New baby paperwork

New baby paperwork

It is well known in Spain that paternity leave is needed solely to complete the paperwork for your newborn, however with a little pre-preparation and a bit of knowhow this can be a lot less stressful than everyone thinks it is.

Final objectives

By the end of your paperwork trail you will have the following

  • A birth certificate*
  • A family book (libro de familia)
  • A social security number (for medical treatment)
  • A DNI or NIE for foreigners
  • Money from hacienda (tax office)
  • Maternity leave and paternity leave

*You need the birth certificate to get the passport for your country

You need to follow 2 trails

  1. To get the family book (which will lead to birth certificate, passport and hacienda money)
  2. Seguridad Social to get the Maternity and Paternity pack

Family Book (Libro de Familia)

  1. From the hospital get the yellow paper (página amarilla para inscripción de un niño)
  2. In the hospital fill in the paper.
  3. Make an appointment at the Registro Civil (you will usually have to wait a couple of weeks for an appointment – so get the appointment as soon as the baby is born, if you have a set birth date i.e. a programmed caesarian you can get the appointment before the baby is born.)
  4. At the appointment you will be given your family book and birth certificate.
  5. Go to your local townhall (ayuntamiento) and get the booked stamped. – you have to do this with each child.



With the birth certificate you can now apply for a passport in your country. For UK residents go the consulate in Las Palmas and pick up a passport application form. For more information visit but you will need

  • Baby passport photos (see guidelines)
  • Birth certificates of both parents – these must be the full certificates not the short versions
  • Marriage certificate

2500€ grant and 100€ / month tax benefit See AEAT website

Using your family book you can now apply for the 2500€ grant (Cheque Bebé) and the 100€ tax benefit (deducción por maternidad). You can do this in a variety of ways.

1. In the Agencia Tributaria. Ask for Modelo 140 Calle; Luis Doreste Silva, 6 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Las Palmas de Gran Canaria(Canarias) 35004 Take your libro de familia and a copy.

2. By phone 928234630 / 928249103, but you will need to speak Spanish.

nb. The deducción por maternidad is a tax benefit, i.e. you need to be working to receive the benefit. You can choose to receive it monthly or at the end of the year in your tax return (RENTA). It is available until your child is 3 years old.

Seguridad Social
Go to your local social security office and register your new baby. (Dar de alta al recién nacido en sistema sanitario (Seguridad Social).) You will receive a number which is needed for medical treatment.

Couple of hints

  1. Get a few photocopies of passports, NIE certificates, certificados de empadronamiento before you begin.
  2. Do as much as you can before the baby is born – trust me it will make your life a lot easier.
  3. Start early in the morning. With careful planning you can quite easily do this all in two mornings, bad planning and you’ll spend hours in queues, getting photocopies and getting stressed.


A child born in Spain is not automatically a Spanish citizen – though, with a few rare exceptions, any such child has the right to receive Spanish citizenship.
Suppose you are a legal resident of Spain, and you return to your country of origin to give birth. Once you return to Spain, you may ask for residency for the child, based on reagrupación familiar.


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