Newsbrief: Man accused of drug trafficking detained after landing on Gran Canaria

Policia Nacional detained a 35 years old foreign man last week, waned by a court on Tenerife for drug trafficking offences. He was detained at Gran Canaria airport after arriving on a flight from Manchester.
The man already has multiple police records for drug trafficking and was detected by airport officials who were carrying out random security controls among the passengers on the flight and found that he had an existing indictment issued by a court in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

He was released on charges.

Carnival Costa Mogán March 1-6 2016

Mogan Carnival 2016The program for the Carnival Costa Mogán 2016 has been designed for tourists and residents in the southern Gran Canaria municipality to be able to discover this growing annual celebration to which more than 20,000 people are expected from every corner of Gran Canaria, to participates in the carnival starting from today the 1st to Sunday the 6th of March.

After the celebration of the Barrio Carnivals, in the various main towns and open to all residents of the municipality, Mogán has also organised an international carnival with “Cabare” as the theme, Plaza Negra in Arguineguin, (where the Tuesday market usually takes place), will once again be the setting for most of the activities, galas and street parties over the coming week.

The main events of the Carnival will be the Drag Queen Gala on Thursday 3 March and the Parade on Saturday 5 March, to which more than 10,000 people are expected.

Mogan Carnival poster 2016Here is a list of the main announced events:

Tuesday 1 March
20:30 Carnival Fashion week
Wednesday 2 March 
20:30 Gala del Pueblo
Thursday 3 March
20:30 Drag Queen Gala
Friday 4 March
20:30 Encuentro de Murgas, the satir and ironic group performances
23:00 Party
Saturday 5 March 
19:00 Carnival Parade, starting from el Timonel (behind Los Lomos Dos) to Calle Francico Navarro, Calle Miguel Marrero to Calle José Manuel Santana where the floats will stop
21:30 Big Party with DJs, live performances, everyone dressed in costume and dancing into the night
Sunday 6 March
14:00 Daylight Carnival
19:30 Last rites of the Sardine
20:00 procession starts for the Funeral of the Sardine and later fireworks

Changes in Arguineguin
The municipal Tuesday market in the Plaza Negra in Arguineguín will be moved to Calle Damasco

The street will be closed for traffic from 05:00-16:00 and parking on the road is prohibit from 00:00-16:00 on Tuesday 1 March.

Also parking is prohibited in Plaza Negra from 26 February until 7 March due to the celebration on Carnival Costa Mogán.


29% of GC tourists choose All Inclusive

Anfi beach from the tipLast week’s publication of the latest tourism figures for the entire Canary Islands revealed that All Inclusive packages now account for more than a 1/3 of all tourism, with Germans choosing AI the most, while Spanish residents are the least likely to use this type of deal.

34% of tourists aged 16 and older who visited the Canary Islands in 2015 chose an All Inclusive package, which is two percent more than in 2014, according to the latest report from the Canarian Institute of Statistics (ISTAC)

By island, 55% tourists who visited Fuerteventura chose All Inclusive, followed by Lanzarote with 38%, Gran Canaria with 29%, Tenerife with 28% and, closing the rankings, La Palma with 18%.

By Nationality
A higher percentage of Germans chose AI than any other nationality with 41% of German visitors opting for the AI fixed cost option, compared to 22% of tourists from mainland Spain, who were the nationality least likely to choose an all inclusive package.


Some of the other data collected showed that of the total visiting tourists to the islands, just over 66% stayed in hotels, while just under 24% stayed in non-hotel establishments.

By nationality, a higher percentage of French visitors (78%) stayed in hotels and were most likely to do so, followed by 75% of German visitors and 41% Irish.

88% of Irish tourists have previously visited the Canary Islands, followed by 85% of Nordic visitors and 82% of those coming from the UK.

Newsbrief: South Gran Canaria hotels were busy in January

In January, The Canary Islands had the highest occupancy rate by bed in all of Spain (74.4%). Followed by Madrid (47.0%) and Valencia (42.5%) , according to the National institute of statistics (INE).

By tourist areas, the south of Gran Canaria had very high levels of both occupancy (79.9%) and the occupancy on weekends (80.6%).

Tenerife had the highest number of overnight stays, with more than 2 million.

