The Guru Guide To Getting A NIE Number & Residencia In Gran Canaria

Example of a green NIE paper

Example of a green NIE paper


All foreigners that live, do business or buy property in Gran Canaria need a Spanish NIE number.

Spain has made this harder, especially for non-EU and non-EEA  nationals. Even EU citizens don’t just get one these days.

What is the NIE

The NIE, or Numero de Identidad de Extranjeros, is the number that goes on your Spanish residency card.

It’s a fiscal identification number that allows the Spanish Government to coordinate your affairs. Note that the social security has its own number system and card.

The NIE is the equal of the NIF number that all Spanish citizens have on their DNI identity cards. But, EU and EEA citizens don’t get photo ID in Spain anymore. You can thank a group of British expats for it. They sued Spain in the EU courts for forcing them to carry ID, so Spain stopped issuing them.

This is a serious pain as Spanish law states that you have to carry your passport and NIE paper with you at all times.

What is the NIE for?

If you plan to live in Gran Canaria, you need a NIE to…

Get a job, pay taxes, own or sell property, sign a rental contract, start a business, register with the social security system and sign up for utilities, phone and internet contracts.

You also need it to claim the discount that Canarian residents get on travel. Residents get 50% of travel between islands and to Spain.

NIE or residencia?

This causes a lot of confusion because you need a NIE to be resident, but you don’t need to be resident to get a NIE.

If you are in Gran Canaria to buy a property, then you can apply for a NIE number alone. It comes on a green credit-card sized piece of paper.

If you plan to live in Gran Canaria, apply for residencia straight away.

What does the NIE look like

Your NIE number is the letter X or Y followed by seven or eight digits and then another letter. You’ll learn it pretty fast.

Currently, it comes on a floppy, credit-card sized bit of green paper. This falls out of passports and disintegrates when wet.

You’re not allowed to laminate it.

What you need to get a NIE

Spain used to assign NIE numbers to anyone who asked for one, but this has changed.

To get a NIE number these days,  you need one of these…

  • A work contract: This doesn’t need to be full-time but it does need to be formal. Currently you need a 20-hour contract to get an NIE. The days of getting a few hours teaching works and geting your number seem to be over (for now).
  • A pre-contract (contrato de arras) to buy property gets you a NIE. You get a number on a certificate valid for three or six months. The number stays with you but non-residents need to renew the certificate as needed.
  • Have at least €5000 in your bank account. an income of 600 per month and private medical insurance. The health insurance must cover you to the level  you get from the Spanish health service. However, there are no official guidelines about what qualifies you to. The decision seems to depend more on how your policemen feels on the day than anything else. Look smart and be polite; It helps.

How to get a NIE / apply for residencia

Go to the Extranjeria department of your nearest Policia Nacional station, (Plaza de la Feria in Las Palmas). Fill in and sign an application form (take a pen). Hand it in with your documentation, a passport photocopy and your original passport.

Then you have to go and pay a fee at the nearest bank  and bring back the receipt. You may get your NIE card on the day or have to come back in a few days to pick it up.

EU citizens now have their own queue at extranjeria in Las Palmas with short queues. Spare a thought for everyone else as they sometimes wait weeks for an appointment.

For a NIE certificate, you may need your hotel booking receipt or proof of address.

For residencia, you may need your rental contract or a paper showing your current address.

Getting your NIE at home

If you qualify, you can get your NIE before arriving in Gran Canaria. Phone your nearest Spanish Consulate as procedures vary depending on the country.

Renewing your NIE

The little green cards with NIE numbers don’t expire and the number never changes so you shouldn’t need to renew your certificate unless you lose it. If you do lose it you may need to justify that you still need it and quality al over again.

How to change a NIE

Once you get an NIE number it never changes. But you can change the name on your NIE paper (if you get married or divorced for example).

  1. Passport
  2. Document accrediting the change on your NIE. For marriage, you need a British consulate certificate explaining th custom of changing names.
  3. Receipt from the bank stating you have paid the relevant tax. (get the form when you meet the officer for the first time, pay it at the nearest bank and return.
  4. Social security certificate.

Note: Changing your name causes confusion within the Spanish government and Social Security system. Avoid doing it unless you really love your new partner or can’t stand the old one.

