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  1. Hi , I am planning to use the ferry from Cadiz to Las Palmas, is having a NIE certificate for the past 18 months enough to get discount on the ferry because it doesn’t mean we are residents , and seem to read mixed messages regarding what the NIE entitles me to , any help please ?

    • Hi, no it isn’t because the discount is only valid for Canary Islands residents. You need to be empadronado in a Canarian municipality and have a valid certificate issued by them that states that you are a Canarian resident.

  2. Aside from the predicted ‘don’t try’, how would one go about finding the owner of an abandoned partially built house on the island. Estate Agents have no incentive to even try, but I assume that there is some sort of land registry. I am aware of potential Escritursa issues etc.

  3. Thanks for that. I don’t have the exact address (no clues on the property) but I can supply a grid reference so I’ll give that a go.

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