10 thoughts on “Opening A Gran Canaria Bank Account: Expert Guide

  1. hi just moved here, and first of all would like to say thx to this site as a useful guide, on banking if you have a british santandar bank and open here thinking it be easier,,, think again, my advise close ur santandar in uk and move it to another bank or building society and open a la caixa here as they are more agressive and will get your transfers done quicker and cheaper, we found to our cost santandar in england and santandar here will drag it out and roll you over it took us 6 wks and over 200 euros and calling them countless times sorry dont wash after 2 times eh??? and when it does appear look at what they charge? our advise dont touch em with a boat ( barge pole was not strong enough ? ) also dont book ur hire car on line? we booked avis 10 days with full excess 570, when we not found a car to buy and needed a car for another 10 days avis still 570, step 3 paces either side eh cigar cars same 180???? you do the maths : ) 3 paces further down all around much cheaper, my advise is dont book on line no more as they take you no wot lol and never worry thinkin well if i dont book i dont get one,,,, you will, hope this helps

  2. Hi all,

    we have “half settled” down in Playa del Ingles, having a holiday home here, and it would be great to find friends here. Normally it is easy for me to make friends but for some reason I have found it difficult here. Would love to find female friends to chat with and go shopping and maybe evening dancing 🙂 I am a “middle-aged”, married and cheerful woman.

    Hopefully shall find nice new friends this way 🙂

    Also many thanks for this site, it is very useful for many, I’m sure.

    Wishing everyone a lovely time on this happy island 🙂

    • OOops… My connection lagged and now I notice that my post has gone to a wwrong conversation. Apologies guys. As for banks, we have BBVA and ccan’t recommend it. We have had problems both with the web bank and ssending money from the account…

  3. Hi Guys, I recently moved back to Las Palmas. Previously, I had a Santander account but wasn’t that impressed with them. I do have a NIE and residency but I currently won’t have a salary or nomina paid into my LPA bank. So I just need something to pay bills in that has a low or zero monthly cost. I realize that I may have to deposit a sizeable amount to accomplish the latter. I can speak a little Spanish but would be good to work with a bank branch that can also speak a little English. Have heard good things about ING? Anyone else?

    • Hi,

      ING are probably your best bet. Most banks charge for an account unless you make a regular ingreso. Maybe try one of the online banks like http://www.evobanco.com/

      Another thing to bear in mid is that all banks seem to charge you for using their cash points so it is worth asking your banks which machines are free. If you get a free account but have to pay to withdraw from most places it would come out more expensive.

  4. I rent a property in Las Palmas and opened an account with Sabadell because I read that they provided good service in English. Not so. I struggle to find anyone at my local branch who will deal with me in English. I was also surprised to find they had taken 70 euros from my account without telling my, to check my NIE number. I am looking for another bank. Beware.

    • It is difficult to recommend a bank with English-speaking staff because we haven’t found one yet. Banks shouldn’t take money from your account without telling you, but the NIE check may have been in the T&Cs when you signed up.

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