Really Useful People: Nayra, Gran Canaria’s Expat Insurance Expert

Nayra Fleitas fron Caser Expats: Gran canaria's specialist expat insurance broker

As the island’s leading website for expats and international residents, we’re always looking for really useful people and services.

So, when Caser Expats Insurance opened in Gran Canaria, we had to interview Nayra H. Fleitas, the company’s Exclusive Agent for International Residents in Gran Canaria. She’s someone that everybody who lives in Gran Canaria should talk to.

Alex: Hello Nayra. Tell us about your role as exclusive international agent for Caser Expats?

Nayra: Hello Alex! As the Exclusive Agent in Gran Canaria, I am the person who helps people to choose the right insurance and solves any problems they have. Along with my workmates Carmen and Victor, we offer a personal and professional service tailored to international resident’s needs.

While Caser is a well known Spanish insurance company with 72 years of experience, the expat service has been running in Spain for 10 years. We decided that it was time to bring its service and discounts to Gran Canaria’s residents.

Alex: Great news. And how is the service tailored to Gran Canaria’s expats?

Nayra: Well Alex, firstly of all our customers get our personal mobile numbers and can call us at any time. They won’t have any problem with language as we speak English and Spanish, among other languages.

Second, we have a 24-hour call centre in four languages (English, German, Dutch and Spanish).

And, finally, Caser has created a series of attractive insurance offers specifically for expats.

Alex: That’s exactly what people want. Tell us more about the insurance deals for expats

Nayra: We work with all type of insurance policies including car and motorbike, home, health, business, funeral and pet insurance.

Our offers are exclusive to international residents. For example, you can get up to 50% off our standard car insurance tariffs . And 20% off home insurance.

For health insurance, we apply good discounts for every new member added to the policy.

Alex: What would you highlight about these insurance deals for foreign residents, apart from the discounts?

Nayra: Lots of things.

Caser was the very first insurance company in Spain to get the AENOR ISO Cerificate of Quality.

We also have one special health policy with an age limit of 69 years. This is excellent as most insurance companies won’t insure people past the age of 63. With Spain now insisting on health insurance for retired people wanting to live in Gran Canaria, our policies are tailored to the requirements.

We also offer funeral insurance to clients over 70 years old.

And finally, our commerce insurance policies have really competitive prices.

Alex: Nayra, it all sounds really good. So, what’s your favorite insurance policy that you offer?

Nayra: It sounds a bit morbid, but I always recommend the funeral insurance. It’s a sensitive subject that nobody likes to talk about but the benefits are huge.

Alex: Ok, tell me more. Ok, tell me more.

Nayra: In my opinion, taking out funeral insurance is an act of generosity towards your loved ones. You make sure that you aren’t leaving a problem behind for your loved ones. One phone call and Caser take care of all the bureaucracy, paperwork and negotiations, leaving your family to grieve in peace. The funeral industry here can be expensive and we make sure that nobody takes advantage.

Alex: So, Nayra, to get practical, tell us what to do if we want to take out an insurance policy with Caser Expat Insurance.

Nayra: Alex, we have two offices, one in the capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and another one in San Fernando – Playa del Inglés – Maspalomas.

To offer top quality service, we work out of our offices although we can always visit elderly or disabled people anywhere in Gran Canaria.

To book an appointment, just fill in the form at the bottom of this interview, or in any of the articles about insurance on Gran Canaria Guru. The info comes straight to us and we’ll be in touch straight away.

Alex: Nayra, it’s been a pleasure to talk to you and we’re really happy that Gran Canaria now has it’s own expat insurance company. We’ll make sure that all the island’s international residents know about you, and we hope things go really well.

Thank you so much.

Nayra: Thank you. It’s been a pleasure too. You and all the Guru readers are always welcome in our offices.

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