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Cheap flights to and from Gran Canaria

We pride ourselves here at Grancanariaguru at always being able to find cheap flights, whatever the time of year. If you want to find out how just check out our comprehensive, very, very well researched flight guide below.

Getting a cheap flight to the UK is an artform. It is not easy but
it is usually possible and with a bit of research and flexibility it is
very possible to get a return ticket for 100-140€. However if you are
planning to fly via the mainland make sure you have your resident’s
(DNI) number. Unless you book way in advance flying home in the Summer
is expensive, however any other time is pretty cheap especially
Christmas where you can easily find flights for around 120€.

The ultimate flight finders guide

This guide has taken over 4 years to perfect and is
tried and tested. It always works but you have to have patience and a
little bit of flexibility. Here we go …

  1. Go to Sky Scanner and select your departure and arrival airport (the more flexibility the
    better) and select your month – do not select the date and click
    search. These results will give you the cheapest flights from the major
    charter airlines. Usually the best.
  2. Search the charter airlines directly. The best ones are:
  3. Check out flying via the mainland – if you book well in advance you
    can get really cheap flights and a day in a nice Spanish city if you
    want. Usual cost is 70€ return with your resident discount. The best
    and cheapest cities to go to are Madrid and Barcelona.

    Once you’ve found the cheapest way to and from the mainland, trawl through the British budget airlines

    • Ryan Air
    • Easyjet
    • Flightchecker – this is an excellent search form provided by the moneysavingexpert and trawls all the budget airlines except Ryanair.

    If you book early enough it is very easy to get return flights for under 40€ (taxes included)

  4. You can sometimes get very cheap flights from Tenerife, Lanzarote and
    Fuerteventura. Try skyscanner to get the prices to the UK and then use Binter to get your inter island flight or if you’re going to Tenerife try the ferry Fred Olsen.
  5. Using the phone. An often underrated way of finding a cheap flight but usually very effective.
    • Firstchoice (Playa del Inglés) 928 721 181
    • Flightline (Playa del Inglés) 928 778 278
  6. Going to a travel agent – usually they are more expensive but if
    you are planning to go home at Christmas they will often have very good

Other options to consider: Flying to Ireland I
am from the UK, so this is not my speciality however Ryanair fly to
Tenerife, Madrid and Barcelona, so if you can’t get a cheap direct
flight, linking up with them would probably be your best bet. Use the
Spanish airlines to get to the mainland and Binter to get to Tenerife. Flying to Germany This can be done really cheaply. Try:

And that’s it – it’s not rocket science but it will involve a good
hour or so of serious Internet usage to compare all the sites. Last bit
of advice – write everything down, there are so many flights you won’t
remember them all. Good Luck. Subscribe to the websites and they will
send you cheap deals. If you know of any other ways to get cheap
flights, please let us know by making a comment on this article.


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