Gran Canaria Guru Newsletter December 2009

GCGURU newsletter

In this month’s newsletter we have all the latest events, how to watch bbc on your computer for free, how to listen to music free without adverts, a list of really useful websites, how to get to the UK and back for 20€, where all the speed cameras are in GC and all the latest Gran Canaria news useful to us English speakers …

Now that Winter has set in and all the locals have donned their scarves and coats to survive the sub 20 degree weather what have we got to look forward to over the next few months? Christmas here is a little different from the rest of Europe and the main celebrations here take place on New Year’s Eve and on the 5th and 6th of January (King’s day). The big celebrations are on the 5th January and, in our opinion, the best place to be is in Las Palmas to see the procession. There is a cavalcade that passes through Las Palmas and finishes in Triana where, in the evening, you’ll find a massive street party with stalls and thousands of people sipping beer and rum until the early hours. The 6th is King’s Day and everyone either stays at home with their families or goes shopping. On the 6th the big sales start so if you want a bargain head out early because the shops will be packed.

Other stand out events over the next couple of months include:

the Gran Canaria Show – Massive party in Meloneras – click here for their Facebook page

The Glen Miller band on the 17th -18th December

Mammia Mia the musical in January

Las Palmas Carnaval in January and February

The Gran Canaria Marathon in January

For the cultured amongst us there are also operas, musicals, plays etc.

You can find information on all the events in the events section of the website.

The animal charity Tara also have a fundraising BBQ with live music on Friday 19th in Puerto Rico, have a look here for more info. It is a great cause, and if you can, try to go.

Speed Cameras!! Although we only saw our first speed camera here a couple of years ago they are now spreading like ants, but don’t worry we’re here to help. We have a Google map of all the speed cameras on the island with photos of their location. This map is regularly updated so will always have the locations of all functioning cameras.

More cheap flights to Europe! The airport authority here AENA has announced that airport taxes will remain at zero for all 2010, this will hopefully mean Ryanair will maintain their flights until after March. Just keep an eye on their website, if you didn’t know you can fly to destinations all over the UK and Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Germany and to mainland Spain for as little as 20€ return (taxes included) and, yes, you can get flights to the UK for 20€ return but you’ll need to book early. A great website we were told about last month is flightchecker, where you put in where you want to go and your budget and it tells you all the airlines available in your price range (includes Easyjet, Ryanair …)

Useful websites – Last month we asked you to let us know any useful websites you used to make living out here that bit easier, thanks for all the replies, they have been really helpful. Due to the sheer quantity we can’t mention all of them but here are some highlights. For a full list visit our updated useful links section on the website.

Late night chemists – This website lets you see where the nearest open chemist is – essential if you ever get ill in the evening or at weekends

Legal adviceThis is an excellent legal website. If you have any queries about your rights or any Spanish law, just ask on the forums in English and they’ll get back to you that day.

Translation – If you want to translate any Spanish to English or vice versa use this site, it uses the Google translation engine and can translate words or whole sections of text. If you need more specialist translation use where you can find translations for scientific, legal, technical and any really obscure words – just look at the results in their forums

To buy and sell second hand stuff on the island go to compraventa and elbaul, they have everything from sofas, to cars to pets.

Paginasamarillas – The yellow pages here.

AENA – This website lets you search for flights to see if they are on time or not, essential if you ever have to pick up friends from the airport.

The majority of website links we were sent were sites where you could watch BBC for free, how to get SKY in Gran Canaria, best TV download sites etc. There was so much information we have created a new page on the site for it, so if you want any info on how to watch TV here in GC have a look at our GC TV guide page it has some links to some really excellent websites and loads of information including watching BBC live, watching the BBC iPlayer here, an excellent UK TV download site and how to get SKY TV here.

Listening to music for free – If you don’t already know about it, Spotify is a new (totally legal) service that lets you listen to almost any music totally free. You can listen by album, artist, genre and it has almost every album you’d ever want to listen to (except the Beatles). At the moment it is invitation only but we have a few free invitations so if you want an invite just go to our invite page and request an invite and we’ll send you one. Alternatively one user let us know about which does exactly the same as Spotify but has no adverts, you just go to the website and start listening.

