The Guru Guide To Watching UK TV in Gran Canaria

The Guru Guide to watching UK television and programmes in Gran Canaria

There are various ways to watch UK TV in Gran Canaria; some free,some not; some legal, most not; some on your TV and some via the PC, Mac or smartphone.

We’ll try to explain all the different methods, give you the best websites and show you the different costs. If we have missed anything please let us know in the comment section below this article.

Easy, legal UK TV in Gran Canaria with TV Mucho

The easiest way to watch UK TV in Gran Canaria is to buy a TV Mucho box.

TV Mucho is completely legal and takes seconds to plug in once you get the box. It works if you have a reasonable internet connection and costs just €10 per month.

It gives you all the freeview channels like the BBC channels, ITV channels, C4, C5, Dave, etc.

If you can’t be bothered with illegal websites, VPNs, complex workarounds, etc, just get a TV Mucho box

Other TV Boxes

There are currently lots of TV boxes for sale online and many offer almost unlimited television for either a big, upfront fee or a monthly payment.

They are known as Kodi boxes after the free and legal software that makes them work. However, many have extra, illegal software added that streams more channels. Most if not all of these boxes are technically illegal although nobody is going to get fined for owning one (TV companies are going after the sellers).

The danger of buying a fully loaded Kodi box is that it could stop working at any time. Fully loaded Kodi box prices range from €35 to €250 per box.

NOTE: The online TV world is going the way of online music and the dodgy players (think Napster and Pirate Bay) are feeling the squeeze. In the end, we suspect that legal subscription services (like Gran Canaria-based TV Mucho are the way forward).

Contract SKY in Gran Canaria

As you are probably aware SKY is not legally available in Spain as the advertisers pay for a UK audience. However, there are various companies that will install a dish and set you up. The costs for this are for the dish and sky box and your monthly subscription. There are 2 sizes of dish available, a smaller dish which will allow you to access all the standard SKY TV channels and a larger dish which will also give you access to terrestrial TV channels such as BBC and ITV too. The cost of the smaller dish and box is about 600€+ and your monthly subscription about 50€ depending on which package you choose.

You can also get a family member in the UK to connect your tablet or laptop to their Sky account as an extra device. You may also need to use a VPN (see below) for this to work permanently.

Watch UT TV in Gran Canaria on the Internet

Streaming TV is a free and convenient way to watch UK television but the sites you need to use to access UK TV in Gran Canaria change regularly. Most are a bit dodgy and they do tend to disappear.

The main website people use to watch UK TV online is Filmon. It used to show you everything but is now blocking sports broadcasts. If you can’t get to work, try Same same, but different.

Download TV programs

Is the Pirate Bay up this week or not? You never know these days and downloading television programmes is getting trickier. You can still do it with lots of patience and decent spyware and antivirus software on your computer, but please protect your computer well. You need something like AVG Free combined with SpyBot Search and Destroy to be even vaguely secure on torrent sites.

Watch BBC iPlayer in Spain

As you probably know you cannot watch the BBC iPlayer or listen to certain sporting events in Spain. However, there is a pretty simple workaround.

Subscribe to a VPN (virtual private network), change a couple of simple settings on your computer and the BBC think you’re in the UK. Once setup you can happily watch the iPlayer, the ITV equivalent, Channel 4 catch-up and any other content that is exclusively for UK customers. We find it particularly useful to watch sports events that are streamed on the BBC website, like Wales rugby matches, Wimbledon, The Open etc.

VPN companies also tend to come and go, but here are some to check out.

Companies which offer VPNs include for $5 / month for £6.50 / month for accessing US-based services such as Hulu

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