Paternity leave In Gran Canaria

Men in Spain now have paid paternity leave rights equivalent to what the mother gets as maternity leave. 

Paternity leave is now 2-days to be present at the birth, plus up to 16 weeks of paid paternity leave (up from 13 days).

To qualify, men must have been registered with the Seguridad Social for 180 days in the previous seven years, or 360 days in total at any time. You can’t transfer maternity and paternity leave between parents.

Maternity and paternity leave are also now gender-neutral to allow for families with same-sex parents.

How to get maternity  and paternity leave …

You will need to get the maternity pack and the paternity pack. You then fill them in and return them

  • Get the Maternity and Paternity pack (It is advisable you do this before the baby is born)
    If you live in Las Palmas get a cita previa (appointment) at the Seguridad Social (this will save you waiting in massive queues)

The Las Palmas office is located in

Avda. Juan XXIII, 15
Tel: 928 242334 / 928 245615

If you do not live in Las Palmas go to your local Seguridad Social office, you will probably not need to pre-book an appointment, just turn up when they open at 8.30. For a full list of where your nearest office is go to the social security website

  • Fill in the form – not as easy as you think … Your employee will probably need to help you out here, but you will need your last 3 months pay slips, bank details and some tax information which your employee will know if you don’t.
  • Once the baby is born apply for the Maternity leave straight away and apply for the paternity leave on the first day of paternity leave. Standard maternity leave is 16 weeks.

Couple of hints

Get a few photocopies of passports, NIE certificates, certificados de empadronamiento before you begin.
Do as much as you can before the baby is born – trust me it will make your life a lot easier.
Start early in the morning. With careful planning, you can quite easily do this all in two mornings, bad planning and you’ll spend hours in queues, getting photocopies and getting stressed.


2 thoughts on “Paternity leave In Gran Canaria

  1. Hi,
    Just wanted to inform that there is new Paternity rules.
    Paternity leave increased from 13 calendar days to four weeks andtTwo days of birth leave
    -with an extra two days added per child for multiple births, adoptions or foster care.

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