How to get soft water. This is a bit of a random bit of info, but anyone who lives here knows that the tap water here is really really hard which means it kills washing machines, dishwashers, pipework, showers, taps etc. One user let us know about a device you can buy from a UK website for £60 which instantly makes your water soft. We bought one and it works a treat. It is well worth it as the equivalent in Leroy Merlin costs about €450. You can see a link to it here.

Grancanariaguru news – the very observant will have noticed we have made a few changes to the website recently. We now have a news section which is linked to Facebook and Twitter so you can now receive our weekly news nuggets directly in your Facebook or Twitter newsfeed Just become a Facebook fan of the site here or see our Twitter page. We let you know flight offers, new events, English films on at the cinema and any deals you should know immediately. It is a great way to keep up to date. Just subscribe to the news on the site or add us in Facebook and Twitter

Photos – We also have a new photo section with photos from around the island embedded in a map to help you plan your trips to the countryside, feel free to send us some if you have any nice photos of your own.

Business Directory – We also have a brand new directory for English speaking businesses, if you wish to add your business simply login and fill in the form.

We need your knowledge – Finally if you want to get involved with the site, help out on the forum, add events that we have missed to our newsfeed or write a Gran Canaria blog please let us know, in particular we are looking for someone with knowledge of all the events going on in the South. Drop us a line, if you have a business we can certainly help you out in return.

Cheap websites – we have teamed up with a Las Palmas based web design company who can offer very cheap website design services. If you are a business and need a site or want your old one updated have a look at, they can do almost anything from those on a tiny budget to e-commerce sites and even iPhone apps. Mention you read about them here and you can get their basic package for 200€ instead of 250€

Anyway, I hope you’ve found this newsletter useful. Have a great Christmas, New Year and King’s and see you in the New Year,

The Gran Canaria Guru team

Grancanariaguru newsletter September / October 2009

In this newsletter we have info on how to get free DVDs, cheap food and all the latest event information, read on to find out more …

As Summer ends and all the Canarians go out and buy new coats and scarves for the winter, what have we got to look forward to over the next couple of months?


We have just updated the events section with all the events for the rest of the year in Las Palmas and in the rest of the island and there are quite a few things to look forward to over the next couple of months. If you like the theatre, opera and classical music there are a plethora of nights out to look forward to including Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess at the end of September, the Glen Miller orchestra in December and The Marriage of Figaro opera in November. We’ve also got a Jorge Blass the relatively famous magician (see his website)in December, and if you have kids, Disney return for the Magic of Mickey extravaganza this month. Music wise we have got Campus Rock in a couple of weeks, headlined by El Canto del Loco, a massive, really good Spanish rock band and if you like alternative music have a look at Radar (a mixture of electronic music djs) on the 12th September. Sportswise UD Las Palmas try again to get back into the Liga and every week Las Palmas basketball play the best teams in Spain in the first division. If you like the local village parties (fiestas) we are also in full Romeria season now so if you feel like getting dressed up in a Canarian outfit, dancing and drinking rum all day in a small country town have a look at the calendar. Seriously – if you’ve never been to one they are really good, Santa Lucia, Agaete, Teror and Vegueta are probably the most popular.

My recommendation is to have a look through all that is available in the next few months, see what you like and book your tickets now as many events sell out really quickly. If we have missed anything, please let us know and if you want to advertise an event of your own please add it via your user control panel.

Flights: As you probably know Ryanair now flies to Gran Canaria from Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, Dublin, Edinburgh, East Midlands, Liverpool, London (Luton and Stanstead) and Shannon. With flights from only 75 pounds return it’s worth having a look.

Hotels: With the recession hitting the tourist sector really hard here there are many great hotel offers available at the moment. Have a look at the hotel search box on the website for the deals, otherwise have a look at the Lopesan website where they have rooms in pretty nice places for only 25 euros.

