Useful Las Palmas People: Mobile Phone & Computer Repair

Canari Movil phone, tablet and computer repairs in Las Palmas is an excellent option.

Canari Movil electronics repairs in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Cracked mobile screen or a broken laptop? Here’s the go-to man in Las Palmas for fast, cheap repairs.

There are plenty of places to get your tech fixed in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, but we always use Canari-Movil on Calle Peru 70, Guanarteme. It’s a one-man shop run by Oliver and he can fix pretty much any mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

We’ve taken cracked screens, blue-screen-of-death tablets and broken computers to him and he’s always been able to fix them or tell us why they are dead.

The best thing about Oliver is that he won’t charge you unless he fixes your device.

Oh, and that he charges you cost price for any new components.

He also puts together new desktop computers and can jazz up laptops for much less than the price than an off-the-shelf model.

See Canari-Movil’s website for contact details, or link on Facebook. Or call Tlf . : 828028066 – Movil: 646427823.

Useful Las Palmas People: Juan The Taxi Man

A reliable Las Palmas de Gr

A reliable Las Palmas de Gran Canaria taxi driver

If you’re staying in a hotel in Las Palmas, there’s always a taxi outside to whizz you to the airport. 

However, if you stay in an apartment or flat, you may need to find your own.

You can drag your luggage out onto the pavement and wait, or you can call Juan the taxi man; he’s a safe and reliable driver who will pick you up from anywhere in Las Palmas and take you to the airport for around 30 euros.

Juan doesn’t speak much English, but if you know your address and the time you need to be picked up, he’ll be there.

Contact Juan the taxi man on 659 64 27 91.

Really helpful contacts

Really helpful contacts

A list of some really useful contacts in Gran Canaria. If you need help with anything, an introduction to a sport or activity or just a bit of local knowledge then this is the place for you, just email our team of very friendly specialists and they’ll get back to you.

If you want to contact the people below just click on the person you want to contact and in teh contact form select the category (e.g. weddings) – an email will automatically go to the specialist of your choice.

PaperworkThe forum is best for this

Cycling – (The best places to ride, on and off road!) – Raymond

Windsurfing – Richard

Building a houseRichard

Climbing – Richard

Babies (having one in GC and all that happens after) – Ros

Shopping (the best places to buy stuff) – Ros

Getting married / weddings – Paul at Gran Canaria weddings

Buying a house – Ramon

Buying / renting property – Sheena Gallagher – Tel : (0034) 928 67 17 31

Buses in Gran Canaria – anything you want to know! – Duncan

UD Las Palmas (the GC football team) – schedules, news and anything else – Duncan

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