Gran Canaria Expat Television: TV Mucho Now Available Online

The Guru Guide to watching UK television and programmes in Gran Canaria

TV Mucho is a revolutionary new way to watch British television in Gran Canaria (and anywhere else in Spain). 

We love it because it is a Gran Canaria-based company that lets you watch British telly in high quality and high definition rather than relying on dodgy websites and pixellated streams.

Until now, TV Mucho was available via a simple box that you just plugged into your television. It was a neat and simple way to get British telly.

However, the TV Mucho boffins have just made things even easier. Now, you don’t even need a box.

TV Mucho is now available via your browser so that you can watch it on any device with an internet connection and, of course, on your big screen via any TV box or smart telly.

And, best of all, you can try it for free!

Sign up to TV Mucho online and you get a seven-day free trial. If you like the service (and you will), then you pay just eight euros per month for unlimited, high-quality online programs from the BBC, ITV, Dave, Spikea nd a whole host of other British channels.

Get your free TV Mucho online trial

Really Useful Online Resources For Gran Canaria Residents


Here’s a list of useful websites about Gran Canaria that we use all the time. 

General Gran Canaria Information

Gran Canaria Info

Gran Canaria Info is the biggest website about the island and is packed with photos and useful information about the island’s beaches, transport, and highlights. It focuses on Gran Canaria from a tourist’s point of view so it’s a bit light on events and details (we know, as we run it), but it’s still a great resource for residents.


La Brujula

A square monthly magazine in Spanish that also has an excellent website packed with island events, concerts and exhibitions. La Brujula appears in bars and cafes in Las Palmas and big towns and is well worth pocketing.

LPA Info 

This excellent English-language Facebook group lists as many upcoming events in Las Palmas and the rest of Gran Canaria as it can find. If you’re looking for something to do, it’s the place to check.

Canary News weekend tips

Tha Canary News website publishes a weekly weekend tips article in English featuring the best local fiestas, concerts and other events from all over Gran Canaria.

Agenda Cultural

The Gran Canaria government (Cabildo) publishes a comprehensive list of cultural events from all over Gran Canaria. It’s in Spanish.

There’s a similar list here.

Ocio Las Palmas

Lists a comprehensive set of events in the capital.


Here are the tops sources of online Gran Canaria news. They are all in Spanish except The Canary News.

The Canary News

News and views in English from Gran Canaria’s English language newspaper. It’s printed every month but the website is updated daily.

Canarias 7

One of the city’s two print newspapers. Canarias 7 is still free to view online, but its news isn’t as thorough as La Provincia these days.

La Provincia

Most of La Provincia’s decent online content is hidden behind a paywall these days but it still publishes some free content.

Maspalomas Ahora

News and events from the south of Gran Canaria including the San Bartolome and Mogan municipios.


News and events from north Gran Canaria. Info Norte Digital covers the Mancomunidad del Norte including Arucas, Guia, Galdar, Firgas and Moya (not that much happens in Moya).


What do you need a Gran Canaria weather forecast for? Well, despite what the brochures say Gran Canaria gets weather and it can be sunny in one place and raining in another at the same time. Here are the top weather resources so you can stay one step ahead.

El Tiempo en Canarias

By far the most reliable local weather resource, this Facebook page publishes daily forecasts and detailed information about the weather in Gran Canaria.


The Spanish national weather service issues extreme weather alerts and publishes daily forecasts. It’s great for general weather predictions but isn’t always accurate on a local level.

There’s lots of useful information buried in this site, including a dust forecast and satellite images.

El Tiempo

The most accurate weather forecasts for each area of Gran Canaria. This site also has a useful mobile app.

Gran Canaria Info

We publish a twice-weekly weather forecast that is basically a summary of the resources above. It’s not always spot on, but we think it does a good job of keep you informed about the weather over the next few days.

Also, see this useful webcam page for a selection of live webcams that show you what the weather is like all over the island.

Really useful links

Really useful links

A selection of really useful links to websites for people living and working in Gran Canaria.

Late night chemists – COFLP

Airport site (to check if your flight is on time) – Aena

Links that appear in the website

Cheap flights – skyscanner

Weather – weatheronline

Hotel / Car hire / flights and Amazon

Alpha Rooms

(in the destination box put Spain / Las Palmas airport)

Click on the image above to find cheap hotels.

If you know any really useful sites let us know and we’ll be sure to add them.