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Finding a job in Gran Canaria

Comprehensive guides on how to find work in Gran Canaria. Guides to find work in the south of Gran Canaria, guides to find work in the north of Gran Canaria and guides on teaching in Gran Canaria.

So you want a job … unfortunately getting a job in Gran Canaria is not as easy as you’d hope. However with a bit of effort and patience you can always find something.

There are always new websites, newspapers and little tricks to finding jobs, if you know them and are willing to share them please comment at the bottom of the relevant article.


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  1. EHR Just would like to find out if there are many jobs on the island for building services engineers And roughly what do they earn? I am a qualified Gas Engineer/plumbingHeating Engineer and can work on all types of gas ,are there any facilities management companies there in GC,like daren i am also corgi registered and i have 22 years experience in my field .I am educated to nvq4 level and belong to a few engineering institutions at Engineering Technician Level.And Licientiate level also are these qualification recognised in Spain.I do speak a little spanish although it would need polishing up, I have three young children that will be coming with me they are bilingual (spanish) ps their mother is from Gc.But mainly this question is about me I’m british. any feed back would be Gladly appreciated.

  2. 1. There are facilities management companies here. They are not like the UK though, there are less of them and they tend to be a part of a larger company. Santana Cazorla servicios is an example you can find their details on the internet.

    2. Gas and heating engineers are not in high demand here. There are not many gas installations and not much heating either.

    3. There is work for plumbing, but at the moment there is not much work for anybody in the construction industry.

    To be honest finding a job in the construction sector here at the moment is tricky, as a maintenance engineer it may be a bit easier but you will need Spanish. An example of an installation company that may be able to help you out is, they do plumbing and gas installations and may be able to point you in the direction of a company that is looking for workers.

    I would recommend speaking to as many companies as possible to see if there is work or give the job centre a call 928779837 – ask for Angela. She should be able to help you out or at least point you in the right direction.

    Good luck with the job hunting and let us know how you get on

  3. my name is william and i am from glasgow. I am looking to relocate to gran can in january 09. i am basically looking for any advice i can get. I have a HND Supporting and managing learning needs and wondering if there would be jobs available to suit my current experience. I have worked in a special needs school for over 4 years. although I would like a job related to my qualifications I am willing to take any job availabe to begin with. aswell as wondering about job opportunities, i am also concerned about how difficult it might be to find a flat share on the island.

    If any1 has any advice and help for me please reply or email me

  4. Hi William, I’d give all the English schools on the island a ring – the list is on the website and see if they have anything available. There are also teaching assistant jobs available in the state sector – just email for more info. Otherwise contact Angela at the Job Centre (number on jobs page) for other jobs. rregarding flat share, there are often rooms available in the South and if you ask around at the schools in the north you can often find rooms in Las Palmas too.

    good luck.

  5. Hello!
    I’m 23 years old girl from Letonia and I’ll want to find a job in GC. In the end of january I’ll come to GC and live in Telde. I want to try something new in GC. My language skills: Latvian; Russian; English and now I learn Spanish (and I like it).
    Maybe someone knows where can I try to find a job? I’m very communicative, responsive person and I like to work with people.
    So … if someone of you hear something, let me know. 🙂

  6. Gran Canaria Number 1 and largest Escort Agents GCES are looking for 2 male and 1 female escort to join our large team of high rollers.

    We have different types of escort available, fantastic earnings.

    Genuine oppertunity, applicants should be:
    Smartly dressed
    Honest, punctual and reliable
    Clean, well kept, friendly and articulate
    Have a pleasant manner and good sense of humour
    All nationalities are welcome.

    For more information,
    Telephone 0034 662 575 047

    all inquiries are PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL

  7. APPLY TO or visit website
    Telephone 0034 928 779 837
    Mon-Friday 12.30 – 5.00

    Restaurant requires staff FULL TEAM. – Manager, kitchen and general staff required.
    Gran Canaria

    DVD distributer & Salesman Playa del ingles.

