Paying fines

Paying fines

If you get a fine you need to pay it. If you don’t the money will eventually just be taken out of your bank account. Pay quickly and you get a discount.

How to pay
Info. Taken directly from the trafico website and translated.

you need to pay the fine in the period indicated on the ticket by one of the following methods

  • Sending the fine to the Jefatura de Tráfico. It is essential that you write in the text section of the cheque (for the payee) the fine reference number (número del expediente) and the date of the fine (fecha de la denuncia)
  • Paying the correct amount directly in the tráfico offices  (make sure you take the fine with you)
  • In a branch of Banco Santander Central Hispano, taking with you a copy of the fine (the one received from the police officer or the notification received from Tráfico) if you want the 30% discount or a copy of the last notification you have received from Tráfico.

n.b. you can also pay the fine in the local ayuntamiento – in Las Palmas it is on Leon y Castillo.

Don’t agree with the fine?

Occasionally you will receive a parking or traffic fine that you believe is unfair. I got one for parking on a zebra crossing when the zebra crossing didn’t reach the pavement and one for having 6 people in a car. I contested both of them, received a standard reply, contested again and got let off both of them saving me over 500€. So if you genuinely believe you have received a fine wrongly, contest it. The procedure is explained in complicated Spanish on the back of the fine, but basically you have to write a letter to the dept. of traffic within 15 days. To make your life easier below is a standard letter that you can fill in with your details, just get it checked by a Spanish speaker before you send it off.



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