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103 thoughts on “The Guru Guide To Getting A NIE Number & Residencia In Gran Canaria

  1. Just though I’d clarify and update some of the info for anyone looking to move here now.

    In Las Palmas to get your NIE you have to go to the Oficina de Extranjeros which you will find in Plaza de la Feria, 24. It is open Mon – Fri 9am till 2pm. There is no need to queue at ridiculous times in the morning, just turn up during the opening hours and say you are there to get your NIE. They will then give you a number (your turn) and the necessary application form which you can complete whilst waiting for your number to be called.

    Once called you will be given a form to take to the bank to pay an admin fee, so you take that to the bank, pay and return with the form signed/stamped by the bank saying you’ve paid, along with your passport + photocopy and of course the completed application form. That’s it – they print your certificate there and then. Also, they’ve now changed the format from an A4 sized certificate to a credit-card sized one which is much more convenient.

    And yes, with this (which is your NIE number and Residence Certificate also) you can get discount on flights and ferries to and from the Canary Islands.

    Hope this info is useful!!

  2. I have been told that I need to set up a “cita previa” ( appointment) in order to request a NIE duplicate (I misplaced it) in Las Palmas. Is that correct? Or do I need to go straight to the Comisaria de Policia. I am flying from Austria and I am planning on staying only for 5 days in GC to get this NIE. Any help is greatly appreciate it!!

    Also, do you know if all this can be done in one visit? Or I’d be ask to come back in 2 weeks ???

  3. Hi, you do not need a cita previa but you will need a police report stating you have lost the old one otherwise they won’t give you a new one.

  4. very usefull information..but how do u get discounts on flights and ferries?is there spacific company u book flights and ferries with?



  5. The discount is valid with any company if you are travelling to or from the Canary Islands and within Spain, so Ryanair, bintercanarias, armas etc. When you make your booking to or from the canary islands an option will come up asking if you have any discount entitlement so you select Resident’s Discount. Then you just need to present your NIE when you collect your tickets and/or travel.

    Hope that explains it!

  6. Hi I live I fuerteventura and received my resistencia October last year, I have a copy of my green certificate only. I have been out the country traveling and will return later this month, can I use my green certificate for my Ryanair flight?

  7. Since September 2012, the Spanish government has re-introduced the need for another form of flight discount qualification.

    When booking a flight to the mainland via online / Travel agents, you used to tick the ‘resident’ box, instantly getting the discount for the flight and arrive at the airport with your passport and your green residency A4 page and board the flight … NOW… you also need a ‘Certificado’ that states that you are not only a resident, but you are also entitled to services given to the locals. This was re-introduced to stop those ‘residents’ who pop over for 3 months, enjoy the cheaper medical / pharmacy facilities and then pay taxes, collect pensions etc. in their homeland.

    In Gran Canaria, you need to take your green A4 page, along with you Passport to the Town Hall offices in San Fernando (next to the football stadium) and pay 3 Euros – if you are paying taxes etc. you will be on their computer and a certificado will be provided. WITHOUT THIS no flight – you arrive at the airport, and they inform you that you are missing the certificado and you must book a brand new ticket … you cannot even pay the discount back on the ticket in your hand … This is causing locals problems also who do not know of the change … BE WARNED

  8. I am a non-EU/Schengen resident. I currently spend almost 1/2 my time in Gran Canaria. I currently have a NIE and Empadronamiento because I own property here. Do you know if it possible for me to obtain the certificado that is necessary to receive discounts on flights and ferrys?

  9. Ive just moved to gran caneria and hopeing to stay for anything from 1-3 years. The most frustrating thing for me being new here. Being on my own here is that I’m told I need to go with a fluent Spanish speaker to get my NIE as the police won’t speak to anyone unless they speak Spanish. It’s frustrating but don’t misunderstand me or get me wrong I do understand why that happens but try getting someone to help. Also I’ve been told I need NIE to rent a apartment is this true? Many thanks

  10. Most NIE can be downloaded as a PDF,filled in and printed off before attending the Comisario. The problem is that you are never sure which form to fill in. I need to change address. do I fill in Form EX15 or EX18.It would help if someone could put togethrer a comprehensive guid to form filling

    • Hi, it’s about 10 euros and you have to take a piece of paper to the nearest bank, pay it, then go back to the Extranjeria office

  11. Hi all,

    I need some help about how to get a replacement NIE certificate. I had one 9 years ago when I lived there. I am returning soon and need the certificate for clearing my goods through customs. I have my NIE number, but don’t have the certificate. Is there any way I can get a copy of it online?