    Hair Dresser requires Stylist, immediate start, must have experience.
    Puerto Rico

    Escorts & Dancers – Male & female, Big earnings around 4000.00 euros per month. Gran Canaria

    Sales people required – For immediate start. Gran Canaria

    Reporters required – For large newspaper. Las Palmas

    Bar staff required – For new bar, experience needed. Playa del ingles & Puerto Rico

    Driver required – for deliveries in Gran Canaria

    Admin & Reception person required Las Palmas

    Holiday reps required – Large tour company needs reps, includes accommodation Gran Canaria

    Animation staff required – for hotel in Gran Canaria

    Receptionist Hotel – Male & female, working night shifts 9 hours Gran Canaria

    Security staff – Required for night and day shifts. playa del ingles.

    DJ required – for busy international bar in playa del ingles.

  8. Hi There we are two guys who have started a small cleaning and maintenace service in the Playa del Ingles area. Established for over three years, we currently have regular early morning work with two well known establishments and would like to expand this.

    In addition to cleaning we are also able to offer general maintenance services such as painting decorating and tiling, plus plumbing and electrical work. We offer a very high quality service at reasonable rates. For a no obligation quote please call Jim or Dean on 664 709 331 Thanks.

  9. Hi there, was wondering if you had any work available, it;s great to hear someone set up their own business and doing really well after 3 years, I am looking to move to Gran Canaria very soon with my family, I come from general maintenance background, also bricklaying, roofing etc.
    Look forward to hearing from you

    • hello gran canaria

      looking for dj work in the peurto rico area been there a few times and did a night in biblos a few years ago while on holiday.
      ran my own entertainments company in uk for last 14 years catering for all types of events and employing 22 staff, times change and the way its going in the uk decided to get out and enjoy a little sun sand and sangria,
      exerlent music collection dating from the 40’s to present date and always updating including karaoke.
      over 15 years experience working as dj / karaoke compare.
      mic work no problem.
      can also maintain, repair, install equipment if tools are availeable basic tools always carried with me.
      looking at traveling over in jan/feb for holiday and and look around to see what is on offer, if intreasted in my services please contact me on and i will be happy to meet up and discuss any position on offer

      thanks in advance

  10. Hi, my family & I are looking to do the big move soon, our son is 11 and looking for a good school for him, also any advice on the move and area’s would be great, we are looking at Playa De Ingles ( i think) if anyone has any advice on this it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi my name is Gemma.Im 26 and my boyfriend is 27.Im a hairdresser from Dublin Irealnd and my boyfriend is a Dj we want to work somewhere for the summer get out of Ireland for a while but haven got a clue how to go about it my boyfriend worked in Ibiza in some clubs Dj n. Can any one help us find somewhere or how to go about it. I my self can do barbering and ladys hair at all levels but i would be willing to do bar work or something like that any help on this thanx Gemma

    • Hey Gemma 🙂
      I just read your post and wondered if you and your boyfriend were still going to GC this year??
      Im leaving at the end of this month and basically just want some friends hahaha…..It would be nice to have some compnay while also searching for work and apartments hehe

      Tina x

      Id rather burn out then fade away 🙂

  11. Hi Dean and Jim, my name is olly, i live in puerto rico, i am a painter and decorator with 25 years experience. I am looking for a job, if you have anything available now or in the near future please can you contact me on 666986855. Thanks

  12. Hi have a look at the school guide on the website to see the schools on the island. There are no English speaking secondary schools in the South except Colegio Arenas which is a bilingual school so you’ll have to choose between a local Spanish speaking school or travel 40 minutes to the British schools in the north. Most offer bus services though. Let me know if you have any questions,



      Due a growth and expansion, KA Resources is looking for money driven NATIVE GERMAN + English speakers’ people to join our team.

      We are a specialist IT Recruitment firm with office in Arguineguín, Gran Canaria. We are leaders in our field and we are looking for ambitious and hard-working new talent to help us grow our business.

      No experience is necessary!

      Ideal candidates for this position will exhibit the following attributes:
      – Goal Oriented / Ambitious
      – Hard Working
      – Money Motivated
      – Strong Communication Skills
      – Ability to be coached & take constructive criticism
      – Optimistic Attitude

      We are looking for candidates with the right attitude who have been successful in whatever they have done in the past. If you are willing to learn, we will give you all of the training you need to be extremely successful. It is important that you look at this job as a great opportunity to learn and develop yourself. We are not looking for a 9-5 person who is planning to make some money and leave, we are looking for people who must be committed to work hard and grow within the company.

