in Playa del ingles, great examples of the Canarian use of the English language … the list is endless. If you have any photos just paste them on our facebook wall and will publish them in the album. Thanks.

Ryanair to Gran Canaria for all 2010

Ryanair have confirmed that they will continue their service to Gran Canaria and the other Canary Islands for the remainder of 2010. This means cheap flights to Bristol, Stanstead, Luton, Bournemouth, East Midlands, Shannon, Dublin, Pisa, Porto, Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona … but you’ll need to book early and before you pay check with Easyjet as once you add all Ryanair’s extra costs, Easyjet are often cheaper.