The tourist destinations with the most overnight stays were Madrid, Barcelona and San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

Arona had the highest level of occupancy (81.5%) and Puerto de la Cruz the highest occupancy on weekends (82.9%).

In Spain, 14.4 million overnight stays were recorded in hotels during January, 8.2% more than in the same month of 2015. Overnight stays by travellers resident in Spain rose by 8.9% and non-residents 7.8%.

Travellers from UK and Germany accounted for 23.6% and 21.1% of the total overnight stays by non-residents in hotels in January. The UK market grew by 17.9%, while Germany fell by 1.7%.

The average length of stay fell 1.8% compared to January 2015, standing at 3.1 nights per traveller.




Road collapse on La Aldea’s GC200

La aldea road 25febThe Cabildo de Gran Canaria has had to close the west coast road to traffic this week, as a matter of urgency, The GC-200 road between La Aldea and El Risco had to be shut after part of it collapsed at around kilometre 14.

The road maintenance teams for the Cabildo have been inspecting the condition of the road.  Measures they will need to take depend on the technicians reports, with the retaining wall having collapsed taking with it much of the asphalt surface of the road. According to preliminary estimates, and if weather conditions allow, the work could take between one and half to two months at a cost of €200,000. The work to fix the road was declared of emergency importance so that they can start as soon as possible.

La aldea road 25feb1These works should not affect the development of the road between El Risco and La Aldea, as the trucks and machinery will have access from the south despite this closure.

Newsbrief : Canaries were the main destination in Spain in January

In January 2016, the main destination in Spain for non-resident travellers was the Canary Islands, with 55.9% of all the overnight stays, according to INE, the National institute of statistics. Foreign overnight stays rose in The Canaries by 3.3% compared to January 2015.

After The Canary Islands were Catalonia (with 13.0% of the total and an increase of 12.3% of overnight stays) and Andalucía (with 10.9% of all overnight stays and an increase of 13.5%)

For Spanish residents Andalusia, Madrid, Catalonia and Valencia were the main destinations in Spain in January. The Canary Islands were the fifth most popular destination with 8.5 % of all resident travellers.


Yellow wind advisory in Canary Islands


aemetSpanish State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) have activated a yellow advisory in the Canary Islands this weekend for strong wind and adverse coastal phenomena which looks set to affect Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife from 08.00 am on Saturday with winds gusting up to 70 km/hour.

AEMET predict cloudy skies for Saturday in the Canaries and possible light rain in midland areas, with slight decreases in temperatures and strong winds from the north.  Minimum temperatures are expected of around 16ºC and maximums in the shade should reach at least 20ºC.

Out to sea AEMET have forecast northeast and northerly winds of  force 5 or 6, which may reach 7 occasionally to the west of Gran Canaria. Swell and rough seas are expected, with areas of heavy seas in the eastern archiélago with variable winds. North swell is expected with waves of one to two meters with occasional rain expected.

On the north of Gran Canaria, cloud cover; in other areas cloudy intervals. A chance of showers in the north, generally weak on the coasts and more intense inland.

Temperatures unchanged or slightly down. North winds of 30 to 40 km/h, expected to be strong on the west and east sides of the island, as well as very strong gusts. Loose variable breezes on the south coast.

Rain is expected for Sunday

Arinaga beach movie set for ‘The Titan’

arinaga beach Titan movie 1Several sites on Arinaga beach will become part of the movie set for sci-fi thriller The Titan between Monday 29 February and 11 March 2016.  Various scenes are set to be filmed for the movie currently in production on the island and directed by Lennart Ruff.

The production team will prepare several parts of the infrastructure in the days beforehand in different places within the Agúimes coastal neighbourhood.

arinaga beach Titan movie

The German director Lennart Ruff, has brought a large international cast with lead actor Sam Worthington, star of the blockbuster Avatar, (the highest-grossing film of all time), Tom Wilkinson (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Batman Begins, The Full Monty ) and actress Taylor Schilling, central character of the series Orange is the new black.

The thriller is scheduled for release in 2017

Newsbrief: Detained after fracturing a doorman’s leg in a shopping centre in Playa del Inglés

Policia Nacional agents detained a 32 year old man with the initials  V.M.E.B in San Bartolome de Tirajana last week, who had multiple previous criminal convictions, on suspicion of a causing serious injury in a popular shopping centre in Playa del Inglés.  After allegedly provoking an altercation in the interior of a local nightclub and then starting a fight with a doorman, who came away with a fractured leg.