      All new hires will enter into our training program which will groom Trainees into specialist Consultants. This program covers Business Development, Client and Candidate Management, B2B Sales, Recruitment Processes and the technologies we recruit for. While we will spend significant time on your training, we do not intend to hold you back, and you will have the opportunity to start making money immediately. After successful completion of our training program, you will manage your own network of candidates and clients and have the realistic opportunity to earn big money in your first year. You will have eventually the opportunity to work and travel abroad and see a clear path to senior consultant, team lead, and management positions.

      Compensation for this position is: base salary based on experience + Uncapped Commission + Vacation

      TO APPLY EMAIL YOUR CV TO or call 911 337 123

  13. We are acting for a company that requires models for many different modeling oppertunities.

    No Experience or portfolio required at application but an obvious advantage.

    Pay depending on level of experience and skills.

    Novice and Armature new MODELS also required.

    Age not important as Young and mature models required.

    Applicants please quote ref> MOD3491

    For more information contact 928 779 837 or mail us

  14. Hi all, like most people on this forum I too would like to move to Gran Canaria and would like to know more information regarding securing a job. I have thought about doing this for quite a few years and now feel like renting my house out and just doing it !! I am currently in a professional management position in Motor Finance. I would like any type of office work or even in the holiday company industry. Are there many office type jobs available to english speaking people and how would I go about this ? I know that I would not get the type of position that I have now and to be honest I probably wouldn’t want that stress anymore. I am more than happy to take anything that pays enough to pay rent and live off. Any help or advice that anyone could give me would be gratefully received. Good luck to all of you who are looking to do this move, its a fantastic place and I’m sure you won’t have any regrets. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks


  15. Hi Dean, regarding jobs, your best bet would be to give the job centre a call, their number is on the jobs page , they can advise you on what’s available and all the paperwork you’ll need to do etc. There aren’t huge amounts of jobs available here at the moment so my advice would be to take what you can to begin with. Once you’re here, settled in with a bit of an income you can get a better feel for the place and once you meet a few people other opportunities will present themselves. Good luck with the move, hope everything goes well, Richard

  16. Hi my name is Leah and I am seeking advice on Hairdressing work in Gran Canaria.
    I have a NVQ level 2 in hairdressing and have been qualified for approximately 3 years. For the last year I have been self employed. I am experienced in both male and female hairdressing.
    I speak little spanish but will be taking lessons to ease communication with clients. I am looking for full time work and was wondering the average pay for a stylist at my level in Gran Canaria.
    I hope to move within the year and have 2 weeks booked in April to come and look for appropriate accomadation and jobs.
    Any advice would be much appreciated
    Thanks in advance

  17. Hi, I know the job centre in Gran canaria is quite good, you need to register with them, Frank’s been helping us. I’m the same happy to take anything to pay the rent & live would be good for us.
    We’re going out Feb to see what’s about etc as I think there is only so much you can do by email. Hoping to move out very soon.
    Good luck to you too will let you know how it goes with the Jobcentre once I’ve been over

  18. Hello, in the forums you guys keep mentioning the Job Centre, but they charge 10 euros just to register with them, which is illegal under European law to do this!?

    Can someone tell me who has got a job through them and where they are working!?

    Just so I and others know they are 100% legit!

    Many thanks


  19. Hey, well I’m going to out to Gran Canaria in March…saw the website for Gran Canaria job centre! So spoke to them and they said you had to pay 10 euro! Well after thinking about we decided to pay! Sent our CVs of and that was it! Was told they help with accomodation as well. I received an email saying I was put on the system and then never heard anything else!That was about 2 months ago! The only reply my friend got was about becoming an escort! So in my opinion I wouldnt bother wasting 10 euros! Maybe other people have had more luck but I would say it’s probably a lot easier when your on the island rather than trying to do everything through email.

  20. Mark
    we have also registered at the job centre. we still have no work. Only thing offered is escort work. also our daughters were interested in modelling and promotional work, looks really good and professional but that is 30 euros each to register. Things are tight at the moment, so that is on hold aswell. There are not many jobs around, things are the same for everyone.

