Guide to getting best hotel deals

Guide to getting the best deals

Where to book

Cheapest – you want cheap or good value, looking for a bungalow or a room in a hotel but you’re not bothered about super exclusivity – the best website by far is alpharooms, use our booking form here to find out prices and book your weekend break. It has loads of hotels and we have never found anywhere cheaper. You can usually book up to the day before, but the sooner you book the better choice you get.

Quality – So you want to treat your new lady friend to a bit of 5 star luxury? Or just feel like a weekend all-inclusive, there are a couple of websites that you should visit before settling for second best.

Lopesan Hotels
A little known website that often has fantastic offers is the Lopesan hotel group website they have offers for all theĀ  Lopesan hotels in Gran Canaria. The best hotels to go to are the Villa Conde and Costa Meloneras both have fantastic food and really high quality facilities.

RIU Hotels
The RIU group often have promotions visit the RIU website to find out what they have to offer. The Hotel in Amadores is well worth a visit.

Cordial Mogan Playa
Another luxury hotel that’s worth a stay is the Cordial Mogan Playa although to date we haven’t found a website that offers extra cheap deals.

we have trawled the internet many many times and think we are hotel booking gurus we also realise that we do not know every site on the internet. If you know of any websites or any great hotels that we have missed please add it to the form below and we’ll add it to the website.

To write your own information about any hotels you have stayed in, please login/register and post some content.


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