The arrest occurred after a call to 091 from a witness, alerting police to a fight inside a nightclub in Playa del Inglés, several police officers were dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, the officers found that the fight had moved outside of the premises and a doorman was on the ground with a noticeable deformity to one of his legs. After being assisted, he was transported to a nearby health centre, where he was found to have a fractured leg. Th police officers at the scene proceeded to arrest the alleged perpetrator.

After a police report, the detainee was made available to the competent judicial authority, who ordered his release on charges. The police operation was carried out by members of the Unit for Prevention and Response (UPR) based at the police station in Maspalomas.

The Canary Weekend Tips 26-28 February

It’s carnival parade weekend in maspalomas, with mayhem abound throughout the Yumbo centre and thousands of people expected in the south to enjoy one of the main parties of the year.  Here are just some of the highlights.  What will you be wearing for Carnival 2016?

Check  Carnival Season in Gran Canaria 2016 

Maspalomas Carnival 

Friday 26 FeRecorrido_Cabalgata_2016_1-page-001bruary
Tourist Day
12:00 Rescue of the Sardine (From the charca (Maspalomas Pond) via the Maspalomas beach, all the way to the Playa del Inglés shopping centre Anexo II )

From 12:00-16:00 at Anexo II, Music and activities for kids

Maspawood 26feb221:00 Tourist show at Yumbo

An evening full of entertainment, with all the winners so far and the Drag Queen candidates. Performances from the amazing Garbo’s show with singers including Gara Guerra, Virgina Trigo and presented by local British resident showgal Sally Jensen.
23:00 Party at Yumbo “Raiders of the lost flip-flops

Music stops at 04:30 and all activities at 05:00 

paradeSaturday 27 February

17:00 The Grand Carnival Parade

Expect tens of thousands of people in outlandish costumes.  No need to say more. Its the BIG DAY ! Join in the fun!

21:00 Party ” Gone with the mask”
Music will stop at 04:30 and all activities at 05:00 

Parade with 115 floats travelling through Avenidas Gran Canaria and Tirajana and finally stopping the floats at Avenida touroperador Tui in front of the old water park.

Maspawood 28feb2Sunday 28 February, at the shopping centre Anexo II in Playa del Inglés
14:00 Beach Carnival 
20:00 Reading of the Sardines last will
20:30 Funeral of the Sardine, fireworks



veneguera carnivalMogán barrios Carnivals 

Mogán is celebrating neighbourhood Carnivals and getting in to the festive mood by music and dance performances during the weekend and on Monday, before the main Carnival of Costa Mogán starts on 1 of March

Friday 26 February, Motor Grande, Puerto Rico
17:00 Children’s costume party. Carnival hot chocolate and tortillas, makeup workshop, costumes parade and disco with animation.
Saturday 27 February, Veneguera
21:30 rope dancing with Veneguera Parranda in Sociocultural Hall and then party at the town square.
Sunday 28 February, Playa de Amadores
11:30 Festivities with Samba drum group Da Ihla Drum Group and Aragüimé troupe. Music, drums and dancing
Sunday 28 February, Puerto Rico Beach
13:00  The Samba drum group  Da Ihla and Aragüimé troupe. Music, drums and dancing
Monday 29 February, Puerto Rico Shopping center
20:00  The Samba drum group  Da Ihla and Aragüimé troupe. Music, drums and dancing

teror marketSunday 28 February, Teror

Mercadillo de Teror

The surroundings of the Basilica del Pino are transformed each Sunday by the weekly market, one of the oldest street markets on the island with two centuries of history. Typical local products such as sausage, black pudding, sweets, cheese and bread, religious items, textile, handicrafts, etc. Sunday market in Teror in Plaza de Sintes. 09:00-15:00

marketSunday 28 February, San Fernando 

Rastro Second hand market & Farmers market

The Sunday must for all previously-owned-item lovers. The second hand rastro market, where you’ll find  brick-a-brack and so much more. This Sunday joined by the local farmers market.

Go early to find the best bargains !

a walk in a parkSunday 28 February, Parque Sur, Maspalomas 

A Walk in a park with Lilly Rikhter

Come and join a free hour of stretching and work out. At noon in Maspalomas Parque Sur, next to the climbing wall.