Gran Canaria Pet Insurance

Gran Canaria pet insurance for peace of mind

Gran Canaria pet insurance for peace of mind

There are lots of vets in Gran Canaria and you’d think it would make vet treatment cheap, but the cost of repeat visits and medication soon adds up.

Operations are expensive, and the cost of having a pet rises as it gets older.

If you decide to get a dog or a cat in Gran Canaria, pet insurance is a good idea.

Our recommended policy is with Caser Seguros. They insure all dogs and cats of all ages and races automatically without asking any questions about your pet.

Caser’s pet insurance is a three-in-one deal that includes the following

1.- Veterinary visits. Visit the vet without any extra payment whenever your pet need  a checkup, consultation or urgent consult. Vet procedures are 40% cheaper on average for Caser policy-holders. 

2.-Civil responsibility for any damage caused by your cat or dog.

3.-Veterinarian advice, call centre for specialized consultations.

The annual rabies vaccination is  included.

Please note that you must give dogs their filaria heartworm medicine in Gran Canaria. It’s a mosquito-borne parasite and kills unprotected dogs (but is harmless to humans).

To get a quote for Caser Seguros’ pet insurance in Gran Canaria, just call or email Caser, or fill in this form and their resident Gran Canaria team will contact you ASAP.

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  1. Hi, could you please give me a quote for pet insurance for a female, 4 year old Cocker Spaniel. We are based in Gran Canaria. Thank you.

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