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Recently moved here and looking for a company who can get us English TV programmes.

Not sure what we want, sky / canal + etc. so would like some advice too.

What are other ex-pats watching? what package do you have? is it worth it?

Would love to hear from the expats who have this in their homes, and any pitfalls etc.


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  1. Thank-you madscott for reply. My brother tells me no problem Hotbird 13E as high in sky but it might depend on size of dish ?

  2. Thanks again Madscott. Will bring out my spare free to Air box when next out in April and will let you know how get on. Maybesee you there. Cheers !

  3. Is an alternative to sign up to one of these packages from American companies for one off charge and plug into your TV using mobile internet from Carrefour?

  4. Which package from American companies? And the mobile internet from Carrefour probably won’t be fast enough to watch TV.

    I use Lamnia to fool the outside world that I am from the UK and then connect my TV to the PC and watch the BBC iPlayer ITVplayer etc. full screen on a 32″ TV and it is perfectly fine. If you are planning to use Hulu to watch American TV be aware that you won’t be able to access it from here.

    Anyway let us know which American TV package you’re talking about and I’ll look into it.

  5. Thank-you Richard. I doing advance planning as not moving in until end of month. I do like to use Hotbird 13E and that gives me TVE Bloomberg in English that I use most of all in UK plus Italian and German stations and others. If I can get access to UK BBC too that will do me fine together with local spanish stations. In UK I use a 10″ notebook on 3 mobile internet and I use free to air box from technomate and I have a spare one to bring out. Now madscott tells me I only need a good aerial to pick up Hotbird 13E to my free to air box to TV but others I have spoken to say I need a dish. I am rather confused as to my best and most economical option. There are a multitude of American internet TV providers. I looked at satellitedirect.tv but I find it all unclear ! -hence appreciate your .interest

  6. Hi,

    you won’t be able to access the BBC via cable, you will need a satellite dish and a big one too. Regarding the stations you can access free on cable – you get about 30 stations, all Spanish + a couple of English ones like the Sony channel and Disney channel. The last time I looked there was certainly no Bloomberg, Reuters CNN English etc. I know you can access some channels free via satellite but I can’t tell you what they are (the last time I looked into it they were pretty poor channels – but they may have changed). However you can of course use one of the American options you mentioned and a 3G mobile internet card. 3G is very good here and you’ll probably be OK. I’ve never used one of these services so I can’t comment. As I said before we use Lamnia to access teh BBC, ITV, Channel 4 players and it works brilliantly – on a 10″ screen it’ll be almost like watching TV.

    Hope this helps, Richard

  7. Yes Richard -thank you When madscott says you only need to have a good aerial he is talking about Freeview you can get a box from Carrefour for additional Spanish stations much the same as you can for extra stations in UK for when the analogue signal is switched off. However Free to Air is different and requires a dish and I think a big one as you say.Even then I am unsure what it would pick up in this location due to the high sides of the valley at Mogan. In UK i use 3 internet -a chinese company in Hong Kong based in Uk at Glasgow 5Gb a month £15 a month.Can only use UK services at very high rates. So the options in GC appear to be for mobile internet Moviestar (telefonica) and Vodaphone -a Uk modem I don’t think works in GC and you have to buy a local one and for unlimited monthly useage costs about 39euro a month for either. I am unsure if this requires an annual contract or whether one can buy complete months -that I would prefer as I intend to remain UK resident initially so will not be in GC every month. I have not detected any other ISP’s ha-it seems they need more competition !!!-but it seems mobile internet plus one of the American channels is relatively easy to set up whilst investigating further the possibility of accessing via a Free to Air receiver and satellite dish.

  8. I have been trying to watch TV with expatshield but I’m fed up with all the pop ups and endless adds! it’s a scam… does anyone have a better idea before I loose it please?

  9. Don’t forget you can watch a load of International TV with a 1 metre dish and a Free to Air Receiver altogether with LNB’s little over 100 euros you can even fit yourself. This equipment you can get in Avenida de Gran Canaria in Vecindario. Admittedly you do not get domestic UK stations like BBC 1-5 and the ITV . You get BBC World and a lot of English speaking channels including Sky News Aljazzera Bloomberg CNN CNBC from America plus German French Italian Polish Russian Chinese Austrian and Balkans. Most important it costs nothing once installed. Most of the channels are on Hotbird some on Astra 28 and much German TV on Astra 19. Its possibleyou canget UK domestic TV on Astra 28 with a much bigger dish but you need to investigate this -if anyone gets positive information on this do tell me -it may mean you can get English TV for free too -I am unsure on that -one bar told me they have large dish but still needed SKY for the football !!!

  10. In Mogan there are not a lot of English residents. There are many tourists who come and go but you often do not see people twice here as so many if not in local hotels they come from other resorts for the day. Are there any ex pat clubs for brit English in the South. I have heard there is one in Las Palmas. If not maybe we ought in time to create one in the south -of good standard. In the Mogan village I have joined the Spanish Social Club Tahona. Might in time be scope for English nights occasionally -seasonal parties etc -just a thought the possibility of using the local premises that are often underused.

  11. UKTVAccess is good.I can highly reccommend them. They will connect you to a server in UK so you’ll have all the iplayer, ondemand services. There is a small fee like 4 quid monthly if you pay three months in advance, but at least you don’t get the pop ups and adds that you get with the free proxies.

  12. thanks a lot teale,
    uktvaccess is dynamite! lol
    I’m really bad with computers but the technical support guys were really patient with me 😛
    I’ve already become a telly monster 🙂

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