    • Hi, you’ll still have the same NIE number, but how you get a replacement certificate depends on what you are planning to do. It’s got harder to get certificates and residency in the last few years. If you have a job contract or own a property here, then it’s easy to do when you are here. There is no way to get it online although you can go to your nearest Spanish consulate or embassy.

  12. I’m retired and have residencia on Costa blanca . I’m looking to relocate to fuertaventura in near future would my present n.i.e be valid or would I need to re- apply? Also I receive free health care still at the moment (pre Brexit) what is the procedure in the canaries? Many thanks for any advice in advance

    • Hi, your NIE would be valid because it is issued by the Spanish authorities. You’d have to register on the Padrón in the municipio where you live, and also tell the seguridad social that you’ve moved. If you work or pay tax, you’d also need to inform both the Canarian tax authorities. If you’ve been resident in Spain for 5 years, it may well be worth applying for permanent resident status.

    • Hi, make it 6000 to be safe. And no, we think that provided it is in your account, at the time you apply, you are fine. However, the policy hasn’t been defined, so different people are being told different things.

  13. First, your site is the best!! Thank you so much!!
    And second, the question/my plan; My plan is go to Madrid, just for a few days, in friends house, and use his house adress to apply for NIE.
    In the moment I get NIE, move to Playa del Ingles and rent a flat for long term.
    Doing this way to make my renting a flat on the island easier.
    Am I doing a right thing? Any advice or suggestion?
    Once again-thanx a loot!

    • Hi, we don’t think having an address is enough to get a NIE and or residencia in Madrid. These days you need a job, income, to be self-employed (autonomo), or be doing a 20-hour a week course to get residencia. They don’t even hand out NIE numbers unless you can justify why you need them.

  14. Hello and Thank you for all the information provided !
    I am a resident in the Canary Island ,however i have recently lost my Residence card .
    How do i get it replaced ? Is it the same procedure as having a new one ? Or it is easier for replacement ?
    Thank you !

    • In theory, you can just replace a lost card by turning up with your ID. However, they are checking that people still qualify, so take the papers with you: Job contract, proof of address, etc, just in case they ask for them.

  15. Hello I’m from India I was looking for a startup business in GC my friend live there & we are planning to do it together right now he is doing a job I’m planning to be there for 1or 2 years I can invest 50 thousand Euros for my residential apartment & other 50 for my business startup can I get Nie number there

    • Hi,

      As a non-EU citizen, we think you’d need to invest more than 50K to get residencia. The rules vary by country so the best way to find out exactly what you need is to contact your nearest Spanish consulate and ask them exactly how it works. For a property, 50K is right on the lower edge of what you ned to buy a studio apartment.

      • Thanks for your help for me studio apartment is fine but my query is about business do a non EU citizen can start a business there

        • The criteria vary by nationality so you’d need to ask the Spanish consulate in your country what exactly you’d need to move to Spain.

  16. Hi,

    Does anyone have experience of getting health insurance without a NIE? All the insurers I have contacted need the NIE to process the application.

    If not, is it possible to get the NIE (not residencia) without health insurance then go back to the police and do the residencia application separately?

    I’m British, married to a Spaniard, but he has no idea either…

    Any advice very much appreciated as it all feels a bit chicken and egg at the moment!

    • Hi, you can’t get health insurance in Spain or GC without an NIE number as you’re not allowed to be here for more than 90 days without one. To get an NIE number here (and go on to get residency) you need to have a job, or be able to prove that you are financially independent. It is a bit chicken and egg. I’d think that being married to a Spanish citizen would be enough to go and get an NIE number and residency.

