Mobile telephones

Mobile Telephones

A guide to getting a mobile phone in Gran Canaria. The companies to use, how to get deals and the different types of contract and pay as you go available in Gran Canaria.

Getting a phone here is easy and highly recommended if you plan on staying more than a couple of weeks. However owning a mobile here is slightly different from owning one in the UK so it is well worth reading up below before committing yourself.

Types of contract
Phone companies
Where to buy a SIM / mobile

Types of contract
Pay as you go

The most simple is pay as you go or ‘prepago’. You buy a SIM card for 20€ and get 20€ worth of calls. You can recharge it at petrol stations, supermarkets, cash points, over the telephone or via your internet bank. Have a look at the different companies below though before you decide which company to go with.

The standard contract length here is 18 months and unlike the UK you don’t pay a monthly fee. You will have a minimum monthly consumption and your price / minute will be based on that. So for example if you commit to paying 30€ a month you will pay less /minute than someone paying 20€ a month. Having said that Orange do have some similar plans to the UK whereby you pay a monthly fee and get free texts and phone calls.

Phone Companies
Telefonica Movistar – this is the main one and most of Spain is connected with Movistar. Its prices are nothing special however it claims to have the best coverage in Spain however coverage really isn’t that important in GC unless you live in the mountains.

– the second biggest company with similar prices and terms and conditions to Movistar.

Orange – Basic prices are similar to Movistar and Vodafone however they have a variety of interesting contracts which may make it worth using them.

Yoigo – Started in 2007, they have the cheapest / minute rates and offer the simplest price structure 12c / minute for all calls and free calls between all Yoigo numbers. They use the Vodafone network so they have very good coverage. You can contract all via the internet.

Happy Mobile – new mobile company that uses the Orange network, has reasonable prices but very cheap international mobile prices (only 6.7c/min to UK). Worth looking into if you are going to use your mobile to call abroad.

If you want a phone with your contract have a look at all the company’s websites carefully. They all have good deals and when you reach the end of your contract with any of the companies phone their customer services and tell them you are thinking of swapping companies – they should offer you a new phone, if they don’t just ask for one. I know that Movistar, as a policy, will try to match any deal you can get with another operator.

Where to buy a SIM or mobile.
There are countless Telefonica, Vodafone and Orange stores on the island, if you haven’t seen one head to your nearest shopping centre (centro commercial). Yoigo don’t have any shops just go to their website.

If you want to compare deals on specific phones go to Media Markt in Siete Palmas they have most of the phones and deals.

If you get a great deal or find any problems with any of the companies please let us know via the comment section below.


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