Making the most of living here …

Over the past couple of months we’ve received a few emails with more hints on making the most out of living here. Thanks a lot for all the information and please keep it coming – here is a summary of some of what we’ve received …

Most towns have a local library and if you want to save a few euros they are great –  internet use is free, dvds of the latest films can be borrowed completely free of charge as well as books in Spanish and English. Joining is quick and easy – you just need a passport photo and and a photocopy of I.D. such as your passport. That´s it! They don´t even require proof of residence within the area. There are libraries in San Fernando, Vecindario, Las Palmas, Telde etc, but for those in the South, the San Fernando one (within the Centro Cultural de Maspalomas, Av Tejeda, off Av Tirajana and opposite the church and park) is probably the most convenient. Every item can be borrowed for two weeks and then renewed 3 times.Their opening hours are long and include Saturdays but they usually close from 1.30 to 3.30pm.

Cheap vets
If  you find an animal and want to keep it but can’t afford all the injections, chip etc. you have various options. In the south there is a vets in Playa del Inglés, Av de Alemania opposite the Sandia centre which has a deal with TARA animal charity and will treat or neuter street rescue cats or dogs for less than a third of the usual price – only 25 euros to neuter a male cat(instead of their usual 80)  and 40 to 45 (instead of the full price of over 100) to neuter a female. In the north go the animal rescue centre in Bañaderos where they will neuter, vaccinate and chip stray animals for only 40 euros.

Cheap food
Paella. If you go to the Dorotea Apartments in Av de Tirma in Playa de Inglés on Sundays you can get an excellent paella for only 3 euros. You need to arrive before 1pm and buzz for reception to let you in, you get a plate of paella with bread and beer etc at 1 euro a glass – all by the pool.

A great menú del dia offer is made at brand new restaurant 2 1/2 Swedes (formerly Roger´s) on the Avenida Tirajana in Playa del Inglés, by Plaza Teror and next to the Chinese restaurant. 6 euros 50 for two courses with wine, beer or soft drink included – currently running 7 days a week, all day long.

Car boot sale
Every Sunday there is a car boot sale at Faro 2 shopping centre car park, 8am to 1pm in Maspalomas. Not only a great place to pick up mega bargains from clothes and toys to books and dvds, (plus larger items like electrodomestics and furniture) but also a great way to make some cash if you have things to sell. Just turn up by 7.30am and depending on the size of space you take up, it´ll cost you 5 to 10 euros for the whole morning to have a stall there.

Watch BBC
Missing BBC, ITV and channel 4 but can’t afford Sky? We have stumbled across a great web service called If you go to this website, sign up it will give you access to the bbc iplayer and the ITV and channel 4 equivalents. You have to watch it on your PC but a PC to TV cable only costs a couple of euros and is easy to set up. This Summer we watched Wimbledon and various rubbish British TV shows. It costs 9.99 a month but you can try it free for two weeks so if there is a specific sporting event you want to watch just sign up, use it and cancel. The quality is excellent.

Free concerts
This might sound obvious, but as all the big hotels put on free concerts and shows – or some kind of entertainment each night, it´s worth checking some out as you can watch them for free if you just buy a drink.


As you are probably very aware – there aren’t many jobs here in GC at the moment and many are heading home because they can’t afford to stay. We have teamed up with a couple of companies to try to help you out.

English teaching

One of the only jobs which is still going strong in the recession are English teaching jobs but it is often difficult to get these jobs without any qualifications. TLC in Telde offer a variety of teacher training courses starting from only 100 euros and once you’ve completed the course you can confidently offer private lessons, approach your nearest language academy or enrol on the teaching assistant scheme. For more information visit or call 928 70 74 92 and ask for Terry.

Spanish lessons – one of the best ways to stand out above all the other applicants for work is to speak Spanish. We have teamed up with 2 private Spanish teachers to help you learn or boost your level. Both speak fluent English and can teach all levels. If you can get together with friends both offer generous group discounts.

Agustin Lopez (Las Palmas) – 647097682
Theresa Coe (South) – Call now for a free introductory lesson or tel. (+34) 662 045 990.

Grancanariaguru – the website
Finally, if you want to be informed immediately when new events are added, when people leave questions on the forum or new content is added just go to your user control panel in the right hand column and modify your subscription. It is very simple. This way you are first to know of concerts, new classified ads and jobs.

We are trying to make this site, the one stop place for all information on GC, so everytime you need to know anything you don’t have to trawl through google. So next time you need to know something try our search box before you try google, we have most information from the best cinema websites to where to buy a car however if you can’t find something or if you have any ideas on any info or function we’re missing please let us know, thanks.