  17. Hello… thank you for your post, I have found it very interesting as I am looking to move out in May and trying to get a job before arriving seems to be very difficult, I thought I could rent an apartment, go to the police station and get an NIE number to enable me to find work and start quickly. On the point where you state ‘Have at least €5000 in your bank account and private medical insurance.’ Is this your advice rather than a hard and fast rule? It reads to me as if there could be some flexibility depending on the day and police official that sees you? I am just trying to clarify as after paying deposit, 1st months rent & agency fee it is unlikely I would still have 5000 Euro in the bank by the time I get to the police station. I’m not sure if other people just get here, try and get a job and then go about trying for an NIE. I understand the authority are trying to make sure people don’t come out for sun and a free ride. Any further information would be great especially if you know of any recent cases of obtaining an NIE without job offer or money to buy a property. Many thanks.

    • Hi, in theory you need 5-6k in the bank, an income of 500 euros per person and even private health cover in order to get an NIE without a job. There are other ways of getting an NIE such as doing a 20 hour per week language course (as you have to pay for it you need an NIE although you will only get a temporary NIE certificate). There is some flexibility depending on the municipality and the person behind the desk but it isn’t easy to get one without a good reason.

  18. Hi I lived in las palmas in 2004 for 2 years and had an NIE. This of course expired in 2009 I am however moving back I’m May hopefull for good, do you know if I can just get a renewal of the old no or if I will have to reapply. If reapplying the funds of over 5k are ok but how is the income assessed? Thanks for your help

    • Your NIE number is still valid but you will have to renew your residency (even though your green papar is still valid) and your empadronamiento with the local town hall. The income is normally assessed by providing payslips, pension payments, etc.

  19. Hi all, I got my nie number in 2007 in Alicante, it was on a4 white paper, although I still know the number I no longer have the paper, I have just moved to GC and have found work but have been told I need nie to get contract and on here is saying I need contract to get nie.. Please I am confused any advise please?? Xx

    • Hi, yes, it’s a pain. Your employer should be able to give you a draft contract or a statement of intent to employ and that should be enough to get your NIE renewed (the number will be the same but you need a new piece of paper: The new white forms don’t have an expiry date). There is no easy answer at the moment and you may need to go and ask the local police office to find out exactly what they need you to provide.

  20. Hi, I arrived a few days ago with no immediate plans other than to stay so will be looking medium term at residency, unless is best and easy enough to do it straight away. I won’t go in to full details but my ex wife is from Las palmas and we lived here in 2004 and as such I had an NIE (which i still have!) so am I right in thinking that this will just be updated? this being the case will they still need to see proof of income and private medical? Income would be in the form of UK rental income and I am currently looking at medical and not sure what level of cover I need and who to go with. Also I am temporarily staying with ex inlaws!! so don’t have a fixed address as yet, I’m assuming thats not a problem. I’m looking to start getting things sorted in the next few weeks just trying to settle the dog and remind myself how bad my Spanish is!! thanks for you help!

    • If you have an NIE, plus your wife is Spanish, you should have no problem getting residencia, especially as you have an income. The health cover has to be equivalent to the level provided by the Spanish state system. However, as the spouse of a Spanish citizen, you probably qualify for state healthcare anyway.

      You will need to ask as things are not exactly clear at the moment.

  21. Hi, thank you for your response, just though I would leave some feedback incase it is of use. I managed to get my residency and it was pretty painless the only struggle was the language, an intermediate level of Spanish is fine for the day to day shopping but becomes a struggle when dealing with bureaucrats and paperwork. Although I didn’t need to do so in this order, I first opened a Spanish bank account which I was able to do as a UK resident, I then searched the best option and took out medical insurance and set up a monthly D/D. Then armed with my insurance document, passport, proof of address here in Ageate and a copy of bank statements in the UK showing proof of funds and income headed to Plaza de la feria, where I arrived about 10.00am. I was seen within 30 minutes and despite the language struggle all was in order, I then left with some paperwork that I had to take to a bank and pay 10,60 and get a copy of my passport (worth getting a copy prior), was back and seen by the same policeman by 12.00 and walked out wth my flimsy little resident card by about 12.30. Not sure if this is of use but seems to me if you have everything that you need in terms of documentation its not to much of a chore. Good luck

    • Hi Kevin, did you have to prove income? We plan on moving, but worry about residency (cat parenting ;)) or rather not being able to get it. Have fully paid for house at FV, have been paying all taxes for it (modelo 210+IBI+….), have Spanish bank account and savings UK, but will not work and are aged below 55.

