Gran Canaria Resident Discounts That Save You A Fortune

The best Gran Canaria resident discounts

The best Gran Canaria resident discounts

There are lots of perks to living in Gran Canaria, including the weather, the cheap petrol and wine, and the general smugness that it gives you. Then there are the Gran Canaria resident discounts …

Here’s our guide to the top discounts that Gran Canaria residents are entitled to.

Gran Canaria resident discounts on inter-island transport

Once you get your Gran Canaria residencia, make sure you register for the 50% discount on travel between the Canary Islands. Most municipios allow you to do it online, but the system isn’t perfect so it may not recognise you straight away.

If you have a problem, just head to your ayuntamiento and ask for “el certificado de residencia para bonificación de viajes”. It costs a few euros and you need to show it to each transport company at least once to get into their system as a resident.

If you book resident fares without a certificate, the travel companies will ask you to pay up, or even refuse you passage.

Travel To Mainland Spain

Canary Islands residents get 50% of travel between the islands and mainland Spain. However, be careful when you book an indirect flight through a Spanish airport. Some airline websites apply the discount to the second leg, then get in a huff when you check in.

The discount is only valid between the Canaries and your first Spanish stop.

Taking a car from Gran Canaria to the Mainland? The 50% discount also applies to ferry travel.

Expat Car Insurance Discounts

Ever driven a Gran Canaria roundabout and wondered how anyone on the island is still alive? Well, if you think that you’re a better driver than the locals you may well be right.

Caser Expat Insurance offers discounts of up to 50% on car insurance for expats  because it has discovered that they make fewer claims.

It’s not just about driving skills. Expat drivers are more likely to have a garage space and drive less than the locals on average.

Fewer claims mean cheaper insurance for Gran Canaria expats. You even get an extra 12% discount on your second vehicle.

Expat Home Insurance Discounts

Caser Expats also offers a 20% discount on home insurance for expats in Gran Canaria.

Home insurance covers you against everything from theft to damage to other people’s property caused by burst pipes. It’s essential if you live in a block of flats or Comunidad.

Money off the Yellow Submarine

Most tourist attractions offer a resident discount. For example, if you book the Yellow Submarine as a resident you get a 20% discount. Add this to the 10% discount you get for booking online, and you’ve saved a good chunk of change.

Frequent use tickets

Another offer to look out for is frequent user tickets from theme parks like Palmitos Park. You can often buy a ticket that gives you unlimited trips for the cost of two or three visits. Not much use if you’re a tourist, but pretty good value if you are resident. The Angry Birds Park in Puerto Rico does an annual use ticket that is great value if you live close by and can use it regularly.

Discount museum & gallery entry

Lots of Gran Canaria’s museums offer cut-price entrance to residents. All you need is your green NIE form or card.

Also, look out for free entry days at Gran Canaria museums. For example, the Museo Canario is free between 17.00 and 20.00 on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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