I know this has been a bit of a beast of a newsletter but I hope it has some useful information. if you have any suggestions or have any other hints and tips please let us know so we can put it in the next one.

Enjoy the Autumn,

The GCGuru team

Apologies from grancanariaguru


We are very sorry if you have just received 1 or many unsolicited emails from!! We were having a problem with SPAM and fake users on the website and on updating the site to prevent these problems it appears that all the users received between 1 and 10 emails. We are really sorry.

Have a good weekend.

GranCanariaGuru January Newsletter

First of all happy New Year and I hope you all had a good Christmas.

For those that weren’t here over Christmas they will have missed the Island emergency when the security forces and inhabitants were put on yellow alert! Just after Christmas it rained during the night! Don’t worry it cleared up the next day and was sunny for days afterwards.

So now we’re in 2009 what have we got to look forward to in the next month or so?

For those who like a bit of culture the XXV Gran Canaria Music festival begins in January with Philharmonic orchestras from around the world performing in Las Palmas. For more info visit The Gran Canaria website or the general tickets website. For Jazz aficionados the Charlie Parker Legacy Band is performing on the 31st in Las Palmas too. For lovers of musicals, the very famous Spanish musical “Hoy no me puedo levantar” is currently on at the Alfredo Kraus. It is a musical based around the 80s pop group Mecano and is extremely popular here. You can read about it on Wikipedia. I suppose it’s the equivalent of Mama Mia in the UK.

For the sporty people we’ve got the Maspalomas international football tournament with FC Grasshopper, UD Las Palmas, B. Möenchengladbach and FC Shaktar Donetsk. We´ve also got the Las Palmas Half Marathon on the 25th Jan   and the hard core 123km GranCanaria Trans Marathon in February. If you want to participate in either of these sign up on the website. The Trans Canaria is not for the faint hearted though as it will take about 30 hours and you have to run to the top of the island and down again.

For the rest of us non-extreme sportsmen/women we have Carnaval. It starts on the 6th Feb and finishes on the 28th. For those that don’t know, Las Palmas Carnaval is the second biggest in the world after Rio and basically consists of three weeks of fancy dress street parties with vast amounts of rum and Heineken consumed by all. Everyone, and I mean everyone, gets dressed up. This year the theme is pirates but rest assured all the Canarian men will dress up as women and all the women as French maids. If you’ve never been you should make it a priority to go.

Interspersed amongst the parties are various events – the highlights are:

  • Carnival Queen: 13th February
  • Drag Queen Competition: 20th February
  • Carnival Parade: 21st February
  • Carnival Tuesday: 24th February
  • Burial of the Sardine: 28th February – Fireworks and a big burning fish on Las Canteras beach.

The most popular of these events is the Drag Queen Competition which unfortunately sold out within 20 minutes, however you’ll be able to see it on TV before heading out onto the streets with your bag of rum and coke. There is usually a washed up 80s band providing the entertainment and past stars include Gloria Gaynor, The Village People, Bonnie Tyler and Sister Sledge.

After Las Palmas Carnival we have the Maspalomas version in March which I’ll write about in the next newsletter.

For details of these and all other events on the island have a look at the events section of the website.

A quick round up of the latest Canarian News …

In December the island was in shock when a group of drunk, drugged up men kicked a 19 year old Spanish guy to death outside a nightclub. As things like this don’t happen in Gran Canaria there was a public outcry and the perpetrators will probably spend a long time in jail. Apart from that the news has been mainly dominated by the economy and the usual corruption. The main story involves the old President of the Cabildo, José Manuel Soria, and a bribe he allegedly received to give planning permission for Anfi. Basically he denied even voting for the planning permission and then a video of him putting his voting slip in the ballot box appeared on YouTube the next day – now he’s being investigated. The economy doesn’t look too good, car sales are down 47%, house sales 27% and consumer spending down too and with Sterling dive bombing against the Euro going down to 1.06 at one point, British tourism is also expected to be affected. Not much good news I’m afraid.

Despite being peak season there are some fine hotel deals to be found in the South, use the Alpha Rooms search box on the website to find what you want.  Last week we got a self catering place for 25€ a night (the pool was *%&$ freezing though).