      Just trying to make sense of it, before taking the plunge.



      • Hi, the exact requirements for income start at around 6000 euros per year but this is net of all costs such as mortgages and rent. The police have an obligation to make sure that you are financially independent before they will grant you residency.

  22. Hi I already my NIE from living in the Baleares for over 6 years but am relocating to Gran Canaria next month to buy a property. Will I just need to register at the local town hall for empadronamiento once I have my title deeds for the property? Also where is the location of the town hall in Las Palmas? I believe once I have my empadronamiento I can then change the address on my NIE-is that correct?

    • Hi, no, we’d say the money would need to be in your Spanish bank account. The police assess your entire income and make a judgement based on whether you can viably support yourself.

  23. Hi, do you know how long it takes from getting the certificate of residency from the Town Hall to being able to validate it online for flight bookings?

    • Hi, it takes a few weeks or months for the certificate to enter the electronic system. However, a printed copy ( you can get it online) is always valid and you just have to present it to the travel company when you check in for your trip.

  24. Hello for a NIE do you need to have the 5k in a Spanish bank account? If so I’m a bit confused as to open one as a non resident it says you need a fixed address ( tenancy) but how would I get a 6 month tenancy with out the NIE.
    We are also not going to be working we have savings to live on, as we was saving for a house in the uk, but have decided to come to Spain. Any help would be great. Thank you

    • You need a minimum income of 5500 euros per person per year, but the police use their judgement. That’s the condition in Spanish law, but at the end of the day, the extranjeria police have the final decision (that’s in the law too).

      For example, if your rental contract is 600 per month, you need extra income to eat and pay bills on top of the 5500 euros.

      If you are living here and don’t plan to work, you don’t actually need an NIE or the green residency paper. It does make life easier with opening bank accounts, etc, but EU law states clearly that all EU citizens can live in any EU country with just their passport for as long as they want.

  25. Thanks for the information but I have read everywhere that we would need a NIE if we wanted to stay 3 months or longer.
    This is what is says on gov UK site
    Residency requirements

    From 28 March 2007, Royal Decree 240/07 requires that all EU citizens planning to reside in Spain for more than 3 months should register in person at the Oficina de Extranjeros in their province of residence or at designated Police stations. You will be issued a credit card size Residence Certificate stating your name, address, nationality, NIE number (Número de Identificación Extranjero) and date of registration. After five years residence registration you are entitled to apply for a certificate of permanent residence in Spain.

    • Hi, yes, we know. It’s a comedy situation really. The source you quote is from 2007. The rules changed in 2013.

      According to the Extranjeria police here in Las Palmas, EU law trumps Spanish law, so there is no legal obligation to get an NIE or the green paper. However, since the NIE paper is needed for lots of things, everyone has to go and get it.

  26. Hi,

    I am about to move to Spain as my girlfriend (UK citizen) already lives and works there. She is pregnant and will give birth in November. She already has her NIE.

    The plan is that in February she will return to full time work whilst I look after the baby. How can I get an NIE as I won’t be working, unless I find something part-time. I also don’t have £5k in the bank. I know there must be a solution to this as many people must be in families where 1 parent works whilst the other stays at home but I can’t find any information anywhere!

    • Hi Darren,

      A NIE makes life in Spain much easier with banks, etc, but isn’t a legal requirement for EU citizens. You can come to Spain and live for as long as you want without one.

      If you were married, or became a Pareja de Hecho in Spain, then you would be able to get a NIE and residencia.

      Now, we don’t know the exact details of your circumstances and we think the best thing you can do to get accurate information is to talk to your nearest Spanish consulate in the UK.

  27. Hi. I have an A4 green nie (which says it is permanent) and have got residency certificate for discounts on travel already. They accepted it to travel with Iberia with driving licence to prove identity because I got married in 2012 and changed my uk passport to my new married name (stupid move) but everything I have in Spain is in my old name. Can I travel with my nie and driving licence as proof of identification when I go on a ferry when we move in November to Gran Canaria because the green paper is not to be used for identification? I already tried changing everything here to my new married name but it was a nightmare and a solicitor told me to keep my existing name for spain and uk name for uk.

