Gran Canaria Paperwork

Guides on how to do paperwork in Gran Canaria, how to get a residencia, NIE in Gran Canaria, how to get a social security number in Gran Canaria, all the paperwork for setting up a business in Gran Canaria etc. etc.

Speak to anyone in Gran Canaria and ask them what the worst thing about Spain is and they will tell you the paperwork. On the face of it, any task which involves going to a public office looks almost impossible to complete and for the unexperienced can take days and days of frustration. And to top it all after days bouncing between various buildings dotted around Las Palmas you probably won’t even have the piece of paper you wanted in the first place! However … if you know what you’re doing and you come prepared, doing paperwork can be a relatively simple task that only takes a couple of hours of your time. We have waited in the queues and we have taken 5 days to do a 1 hour task so hopefully you should be able to learn from our many many mistakes. Below are a few guides to get you started, if you need something else just contact us via the forum and we’ll try our hardest to help you out.

Getting a residencia (NIE / ID Card / DNI)

Getting Social security

Getting an empadronamiento certificate

Car paperwork

Getting married in Spain

Baby paperwork

Maternity leave

Paternity leave

Registering a business in Spain


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