If you’re looking for good quality food that you can’t get in the Supermarkets we’ve been informed of a German supermarket in Arinaga (near the Mercadona depot apparently) and a German bakery in Telde. Unfortunately  we haven’t been told where they are, if you know please let us know so we can add the addresses to the shopping section and I can go and buy some proper sausages.

If you’re looking for a job, the new Job centre in the South has many available at the moment and gets new jobs in every week. Have a look at the jobs section of the website for more information.

And finally…

In the next month or so we’ll be making a few tiny changes to the website, fixing things that don’t work and adding a few features here and there. If there´s anything you´d like added whether it’s articles or new functions please let us know and we’ll try to incorporate them. This is a community website so the more feedback we get the better it will hopefully become. Also if you would like to help out by helping out on the forums or answering queries please let us know, the site is becoming more popular everyday and we will need some assistance soon. Lastly, if you’ve been to a good restaurant recently, please add it to our guide, it only takes a couple of minutes.


Have a great January and February and enjoy Carnaval.

The GC Guru Team

PS. Check out the road traffic sign one of our users spotted in Telde – La Garita traffic sign

Vibrating seats and herbal pipes

Newsletter 20 October 2008

As winter approaches the Canaries and the locals begin to don their scarves and hats to survive the sub 20ºC temperatures what have us foreigners got to look forward to?

As we all know there are not enough shopping centres in Gran Canaria so tomorrow (Tuesday) they’re opening a new one. But this one is different they say, and for once I think I believe them. I don’t usually get excited by any kind of shopping centre but I think I might be visiting the new Las Terrazas, (in between Telde and Las Palmas).  Not only will it have more shops than anywhere else, but it will have a huge factory outlet store and the most advanced cinema on the islands with seats that move, a weather simulator and apparently an olfactory stimulator too.

Decathlon’s biannual second hand sale is this week, so if you want to get rid of an old exercise bike or surfboard you can leave them there from Monday to Thursday. If you want to buy something you can go any time until Saturday, but be aware that the best stuff will go at the start of the week. It’s a good place to pick up bikes, watersports equipment and exercise machinery.

What events have we got to look forward to? Peter Gabriel still hasn’t confirmed so for music we’ll have to make do with WOMAD, the annual world music and dance festival (the biggest in the world if you didn’t know). As yet, no-one famous has signed up, but the huge variety of bands and DJs and the great atmosphere make it well worth the trip. It runs from the 6th to the 9th of November. If you’ve got kids and you don’t want to subject them to the herbal cigarettes that are smoked after 10pm there are loads of workshops and shows in the afternoon too. Have a look at for more information.

On the 23rd November the ARC race leaves from Las Palmas. If you’ve never seen it it’s well worth getting up early on Sunday morning and watching 100+ boats sail off to the Caribbean. Most of the city will line the roadside so don’t plan to drive into Las Palmas that day.

At the moment the Masdanza festival is running in the South. It’s a contemporary dance festival with loads of local and international performers. Have a look at the Masdanza website for more information.

As usual there is a plethora of cultural stuff to do in October and November with theatre productions, opera, orchestra and music concerts. There’s even a classic car rally in Agaete on the 8th November. Our blogger Gordon will not be taking his 1985 Toyota Starlet though.

Hotels / flights …
I can’t find any amazing hotel offers this month – the best I could find was 25€ in the hotel Buenaventura in Playa del Ingles and 50€ in the 4 star Dunamar. Have a look at for more information. As usual there are lots of cheap apartments available on Alpha Rooms from 25€ including a couple of all inclusive offers. Flights – Easyjet have 25% off all flights for next year up until the end of the week so this week is a good time to get your flights home for the start of next year.

Random day out – Last week we discovered Cocodrilo Park in Los Coralillos near Arinaga. I’ve seen the signs for it over the last 8 years and had never bothered to visit but we went last week and it’s great. It’s a tiny zoo for rescued animals and it only costs 5€ with your resident’s permit. There are chimps, baboons, tigers, crocodiles (obviously) and loads of other random animals. But what makes it so good is that you can feed and touch most of them – they even sell bananas to give to the chimps and baboons. All the money goes towards caring for the animals too.

