Renting in Gran Canaria

Finding an Apartment

So you’ve decided to stay and now you need an apartment. Hopefully this small practical guide should help you find what you are looking for.

Type of accomodation available
North (Las Palmas)

Where to look to find a flat / house

Type of accomodation available

North Coast
Las Palmas

Most people live in the ‘Puerto’ zone of Las Palmas, this is basically the area that runs along Las Canteras beach from the Auditorium to La Isleta. The most popular flats are in the first two parallel streets to the beach. This area is very centrally located with easy access to the beach, the popular bars and the shops on Mesa y Lopez. The second most popular area is Triana / Vegueta where you can get apartments for cheaper in the older part of the city. English speaking people do live in other areas than Las Canteras and Vegueta but it’s not common.

What can you get for your money?
Most people want a flat with a seaview on Las Canteras. There are plenty available but they are mostly studios which are also quite expensive, however they have great balconies and there are few better locations on the island.
There are plenty of one or two bedroom flats available away from the beach and for the same price as a studio on the beach you could probably get a spacey 1 bed or even a 2 bed flat. In Vegueta and Triana prices are even lower.

Telde / La Garita
Most people go to Telde because it is out of Las Palmas but still near the beach. It is a lot quiter in Telde and La Garita and flat prices tend to be 10-20% cheaper. There are plenty of 2 or 3 bedroom apartments near the beach.

Santa Brigida
Santa Brigida and Monte Lentiscal are popular because they’re in the mountains but only 10 minutes from Las Palmas. You can get nice, big apartments here and some with spectacular views. You will pay the same for a two bedroom place here as you would a one bedroom flat in Las Palmas. You will need a car though, you can travel around by bus but it is a real pain.


You will basically find holiday apartments. They are not massive and will tend to have a tiny kitchen however they’ll have a shared pool and you’ll feel like you’re on holiday everyday! If you want a separate bungalow try the Campo de Golf and Sonnenland.

Where to go to find a flat / house

If you rent a flat privately you will have to pay one months’ deposit, if you rent it through an agency you will have to pay an aditional one months’ fee to the agency. Bear this in mind when looking for a flat.


Word of mouth is the best way to get a flat. If you know anyone get them to ring around their friends to see if anyone is moving. If you are coming out as a teacher speak to staff already at the school and they can tell you people who are leaving. This is the easiest, least hassle way of finding a flat.


Canary Property or call 928 67 17 31 and ask for Sheena Gallagher – she’s been in the business for years and should be able to help you out.
Segunda Mano will show you flats to rent in Las Palmas – this is where the locals look but you’ll need to speak Spanish or help from someone who does. Make sure you get a flat in the right area of town, some flats may be nice but they’ll be miles away from everyone else.


Try La Provincia or Canarias7 on Fridays and Sundays and El Baul has rental properties. Again you will need to speak Spanish or know someone that does as the person renting the flat is unlikely to speak English.

Wandering around
A very underused but useful way of finding flats in Las Palmas is to find where you want to live and look out for SE ALQUILA signs in the windows.

If you want to live in the resorts but not rent a whole place by yourself, just ask around in the bars and someone will know of someone with a spare room / floor space.

If you want to rent a whole flat / bungalow

Useful websites
Canary Property or call 928 67 17 31 and ask for Sheena Gallagher – she’s been in the business for years and should be able to help you out.

Segunda Mano will show you flats to rent outside Las Palmas – this is where the locals look but you’ll need to speak Spanish or help from someone who does.
Horizon Property
Google Just put “real estate gran canaria” into Google and you’ll find a ton of websites – I don’t want to list them as we don’t have any experience with them and we don’t really want to recommend people we’ve never met before.

La Provinca or Canarias 7 if you speak Spanish – most property is on Friday and Sunday
RTN – the English speaking newspaper from the south available in most shops as a freebie.

We think this is all the information you need to know about getting a flat but if you can think of any secret tricks or you know of anyone who is in the know please let us know and we’ll add it onto the site.


