The Guru Guide To Getting A Gran Canaria Fishing License

You need a sea fishing license to fish anywhere in Gran Canaria unless you go on a sports fishing boat with its own license.

You have to get the license (which is a plastic card) from an office in Las Palmas. Non-residents pay €12.84 for a year, or €3.22 for a 15-day license. Residents pay €5.18 for a year’s license.

Getting the license in Las Palmas is fine if you live in Gran Canaria as you can just do it on your next trip to the capital. However, it’s a right pain for tourists and short-stay visitors.

Maybe that’s why the police don’t tend to bother tourists if they are shore-fishing in Gran Canaria without a license.

How to get a Gran Canaria fishing license

Download and fill in this fishing license application form.

Take the form and a copy of your passport or NIE to the Ministry of the Environment (Servicio de Medio Ambiente) offices on the first floor of C/ Agustín Millares Carló s/n: It’s just over the road from San Telmo bus station.

Then you’ll have to pay the fee at a nearby bank and come back with the receipt. You should get your license on the spot, but it can take up to 48 hours to be ready.

People under 18 need a guardian or parent to sign the form for them.

Types of Gran Canaria fishing license

A type three fishing license covers shore fishing and bottom fishing from boats. A type one license covers recreational trawling. A type two license covers spear fishing (you also need a health certificate stating that you are fit enough to do it).

There’s a different type of license for freshwater fishing in the island’s freshwater reservoirs. You get it from the same place.

4 thoughts on “The Guru Guide To Getting A Gran Canaria Fishing License

  1. It is possible to buy this fishing licence somewere else eg. fishing store? During my holidays i wont visit Las Palmas i think 🙁 Is there any difference between licence for shore and boat fishing, im going to rent a yaht so i plan to fish from it (no trolling). Im not interested in having any trouble for me and crew especially if licence is so cheap so i would like buy it. Thank You for any help in this matter.

  2. Hello!
    I’m coming over to GC in the end of February for recreation and spearfishing.
    1. I read he getting a licence can take up to 48 hours. But I’m as you say short-stay visitor. Is it possible to send application and make a payment remotely in advance??? Then I would go to office in Las Palmes to receive the licence.
    2. Concerning health certificate needed for type 2 licence. My country of residence is Latvia. Thus, all medical certificates we have are in the Latvian language. How to deal with this issue?
    Thank you for help in advance.

  3. I was directed to blue building, where i took waiting number ticket pressing “licensia pesca”. Paid the received form at nearby bank’s automat, a bit complicated to find right selections in the menus. (Other banks machines wouldn’t process payment forms of this type.) Then went back with receipt to get the license. Not too much fishing, but I think I got a lizardfish from bottom. It fell from the jig hook in to a pool of water on the rocks, and the waves soon washed it back to the Atlantic.

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