  21. I think it is shocking they are being advertised and promoted as people who find jobs who actually don’t, have no reason for really charging 10 euros!

    I think they should be reported to see if they are legit!

    Maybe watchdog would like to hear about them!

  22. Hi,
    Looking for work at south of the isle. Been working as customer agent, forwarder, beauty specialist in artificial nails, hair removal etc.
    Language skills, excellent finnish & swedish, good english & germany.

    Able to start during the spring. Please email to



  23. Hi, I have dealt with the Job Centre and they were really helpful. I didn’t get a job through them but that’s because they didn’t have a job I wanted at the time. It is better to find a job when you are in Gran Canaria but I wanted to speak to someone before I came out and they were really helpful. They gave me advice on paperwork and accommodation. The 10 euros was well worth just having someone to call. I’m not sure why some people are writing bad things about them because they were charming people and really tried hard to help. If anyone is thinking about using them just give them a ring.

  24. im a 17 year old girl from the south of the island. I’ve lived here for 10 years and am fluent in both English and Spanish and also speak enough French to get by. I wanted to know where I could find a job, as I have just finished school.
    Thankyou, Tsarina

  25. I’m in gran canaria in Puerto rico at the minute, been here for week and finding very hard to get work! I’ve 5 years experience off being a waitress! Hope someone can help…

  26. Hiya
    Im currently looking for work,Im a fully qualified makeup artist and beauty therapist and have 5 years sales experience behind me.Im from Ireland so english is my first language but do have a general understanding of spanish.Any help or offers would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thanks in advance
    Ciara x

  27. I’d like to find work as a hedge fund manager, I only talk english but can do impressions of chickens in resturants, etc… no problemo.

    And does anyone know a good Porches garage, as the air conditioning will need a decent upgrade.

    Are there any fish and chip shops, based near an ex-pats bar subscribed to Premier league football.

  28. Sorry this is not the right island for you. There are loads of hedge fund managers here already, so many there is actually a hedge fund manager society here with almost a hundred members, they are very successful society and have almost destroyed the economy here too, so if you do decide to come you’ll need to show an even greater ineptitude in money management than you did in the UK.

    Most of them drive Porsches like yourself – usually white ones so you should be able to get the aircon fixed while you’re here, although why bother fixing it, just bin the car and get a new one.

    If you can’t get into hedge fund managing here you could try your animal impressions in bars, you’ll probably make more money.

    Hope this helps.

  29. I gots an edge, been up back o my yard far donkeys yars, yous don’t need to fund it, eyes can tell yars where it is no bovver. See that dog, don mind im, he be just playin wit yar, well you turn roight on left side o that dog and keep yars toe pointed away from that dog, my old edge be furst growth you sees in yan pastures. Don mind ol Daisy in yan edge niether, she jus be playin wiv yar. You milk her good and firm yous get tharsty roight!

  30. Hi! I’m an Icelandic 21 year old girl and I’m searching for a job in GC this summer. (2009) I will move to GC in the beginning of may and go back home in the beginning of september. I am a sporty girl, I’ve been modelling a little in Iceland and I’ve been a waitress for 3 years. I’m an art student and I’d really like to work in something with art. I speak great English, Icelandic, a little sweedish and danish but I’m planning on learning spanish. Please contact me if you’re interested. I’ll send you a picture of me and my CV.

    Any tips ?;)

  31. Hi, I’m an artist working in Puerto rico, can’t think of any related work at the moment. I’ll be doing a mural next week but that’s pretty rare. I usually just sell my work via galleries and competitions but you’d need residencia for that.If I hear of anything I’ll let you know, good luck.