62 thoughts on “Renting in Gran Canaria

  1. Hi,Madscot u are a star!:)really usefull informaion!thanks for that!thats what we planning to do,to get first 2 weeks cheap accomodation.anyway we are planning to pay 3 months ahead,just in case,not to spend it safe to live in San Fernando?is it easier to look for a place thru d egent or to do it urself on web site?do u need to have a job to get an apartment?i live in ireland now and we cant get apartment if we are uneployed.where are u from?:)

  2. hi again:)just have few more questions for u….what is minnimum wage in g.c.?i could do any job waitressing,receptionis,sales assistant,administarot,i have 5 years experience in costumer service.and my partner would like to stay in travel industry,cuz working now as marketing executive in travel company,but dont want to work representetive.what wage should we expect?do ppl get enough money to servive?we dont want earn million,we just want to earn enough money to servive and to live for a while in gud climate:)thank u so much x

  3. San fernando is safe to live in, there is 1 alleged “notorious” part that is known locally as “beirut”, having said that my wife and I have walked through it after midnight on numerous occasions and have never seen or heard any trouble, to be on the safe side I recommend looking anywhere around the football stadium and you’ll be happy. If you find a place through an agent it will cost you 1 months money, I suggest unless you have money to waste that you don’t use an agent but just walk about and get to know the area and look for signs in windows. You don’t need a job to get an apartment, your landlord will require a photocopy of both your passports and a deposit plus your 1st months rent. As my name suggest’s i’m Scottish and a bit mad, hence the nickname.

  4. As far as I know there is no minimum wage here especially among British employers, i’ve known people to work for 4.50€ per hour with no contract which means that if you lose your job you have no rights whatsoever to unemployment money. Jobs in the tourist industry are generally not well paid anywhere you go and here is no exception. To be a receptionist, sales assistant or admin worker you would have to speak Spanish, unless you’re fluent you’re looking at a job in a bar or restaurant, on average a waitress/waiter earns 5/5.50€ per hour and kitchen staff earn about 6€. If only one of you find a job you may struggle like we have. To get around it we’ve rented a 3 bedroom house and in hard times we rent out 1 of the rooms to help us get by and so far it’s enabled us to stay when we might have had to go back to the UK. If you can sell there are numerous timeshare resorts on the island who always appear to be looking for staff. There is an abundance of travel companies with offices in San fernando like thomsons, thomas cook, tui, first choice etc. you could drop your CV’s in there and see what happens. The average salary on this island is 850€ per month and you’ll do well to get more than that, when you’re coming over drop me a private message and i’ll give you my phone number and arrange to show you around San fernando if you decide to move there.

  5. hi myself and my wife are looking to move to gran canaria in 2010 and i am looking for info on driving vacancies i have a full class1 licence in uk and will drive anything but cannot seem to be able to find any sort of drivng jobs not even taxi any help or info would be great help

  6. wow,we didnt expect to earn a lot,but this is a little bit shocking,thought its a little bit more:)whats the average amount of money do u need to spend to live comfortably?i mean on food,bills and etc,a month.we are from lithuania,but live in ireland,just really love canaries,so decided to try…but we only planning to come at d begining of u think its a very bad time to do it?how long to u live there already and do u like it?

  7. Hi, there aren’t many driving jobs available here and unless you speak fluent Spanish it is unlikely you’d get given a job above a local Spanish driver. At the moment one of the only ways to find work is to go around and ask, there isn’t much work available and that work is usually given to people who are here and ready to start immediately. The only work which may offer work to people out of the country is teaching and specialist tourism work. 

  8. thanks for your reply richard i hope to be over in october and have a wander round what is the english schools like is there any for a 9 year old thanks paul

  9. Personally I think coming over in December is a bad idea, if you want a job in the “english” speaking areas you really need to be here at the start of the summer May/June, after October it becomes “Scandi” season so unless you speak one of the scandi languages you will really struggle to get a job. We’ve been here almost 3 years and love living here but it’s been very hard financially as my wife has a number of health problems that stop her doing a full time job so we’ve struggled by on 1 wage for most of the time, having said that we struggled in Scotland and i’d rather struggle here than there. My advice is to save as much money as possible, plan as far in advance as you can before coming out and learn as much Spanish as you can.

  10. our plan is to save enough money that we could survive 4 months and we gonna start to take spanish classes too.oh,i feel sorry for ur wife,hope she is fine now….well,we have gud jobs here,enough when recesion gettin very bad here,but we are so sick of this place and it been always out drea to live if 2 of us would be working full time job we would have enough money to live comfotably?thanks very much for information….

