RENTA tax return

RENTA / Tax return in Gran Canaria

A comprehensive guide explaining what the RENTA is and how to fill in your RENTA form in Gran Canaria. The RENTA is the obligatory Spanish annual tax return.
At the end of the year everyone has to do their tax return (RENTA).
The time period for requesting ‘la declaración de la RENTA’ starts at the beginning of March and finishes at the end of June. The earlier you do it the quicker your return is processed.

If you don’t own a house or have children it’s easy to do yourself on the Internet. If you have children or own a house think about asking a gestor to do it for you to make sure you get all the tax benefits that you should.

To do the RENTA yourself there are two stages:
1.    Get the borrador (draft tax return)
2.    Submit your tax return

Getting the borrador

  • Go to  the Agencia Tributaria website then click on solicitud de borrador
  • This will open a new window and you need to fill in your NIE number and name. If you haven’t declared before click on the box ‘no declarante’ and then follow the stages.
  • This will register you with the tax office and they will send you a borrador which is a draft of the tax return by post.

Submitting your tax return
Once you get the borrador you can check it through (well try to, it’s almost impossible – if you know someone who speaks Spanish and knows a bit about tax have a word with them). If the details are correct go back to the website, download the RENTA program here, submit your bank details and submit it via the internet. If you don’t agree then make an appointment through the same webpage to go and talk to someone to help you change it. The government sets up an office for people to go and talk to someone about their tax return, make any changes and then submit it.

After submitting your RENTA declaration wait a couple of months and the money will miraculously appear or disappear (if you have to pay) from your bank account. If you haven’t received the money in your account by December 31st you are legally entitled to the interest on what you are due to receive.
Once you’ve done the RENTA once the tax office will automatically send the borrador the following year once the time period of the declaracion has opened.

Using a gestor
If you don’t feel you can do your tax return by yourself or you feel they have got it wrong in the borrador, employ a gestor to do it for you for about 60 euros. You just need to go with your

  • NIE
  • certificado de retenciones from your employer
  • Certificate from your bank – they will have sent it to you at the start of the year with RENTA in big letters on it
  • Paperwork regarding charitable donations, mortgage payments, house reforms, if you have bought a property last year,your IBI payments and your libro de familia if you have children.

As a general rule if you own a house or have children you should get money back in your declaración de la RENTA, if the borrador states you are not going to receive money have a word with a gestor as the borrador is often wrong. I have known many people who have been told in the borrador they owe 50 or 60 euros but after seeing a gestor have received 1000 -3000 euros from the tax office!

For a list of gestores who speak english have a look at our directory of English speaking businesses.


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