A guide on internet services in Gran Canaria. Internet companies in Gran Canaria, internet deals in Gran Canaria and all you need to know about getting connected.

Broadband or ADSL in Gran Canaria is generally pretty good with 3mb speeds the norm, however you don’t get the vast choice of providers that you do in the UK are there are no really cheap offers. Currently there are quite a few ISPs (internet service providers) each with a variety of plans.

The main internet providers

How to get connected

Telefonica – the Spanish equivalent to BT, it is generally very reliable although usually isn’t as cheap as the others. The vast majority of internet users in Spain use Telefonica

Orange – started here in 2006, Orange is still pretty new to the broadband market, however they often have very good deals and are just as reliable as Telefonica. Look out for their ‘Internet mas llamadas internacionales’ deal which gives you unlimited broadband + 1000 minutes of calls within Europe, which is more than enough for even the most talkative girlfriends.

Our advice is to look at the websites above, see what deals they have on at the moment and choose the best. Think in the long term though because if you ever want to change ISPs you will be without the internet for at least a month.

Nb. You can get cheap plans which give you a maximum download limit / month. If you use the internet to just look at static pages you’ll be fine. If you watch youtube, skype or download music you’ll be in for a nasty shock at the end of your first month.

How to get connected

Actually getting an internet contract is relatively easy. On Orange and Ya you can do it on the internet without speaking to anyone. If you prefer to do it over the phone Orange and Telefonica have English speaking operators. Just say “No habloespanol, puedohablar con unoperador en ingles” and they’ll transfer you.

Offers and companies change all the time, if you find new offers or ADSL providers not mentioned in this article please add a comment below. Thanks.


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