Website news
We had our first grancanariaguru event last week with 25 of us speeding down from the top of Gran Canaria on very expensive mountain bikes. There was only one crash but no injuries although Alan did get his shirt dirty. You can see photos of our 65k ride on the website and a short video on the blog – overall a great day and we’re already planning the next one. Ideas so far include quad biking, paintballing or go-karting if anyone has any other ideas please let me know.

A couple of weeks ago I added a new restaurant section to the website where you can search for places to eat by location, price, food type etc., so far it has the 15 restaurants I’ve been to and 5 others added by other users, please help us out by adding some more restaurant reviews. It takes under a minute to enter 1 restaurant and the more restaurants we have the bigger and better the database will become. Thanks.

And finally … a bit of Canarian news so you can keep up with the locals in the bars. Over the past month most of the news has been focused on the economy, potential strikes and unpaid workers, the same news that’s been on the front pages of most newspapers in most western countries. However we’ve also had the ‘El Dia’ scandal which infuriated a few Gran Canarians. El Dia is the daily newspaper in Tenerife and a columnist wrote an article claiming that Gran Canaria was using the Madrid plane crash to gain publicity for the island and as you can imagine it didn’t go down very well here. The same journalist had previously campaigned for the “Gran” to be removed from Gran Canaria. We’ve also had the ‘salmon trip’ scandal in court. In 2005 the then president of Gran Canaria ‘Soria’ went on an all expenses paid trip to Norway to go salmon fishing for the weekend. The whole trip including the flight in his private jet was paid for by the owner of Anfi, Bjorn Lyng who, by pure coincidence, was given permission to build the new Anfi development two weeks later. And finally the weather. September was the coldest, wettest September for 10 years and the second coldest since 1971.  I’m glad you all got through it.

If you have any comments on this newsletter, any events you want to publicise or any news you want to add, please feel free to comment on the website in the newsletter section on the left hand side.

September 17th – Sting and Peter Gabriel in Gran Canaria?!

Newsletter 17 September

As Summer ends in the rest of Europe, the sun keeps beating in Gran Canaria and Winter is still far from our thoughts, so what have we got to look forward to in the next few weeks? …

What’s on

The Romeria season is still in full flow with parties in Guia, San Mateo and Valsequillo in the next couple of weeks, there’s a classic car rally in Teror, a jazz festival in Mogan and the famous John Abercrombie Jazz quartet are performing in Las Palmas. Rufus Wainwright who’s performed songs in the soundtracks for Moulin Rouge and Shrek will be in Tenerife and Gloria Estefan will be performing with Miami Sound Machine in Tenerife this weekend, at the time of writing there were still tickets available. Campus Rock is on the 27th with Estopa headlining. There are all these events plus dance, theatre and music concerts. For full details of have a look at the events page of the website.

Rumours … currently there is talk of a big concert at the end of the year in Gran Canaria, names that have been banded around include Lenny Kravitz, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Alicia Keys and Kylie! As soon as we know anything we’ll let you know. The line up for WOMAD is being updated daily but so far no household names are on the list however rest assured there will be some washed up 80s star that you’ll vaguely remember, previous megastars include the Waterboys, the Wailers (without Bob) and some of the Clash. Who knows who we’ll get this year.

There is also the inaugural grancanariaguru event, a mountain biking trip from the top to the bottom of the island, we’ve got quite a few riders so far so if you haven’t signed up yet do it quickly before we run out of places. You can do so on the front page of the website.

Gran Canaria News

For those who don’t read La Provincia or Canarias7 every newsletter I will be giving you a v.short update on the main headlines in the islands so you can keep up to date with local affairs. If you think I’ve missed anything please feel free to comment at the bottom of the newsletter on the website.

As Spain is now officially in recession, the economy is looking pretty bleak here in the Canaries. Experts are saying that we will be hit worse than the mainland due to the islands’ heavy reliance on tourism and construction and so far over 30% of construction firms in Gran Canaria have gone into liquidation. As less money is currently being spent on the arts the theatrical society in Las Palmas have come up with an innovative, but of course totally politically incorrect way of encouraging interest in their latest production. You can get free entry to see Cyrano de Bergerac if your nose is longer than 4cm. (this is totally true)

In the south of the island the plans are still going ahead to build a huge prison in between the airport and Playa del Ingles, protests are getting bigger every week with 4000 people protesting in Las Palmas last weekend. Despite the opposition though it doesn’t look as though the authorities are going to pay any attention. Random facts – the prison will have 1080 cells and will be the biggest in Europe, it will have a huge detention centre for immigrants and it is being called the new Guantanamo bay.

