One Guru’s Gran Canaria Car Insurance Nightmare

Don't fall into the bar Gran Canaria car insurance trap

Gran Canaria car insurance: Don’t fall into the bar car insurance trap in Gran Canaria

Alex Bramwell: We bought a second-hand car in Gran Canaria over 10 years ago. A Ford Focus in fetching sky blue. 

It’s got the standard Las Palmas dents and scrapes, but has never given us any serious gip.

But 15 months ago, someone bumped into it while it was parked by our house. Luckily they were honest and the insurance companies moved in.

Insurance that you pay for twice?

All went well until it came to getting the repairs done. At that point, our insurance company told us that we had to pay the garage the €1075 for the repair and that our money would be returned by the driver’s insurance company.

Our insurance company refused to give us a timeframe for getting our money back. In fact, they were downright evasive about it.

So we refused to pay.

15 months later, our insurance company decided, without explanation, that they can pay the garage directly. Our car is now being resprayed and we haven’t had to fork out in advance.

Thank you for that Fenix Directo.

We were lucky that the damage was cosmetic. Otherwise, we’d have had to pay for the repair and then rely on the goodwill of the insurance firms to pay us back.

Where we went wrong

The insurance policy came with the second-hand car. It was cheap, so we just kept paying the premiums.

After the accident, we found out that the company doesn’t have an office in Gran Canaria. Instead, it has a call centre staffed by bitter people who hate their jobs.

Getting anything out of them was next to impossible.

We’re cancelling our policy and getting Gran Canaria car insurance from a company with a local office and resident brokers.

So that next time we need our insurance company, we know that the person who answers our call knows our name and cares about our contract.

Choosing good Gran Canaria car insurance

We haven’t decided on a new insurance company yet because we can’t cancel our existing policy for a couple of months.

But here’s the criteria we’re using.

Gran Canaria office: An office that is open to the public that we can walk into if needed

Gran Canaria brokers: A qualified insurance broker on the island, rather than just salespeople.

Decent conditions: A company that pays for repairs without any fuss.

So far, the best offer we’ve found is from Caser Expat Insurance. They’ve just opened in Gran Canaria, bringing tailored expat insurance schemes to the island for the first time.

And their car insurance is up to 50% cheaper for expat residents. Apparently, we make fewer claims and therefore cost less to insure.

Get a car insurance quote here

We like their range of expat insurance so much (like 20% off home insurance for residents) that we’ve even started to promote them.

For more details about Caser Expat Insurance’s deals for Gran Canaria residents, visit our insurance section or ask a question in our Facebook group.

Or contact Caser Expat’s brokers directly with this quick form or over the phone. They’ll contact ASAP.

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