    • Hi, we honestly don’t know the know the answer to this one. We suspect that eventually, someone is going to want the two to match up. If you are living in GC and have a job (or a partner with a job) it won’t be difficult to get a new NIE. If you are British, we’d advise doing it ASAP.

  28. Hi, thanks for the amazing info on getting our Residencia! I have a few questions as an American who wants to stay here long term.

    1. If I get a Residencia, does that mean I can stay on Gran Canaria year round?
    2. Is there an agent I can hire to go with me to make the process easier? I’m on Las Palmas.
    3. What do I need to qualify? I have $20,000 in my bank account, can show income from my remote business, will buy health insurance from your link above, a passport photocopy and my original passport. Where do I print the application form from?
    4. I’m staying at an Airbnb for 1.5 months, is that address fine to use?
    5. Anything else I need to know? Are there any other ways to get residency here so I can live here permanently such as the 500,000 euro real estate investment, “golden visa’?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi, the best you can do is talk to your nearest Spanish consulate as they will be able to tell you exactly what your rights are in Spain as a US citizen.

  29. Hi. My husband and me are planning to move to Canary Island. He has a contract for two years as consultant with an European Research centre and he will register himself as self employer . Monthly earn is 5000 euros (gross). I think to open a self employed activity there, but in this moment I’ve not earn. Do you think that my husband’s contract as consultant can be sufficient for both to obtain NIE? Thanks.

  30. Would a UK national married to a Spanish national fall under the same requirements as any UK national in Spain (private insurance and 5K income) to get her NIE and residency?

  31. Hi, I got my NIE along with visa, that has words residencia on it. Do I have to go to police station to get card? if so do i have to show them any docs? thank you for your answer.

  32. Thank you for informations provided. I’m from Kosovo, looking to move my family to Las Palmas: my spouse and children’s two and five years old. I want my children’s to continue education in Spanish, since my old one already speaks English. The other reason is weather, since they have health issues during winter . Las Palmas is something I’m interested.
    My plan is to purchase property between 250 000-350 000 euros. I have stable yearly income more than 150 000 euros, as well my own business that add to yearly income. Does this play role when applying for NIE.

  33. Hi, I applied for and got my NIE number in January 2017 in Tenerife, it was just a regular letter sized piece of paper with a stamp. My question is will this piece of paper ever expire? Also, what do I need to do to get my residencia? I have an EU passport. Thank you in advance!

    • If your paper doesn’t have an expiry date, then it lasts forever. However, note that having a NIE and having legal residency are different.

  34. Hi, I’ve just got a job in Gran Canaria and I already have an NIE from living in Madrid. However I am moving with my Mexican husband. He would not necessarily have a job when we arrive, would he be able to get an NiE as the spouse of an EU citizen or would He have to have a job in order to get it?

    Thanks for all the advice!

      • Hi, i know mine doesn’t but what about my husbands? We currently live in Mexico and this will be his first time in Spain. Will he be able to become resident and get an nie as a spouse of an eu citizen?

        • Hi, yes, he would be entitled to residency when you are. You may have to have your marriage certificate translated using an EU-approved apostille.

  35. hi.
    I am not EU citizen , I buy an officina in laspalmas also I get my NIE permanent on A4 paper. I have bank account there, I register my son for next school year in American school in laspalmas, also I am planning to buy appartement there and plan to send my wife to stay with my son there,
    I am working in middle east with good salary,
    please inform me if all this think are enough to get the residency in spain.
    N.B : my office is rented and the IRPF tax is deducted directly, I want to ask if I have to pay another taxes if yes where I have to go to pay this taxes.
    thanks for this usefull blog.

    • Hi, the NIE number is not the same as residency.

      You still need to qualifiy for residency if you plan to live in Gran Canaria (or anywhere else in Spain). A good income is always a good start when getting residency in Spain, but the rules do depend on your nationality so please check with the nearest Spanish consulate.

      If you rent out the office you will have to pay income tax and any property taxes that are due every year. You should get a gestoria or local accountant to handle you annual tax declatration on your behalf. They charge a couple of hundred euros per year.

      If you are planning to buy property in Las Palmas or want more information, please contact Laura Leyshon from as she specialises in helping foreign buyers in the city.


      The Guru team.

