The Guru Guide To Finding An Apartment In Gran Canaria

How to find an apartment to rent in Gran Canaria

Canarians regard property as the best way to invest their money so there are lots of rental apartments available.

However, they are quite cautious about renting them out and most ask for a work contract or proof of income before they let you move in.

This is fine if you come to Gran Canaria with a job already arranged. It makes life harder if you don’t.

Where to look for a place to live in Gran Canaria

You used to buy the local papers on property supplement day, bunk off work and rush around visiting flats before they all went. Then someone invented the internet.

Most owners now advertise their rental property on Spanish websites or put it with an estate agency (who advertise it on the same websites).

The best websites are Vibbo (this was called Segundamano), Fotocasa, and Idealista

Some owners still put a sign in the window so it’s worth walking around areas you like to see what you can find.

Teachers: Ask in your school as they often know good landlords and empty flats.

How much does it cost to rent a flat in Gran Canaria?

Prices for a one-bed apartment start at about 350 euros per month. Prices are higher the closer to the sea you get.

You need the first month’s rent and a month’s rent as a deposit. If you get your apartment via an agency, you pay them a month’s commission too.

That’s three months of rent befoe you get the key. Oh, and you have to provide proof of income.

You can avoid the agency commission by looking for adverts that say ‘particular’. Or by spotting private rental signs in windows.

However, lots of the best flats are with agents as the owners like their strict contracts and credit checks.

What other rental costs are there?

The owner pays monthly Comunidad costs and there is no council tax in Spain. All you have to pay for are you water, electricity and internet costs.

Often you can just change the bank account number associated with the existing water and electricity contracts. It’s quicker and easier than starting a new one.

What rights do I have as a tenant?

The owner has to give 24 hours notice before entering the property. They can ask you to leave once your contract has finished but can’t hoof you out on a whim.

Owners have the right to ask a tenant to leave with three months notice if they need the property for family reasons such as divorce.

You gt your deposit back after you leave, minus any costs. The owner can’t withhold your deposit because of reasonable wear and tear.

Some people just don’t pay the last month’s rent. It’s effective but illegal and if you have damaged a property you can expect the owner to chase you (down the road if necessary).

Can I sublet?

Most Gran Canaria rental contracts don’t allow subletting.

Can I live in a resort area?

Uf, that’s a kettle of fish. The law is still being written.

If a resort complex is de-facto residential, you’ll be fine. If you’re the only long-term tenant on a complex full of tourists, have a Plan B.

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