Cheap flights and hotels

If you want to fly to the UK, now is a good time to book flights for November and December, Easyjet currently have an offer to Gatwick where you can get a return flight for under €90. If you are thinking of going home for Christmas you can also get cheap flights from Easyjet now too with return flights from €130. The Easyjet flights will go up in price if you don’t book them soon but you will probably be able to get cheap charter flights nearer the time.

There are loads of cheap hotel deals available at the moment, just use the search box in the hotel section on the website and you’ll find a huge selection of places for under €30 a night! No bargains on the luxury hotels though unless you’re pregnant or a single mum.

Website news

Each newsletter I’ll let you know about something on the website you probably didn’t know about.

Really useful links – these are websites which are useful to people in GC, so far they include the emergency pharmacy website and the website to check if your flight is on time, if you have any really useful GC specific websites please let us know.

Cinema guide – in the entertainment section you have direct links to all the cinema websites, it’ll save you a lot of google searching next time you want to find out what’s on.

Really helpful contacts – this is a list of experts on the island who are willing to be contacted and are willing to help out. We can give personal free help in getting into climbing, cycling, shopping and buying and restoring a house. Please feel free to get in contact. If you are a specialist in anything in GC and are willing to help out please let us know.

Anyway, enjoy the next couple of weeks, the weather is looking good and it is a good time to get a cheapo break in the south. If you’re from the south Las Palmas is finally sunny so you’ll even get sun on the beach here too.

If for some very strange reason you don’t want to receive this newsletter with all the very useful information it contains please sign in on the website and unsubscribe. 

August 31st 2008

The first ever newsletter

Every couple of weeks or so I hope to write a short newsletter to let everyone know what’s going on in Gran Canaria. This is the first one so if I’m missing anything just let me know.

What’s on:
The cultural calendar is packed with jazz, opera, theatre and ballet coming up in the next month or so.  Highlights include Cyrano de Bergerac and Cats and a couple of top jazz concerts.  Have a look at our events calendar for more details and to book tickets go to general tickets.  The popular stuff gets sold out really quickly.

Las Palmas football team start again at home next week.  After a brief winning streak at the end of last season there are big hopes. Again have a look at the events calendar for kick-off times.

The romeria (Canarian village street parties) season is still in full flow with the Teror Romeria next weekend and the big fiesta del Pino next Monday where crowds walk up from Las Palmas to Teror. This is one of the bigger romerias so well worth a trip (just don’t forget your bottle of rum).

Campus Rock is in on the 27th September with Estopa headlining. (If you’ve been in Spain a few years you’ll definitely recognize a few of their songs). Get your tickets now here.

Disney are also in Las Palmas with the Magia de Mickey show. If you’ve got young kids apparently it is really good. Have a look at the El Corte Ingles website for more info.

GranCanariaGuru events
Our intention is to organize events for all our users throughout the year. Our first trip is a downhill mountain bike trip organized by cyclegrancanaria. They will take us to the top of the island and guide us to the bottom at high speeds on top of the range bikes – have a look here for more details and reserve your place. We did a similar trip last year – it was pretty amazing.

The website
We have been online for about 2 weeks now and it’s getting more and more popular. However we are continually changing it to accommodate to the needs of our users. If you’ve got any suggestions just let us know. Suggestions that we’ve implemented in the last few days include a classified section to buy and sell stuff and an experts section where visitors can find experts on the island to help them find out and get into activities or solve tricky bureaucratic problems, so far we have windsurfing, cycling, house building and shopping experts. If you feel you might be able to help out please sign up here. At the moment we’re building a restaurant review section but it is proving quite tricky so it might take a while.

And finally …
Gordie, resident comedian (he’s not actually a comedian, though he thinks he’s quite funny) has agreed to write a weekly blog for the website. He is totally technically incompetent so this is a big step for him, but have a look at his blog it’s quite amusing. You can even sign up to it by clicking the RSS feed button underneath it (the little orange button) and it’ll automatically be sent to you.