  32. Hi guys – I am a Scottish guy planning to move to Gran Canaria within the next few months. I am an experienced Barber and was wondering if there was any call for Barbers on the island. Or if it would be worth looking into opening my own shop ? Any information would be greaty appreciated. I can also be contacted at Thanks. Mo

  33. Jim and dean! remember me? paul from detox! im moving back on the 1st and would love to work with you guys. Let me know if you still have any positions going paul

  34. Hello!

    I´m a 24-year-old finnish girl. I´ve been living in the island, in Arguineguin, for 1,5years.
    Before I was working in the hotel as a waitress but when the Scandi season ended they had to fire allmoust the half of the staff, including me.
    Now I´m looking for a new job. I have graduated for business college (major: customer service and marketing) in 2005. After that been working in different places as a sales person (warehouse, bowling alley..) Here in Canaria I´ve been working as a waitress.
    I speak english, swedish, spanish and of course finnish. I´m able to work as a waitress, repectionist, in public realtions, animation etc..
    I can send you my photo and CV if needed. Thank you.

    My e-mail is:

  35. Estonian girl, 23, looking for any kind of job related to PR, sales promotion, translating, guide work, babysitting etc on Gran Canaria, open to suggestions. Fluent in ENGLISH, SWEDISH, FINNISH, ESTONIAN, Spanish level A2 and improving. Experience: au-pair, assistant in a Scandinavian translation company, sales promoter, IT secretary. I’m residing in Las Palmas, so I DON’T REQUIRE ACCOMMODATION. Ready to start June 15. Please contact me for further information:

    PS: I have also attached a pic of myself

  36. I am a scottish, 18 year old student looking for any work in puerto rico or amadroes area for next summer. I currently work in a leisure centre as a qualified lifeguard and kids club leader. I can also take private swimming lessons. Looking for work in this type of field or working in a bar/club or waitressing. I have dance qualifications and i am pretty much the soul of the party. I can send my CV and referencees if required. I have stayed in both areas twice before and will be comeing over to puerto rico in March for a week with my family for st patricks day to celebrate my parents 50th’s so i will be available for interviews then. Also looking for a cheap place to rent with my boyfriend who is also 19 looking for barwork. Anyone has any jobs going or information/advice then it would be greatfull.

  37. hi, i just saw ur add and wondered if u have a vacancy for a mature, but hard working, honest and reliable cleaner who can also paint.
    i live in San Fanando with my daughter and grandchildren, and have been out of work for a few months now. i am a qualified cook by trade but wish to leave the buiness, so have a great knowledge of high quality cleanliness. as you both wish to expand your service, i am the person you need for your cleaning side of the operation. please contact me on 648805442 or home no. 928777711. looking forward to hearing from you. shelly

  38. hi all
    an allround experienced caterer ( bar,floor,kitchen & managment) relooking for work just finished woking in moby dicks as a chef but saddley they are closeing down as are most places on the island
    ive lived on the islands for 13yrs+ in would like day work if poss but i these times flexible if anybody hears of aanything please call me 679126423
    thanx for your time mark

  39. i am a 26 year old man and am looking for work in the puerto rico or ammaddores area. i am a time served painter and decorator with my svq levels 1 , 2 and 3 with a good wealth of experience. i have family that live 5 min from ammaddores beach so accommodation takes care of itself. i live in edinburgh and flights are very cheap at the moment so i could come over anytime in the near future.

  40. Hello!
    I am great experienced in sales, marketing and customer care with electrotechnical materials. Can anybody tell if in Gran Canaria are needed such technical specialists? I can work also as ordinary electrician. I am looking for the job from the February 2010.

  41. I am Scottish and moving to the islnd. I currently own a curtain and soft furnishing company, and can provide inteior design advice for contracts also. My clients are mainly private. I can speak spanish, and am looking to work in this field. Can anyone help.

  42. Hi Jim & Dean,

    I know you posted this ad a while back – do you still run a maintenance business in the Playa del Ingles area?
    I have some work I need doing on my flat near the Yumbo next week – would this be something you could do?
    Get in touch


  43. Hi, my name is Sean, 36, from London and I am looking to do the big move to GC Porto Rico or playa del Inges.. within the the next couple of weeks.. I am looking for construction work I.e painting decorating, maintenance, tilling ect, i have 15 years experience in England as a builder and was wpundering if there are any jobs going, failing that delivery drivering jobs would be ok to start off with… I have rent a deposit if anyone has suggestions on an apartment would also be helpfull. Any help or advice would be greatly recived. Thanks

    • Ask about renting in the groups like Jobs and Help, and also about work. It’s not easy here as there are a lot of people looking for this kind of work.

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