  36. Hi,
    I’m a British national who bought a property in Maspalomas in 2003 as a holiday home. I received my NIE at the time but with the UK set to leave the EU I think it makes sense to apply for residencia now as I may want to spend more time there after I retire (I’m 54).
    I’m intending taking the following to the extranjeria police office in San Fernando:
    Current passport and one photocopy
    2 recent passport style photos with my name clearly written on the back
    A completed EX18 form, plus 3 photocopies of it
    Downloaded and completed Modelo 790 Form (Having paid the 10-11€ at my Santander branch and had the form stamped.)
    Original (and copy) of the escritura of my property. (Current value is about 120,000€)
    Recent basura bill in my own name as evidence that the address is still current.
    Original (and copy) of my NIE – it’s the old A4 paper format.
    My Santander passbook (and copy) showing balance over 6,000€.
    Hopefully the above is all they need but a few questions:
    – There is no mortgage on my property but do I need to show evidence of that?
    – I presume I need to arrange private health insurance?? Can this be a monthly plan (that I could subsequently cancel?)
    Thanks for your help!

  37. Hi, Im a Hungarian citizen as well as an Australian citizen and im in Las Palmas at the moment trying to organize my NIE card and residency. Is there an agency you could recommend that will help me with all the paperwork and/or tell me exactly what i need. I have well over 5000EU in my Australian bank account , however i am currently not employed. i have spoken with companies in my field on the island and they are willing to give me work but it would only be freelance and definitely less then 20 hours a week to begin with. Im also staying at a hostel so i dont have an address here either. Any tips/advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance

  38. What are the rules on residency? Ie we have house in FV, are of working age, will have private health insurance, but will not work, so need to prove INCOME/SAVINGS.

    I saw that an expectation is that applicant will have € 2.200 and further €800 per each dependent per calendar month. This would deem income of level a highly qualified and experienced professional in UK on more than average salary. IS THIS CORRECT?

    Thanks. Alex

    • Hi, the exact requirements for income start at around 6000 euros per year but this is net of all costs such as mortgages and rent. The police have an obligation to make sure that you are financially independent before they will grant you residency.

  39. Hi,

    Firstly, many thanks for having such an informative site. I just have a quick query in relation to application requirement. I’m being made redundant at home in the neat future and looking to move off the back of the payout.

    Will I need to have work lined up to apply for the residencia/NIE or will the bank balance be enough. I’m hoping to spend a couple of months learning Spanish and enjoying myself before getting stuck into the job hunt after 10 years chained to a desk 🙂

    • If you are an EU citizen you can come here for 90 days and use your European Health Card. You don’t technically need an NIE to stay longer than this but it does make things easier with banks and officialdom. If you get a job such as teaching with a school then they will take care of your NIE application. Otherwise it depends on circumstances.

  40. My wife and I would live to move to las Palmas for the winter, November to April. We are US residents. Is this possible? We meet the income guides and have health insurance. We are retired and would not be looking to work.

    • Hi, yes, this should be no problem as there is a pretty straightforward treaty between Spain and the US. Consult your local Spanish consulate for the exact requirements.

  41. Hi there! Thank you so much for your post. It’s very helpful! If you don’t mind, I had a few questions:

    1. Did I understand correctly that I can get an NIE without having my trajeta de residencia? My husband (who is a Spanish national, I am a non-EU citizen) are still in the process of gathering (and waiiiiiting) for the documents to get my residency card such as our libro de familia and Spanish marriage certificate (we were married in Australia and are just about to register our marriage here in Madrid). So can I apply for an NIE without a residency card?

    2. When I made an appointment for the NIE on the website, it said the documents that I needed to bring were the application form and a copy, a printout of the appointment, a valid passport, proof of entry into Spain if entered into Schengen territory from another country, and the payment receipt from the bank. It did not say anything about economic funds or work contract. Do I really need to show funds to obtain an NIE?

    Thank you so much. I appreciate your help! I am so lost here!


    • You do need to have a reason to apply for an NIE and not residencia. A work contract, property purchase, etc. If your husband is a Spanish national, you’ll get an NIE and residencia at the same time when you feed them all the paperwork.

  42. I stayed in gran canaria in 2001 .I now need to know what my NIE mumber was is there any way of checking the records for that year to find it .regards Ian

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