Playing football in Gran Canaria

Like anywhere, if you want to play in a football team in Las Palmas, it´s better to know someone. The good news is that, in Spain, if you are over 27 years old you can play in the Veteran´s League. Compared with most amateur football in Britain,the leagues are more organised and the facilities more superior. Thera are no grass pitches and the games are mainly on astro turf.  While this may not be ideal for football purists, the risk of serious injury is minimal.

If you just want an informal kickabout, there is a regular game at Oakley School sportsground in Tafira every friday at 5.00.  This a good way to meet both Spanish and English and all standards are welcome.

If you want to play just drop us an email and we’ll let you know when and where to go.


2 thoughts on “Playing football in Gran Canaria

  1. Hi, my name is David Williams and I have recently just moved to the island and am looking for an informal kickabout and the Friday game in Tafira sounds ideal. Could you send me more information please. Cheers.


    • Hi, the site has been neglected for a few years so some of the info is out of date. We’re not sure if the Friday games are still on. Best to ask in a big Gran Canaria FB group.

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