Gran Canaria Health Insurance For Expats

Gran Canaria health insurance guide


Why do we recommend getting private Gran Canaria health insurance when the Spanish National Health Service is often named as one of the best in the world?

Emergency health care on Gran Canaria is excellent and if you have an urgent medical problem or serious illness, the state health system is fast and efficient.

However, the Spanish healthcare system isn’t quite as good at prompt diagnosis and treatment of chronic problems such as backache, minor illnesses, injury recovery, etc.

It’s fantastic in an emergency, but plodding afterwards.

Waiting lists for specialists can be months long and many locals people skip the queue by paying to see a private specialist (often the same doctor).

This is why private health insurance in Gran Canaria is a great idea. You avoid the waiting lists and can see a specialist at any time you need one.

As with most things in Gran Canaria, it’s best to use an insurance company that speaks your language and has a local Gran Canaria office. Otherwise, you end up trapped in endless ‘customer service’ phone queues at the worst possible times.

Private Health Insurance and Residency

Getting residency in Gran Canaria isn’t as easy as it used to be, even for European Union citizens. As of 2012, you need a work contract or a significant income to qualify for residence. Many people are also asked to pay for private health insurance before getting their residencia papers.

Spain changed the rules to prevent people using the state health system without contributing to its costs.

If you need health insurance to get residency, make sure that the policy you pay for ticks all the boxes.

Caser Expat’s Gran Canaria Health Insurance

All Gran Canaria expats and international residents (EU; EEA; EFTA; Australia, Canada, USA citizens) that want private health insurance should talk to Caser Expats Insurance.

Its health insurance policy is one of the best on the market and is tailored to suit Spanish residency requirements.

Here’s what it offers…

  • The most suitable health insurance if you want to obtain the NIE
  • Caser Insurance INTEGRAL insures expats aged up to 69 years of age (most Spanish policies stop at 63)
  • Unlimited hospital admission: medical, surgical, paediatric and ICU care
  • Second medical opinion in case of serious illnesses
  • Family discounts.
  • 24 hour English personalised assistance
  • Extensive team of quality medical specialists
  • Fast and immediate care and diagnosis
  • Quality service and management
  • Emergency assistance abroad
  • Dental supplement included
  • Special coverage for your newborn or recently adopted child

Caser Expat health insurance also offers a few interesting bonuses, including a genetic food intolerance test, up to 100 euros reimbursement of chemist and childhood vaccines costs, and up to 100 euros reimbursement of opticians costs.

The Caser Expats health insurance off offer

Spanish insurance companies, even ones that have expat-specific policies, change their offers every few months.

Currently, Caser Expats if offerring the following perks.

  • Up to 35% off when you add extra family members to your Gran Canaria health insurance policy.
  • Up to 55% off at Visionlab opticians
  • 100 euros of free dental treatment, optician bills, and chemist bills
  • Extra discounts for clients between 20 and 40 years of age

Get a Gran Canaria health insurance quote

Caser Expat Insurance have two Gran Canaria offices and offer a personal service to all their clients. To contact them, either phone or email, or just fill in this form and their Gran Canaria brokers will be in touch ASAP.

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Quality Gran Canaria clinics and hospitals

Here’s are the Gran Canaria clinics and hospitals that work with Caser Expat Insurance. You’ll find all the big names famous for their quality care and service.

  • CLINICA NTRA SRA DEL PERPETUO SOCORRO Leon Y Castillo, 407 35007 LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA ( Las Palmas ) Tel. 928 49 99 00 Fax. 928 49 99 00
  • CLINICA SAN ROQUE Dolores de la Rocha, 0005 35001 LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA ( Las Palmas ) Tel. 928 33 90 00 Fax. 928 31 40 05
  • CLINICA SANTA CATALINA Leon Y Castillo, 292 35005 LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA ( Las Palmas ) Tel. 928 29 10 34 Fax. 928 29 20 98
  • HOSPITAL POLICLINICO LA PALOMA Maestro Valle, 20 35005 LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA ( Las Palmas ) Tel. 928 23 44 66 Fax. 928 24 28 40
  • HOSPITEN CLINICA ROCA SAN AGUSTIN Buganvilla, 0001 35100 MASPALOMAS ( Las Palmas ) Tel. 928 76 90 04 Fax. 928 76 12 48
  • ICOT SERVICIOS INTEGRALES Segovia, 0079 35110 VECINDARIO ( Las Palmas ) Tel. 928 29 63 00
  • INSTITUTO POLICLINICO CAJAL Senador Castillo Olivares, 21 35003 LAS PALMAS DE GRAN CANARIA ( Las Palmas ) Tel. 928 36 91 66/ 928 36 93 95 Fax. 928 36 34 75


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  1. Is public health insurance, Convenio Especial, available to expat residents? If so where can you obtain it and does it cover residency requirements?

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