Really helpful contacts

Really helpful contacts

A list of some really useful contacts in Gran Canaria. If you need help with anything, an introduction to a sport or activity or just a bit of local knowledge then this is the place for you, just email our team of very friendly specialists and they’ll get back to you.

If you want to contact the people below just click on the person you want to contact and in teh contact form select the category (e.g. weddings) – an email will automatically go to the specialist of your choice.

PaperworkThe forum is best for this

Cycling – (The best places to ride, on and off road!) – Raymond

Windsurfing – Richard

Building a houseRichard

Climbing – Richard

Babies (having one in GC and all that happens after) – Ros

Shopping (the best places to buy stuff) – Ros

Getting married / weddings – Paul at Gran Canaria weddings

Buying a house – Ramon

Buying / renting property – Sheena Gallagher – Tel : (0034) 928 67 17 31

Buses in Gran Canaria – anything you want to know! – Duncan

UD Las Palmas (the GC football team) – schedules, news and anything else – Duncan

If you are a nice person and want to help out please register, leave your login name and your speciality below and we’ll add you to the list. (Your email address will never be visible)

13 thoughts on “Really helpful contacts

  1. Hello all, me and my wife are really tinking of moving to this stunning island next year, can anyone help us, is work easy to find? we are both english my wife is a waitress and also a cleaner, i have always done manual work, and hold forklift licences, i have been looking at properties and they seem really good prices, we will have a good £10,000 to start off with, will this keep us going till we find work?

    Thanks in advance

  2. My partner and I plan on moving to Puerto Rico as soon as we can. Ive been many times on holidays and love it! I myself am 22 and from Ireland. I do speak a bit of spanish but not a lot.(I plan on studying it more) I am a qualified Montessori teacher for ages 3-6 but at the moment just work in a pre school. I am wondering how difficult or easy is it to get a job similar to this in Gran Canaria. Also i heard teacher assistnat jobs for english speaking people are good/in high demand?

    My partner is a panel beater (fixes crashed cars) and so were also wondering is this a difficult job to obtain? All in all how difficult is it t find a job, as we plan on just going over with a one way ticket. Also is there any cheap accomodation in puerto rico to rent? Any websites etc. would be great. Any help/advice will be highly appreciated, thanks 😀


  3. hi myself and my husband are still ooking for long term rental .we need a 2 bed place at least in either playa del ingles or maspalomas from 24th april 2013 we would rather rent privatley than go with agents if anybody knows of any please could you let me know
    many thanks

  4. Hi,
    Can anyone tell me the latest news regarding TEFL jobs in Gran Canaria? I am hoping to move over some time later this year and have heard varying reports from ‘no chance’ to ‘piece of cake.’
    I am CELTA qualified and have been working in Malta for the last four years.
    Thanks – any information would be much appreciated.

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