Las Palmas Casting Call For Period Film

Casting call for major film in Gran Canaria

Casting call for major film in Gran Canaria

Production firm Sur Film is looking for extras for a period film shooting in Las Palmas in May.

The only one we know of is Allied, the Second World War drama starring Brad Pitt & Marion Cotillard.

We can’t confirm that the casting is for Allied, but it’s likely as it’s the only super-production going on at the time.

When, How?

The casting is on April 20 in the Edificio Miller in the Parque Santa Catalina.

To even stand a chance of standing close to his Bradness, you need to preregister for the casting here, then turn up at the right time for a photograph.

Note: The production company asks for your 20-digit code bank account number in the inscription form. They say it is so they can confirm that you are able to work and be paid.

If you aren’t comfortable with it, you can still turn up on the day between 09.00 and 18.30 (we advise being as early as possible).

Don’t forget to take your NIE or DNI.

The classic look

The producers have stated that only people with an appropriate look stand a chance of becoming an extra.

That’s a “don’t call us, we’ll call you” for anyone with visible tattoos, a modern haircut, colourful hair, false nails, or visible piercings.

Men must be prepared to cut their hair and shave for the actual filming.

Gran Canaria casting calls

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