  11. Gemma Goff

    Hi there

    I am just looking for some info, me my partner and friend are thinking of relocating to the South of Gran Canaria to Puerto Rico in the next six months after having a holiday there and completely falling in love with the place. How easy will it be to find work over there, and how much will accomadation be. Can we rent apartments on a 3-6 month basis? Are the any legal restrictions we need to be aware of?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards

    Gemma Goff

  12. Hi Gemma, in answer to your questions:

    Legal restrictions – if you are British you can work here but there is some paperwork you have to do – have a look at the moving to Gran Canaria section and the paperwork section of the website.

    Accomodation – you can get accommodation for 3-6 months and prices vary hugely depending on where you are, if you have a look at the forum section you can get an idea of how much places are being rented for at the moment and some contact names, but minimum will be 600€+.

    Jobs – I work in the north and there isn’t much work up here at the moment. I’m afraid I am not that clued up on work in the south, hopefully someone else will be able to help you, but I do know it is not easy to find work and you will have to dedicate a lot of time visiting all the bars, restaurants etc.

    hope this helps,



  13. At the moment work is very scarce in the south, bars are closing on a daily basis. A one bedroom apartment is about 600 euros a month including bills, the normal rental period is 6 months minimum and you’ll require 1 months deposit in advance as well as your first months rent. My advice would be to leave it a while until the recession goes, save like crazy while you’re still in the UK and come out at a better time. Sorry to be so negative but the reality is that there’s no jobs and people are going back to the UK in record numbers because unlike the UK if you’re unemployed here the social don’t pay your rent so you need plenty of cash to keep you going through the lean times. When you do come over you need to register at the police office for an N.I.E. number/Residentia, this is a national identity number for foreigners, and you must do this within three months of arriving on the island. To get a legal job you also need a social security number, to get this you take your N.I.E, passport and house contract to the Social security office in San Fernando, take someone who speaks Spanish or they wont even attempt to speak to you, best of luck when do you eventually come over.

  14. hi there

    am planning on moving to the island n october and if not janaury and i planning n staying n san fernando
    any info would be so helpiful about work visas, do i need a visa to stay in the country , how to find work , places to live

    stacey xxx

  15. hi am planning on moving to the island n october and if not janaury and i planning n staying n san fernando
    any info would be so helpiful about work visas, do i need a visa to stay in the country , wots the work like , finding places to live and how much

    stacey xxx

  16. Hi,
    We are moving to Las Pamas from Ireland at the end of next month. My wife is being transferred with her company. Could anyone suggest an agent in the north of the island who would be willing to show us around a few apartments, not getting much luck with the Spanish property websites.
    Also I know that the majority of expats live down south, but are there any english people up north, and does anybody have any children that attend spanish schools in Las Palmas.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  17. Hi, you could try Sheena Gallagher, her details are above. If not just get a short term rent when you arrive and look in the paper or on the websites. there are plenty of properties available but you’d be best off seeing them first.

    Regarding English speaking people in Las Palmas, there are loads of us. When you get here just get in touch and we’ll introduce you, otherwise you may spend months without meeting anyone.

    Spanish schools, get in contact with Steve at, both his children are in Spanish schools and he should be able to help you out.

    Anyway good luck with the move and get in touch if you need any more help.

  18. hi Stacey. regarding visas it depends on your nationality. If you’re from the EU no problem, otherwise you’ll have to check with your embassy.

    Work – I’m sorry but there isn’t much around at the moment and you’ll be competing with a lot of other people for work. If you have specific skills it may help. Have a look at the job listings section for some ideas.

    Finding places to live – there is plenty available from €400 upwards, it depends what you’re looking for.

    Hope this helps.

  19. Hello 🙂
    my name is Lucy and Ive just finished my second year of university, as part of my degree I have to complete a year abroad and I have been allocated to las Palmas with a job teaching english at a local secondary school from October 2010 – June 2011. I am finding it very difficult finding myself a home for the year, I would need a fully furnished appartment or studio that I could rent which would be relitavely close to the school but also quite close to the centre or more lively areas. I have spent hours online looking but all I seem to be shown are very expensive beach view holiday apartments that are completely out of my price range, are there any sites or companies that you know of who I could contact? I am thinking of flying out for a week with my Dad to have a look around this month but dont have the first idea of any agencies I could go to or estate agents I could meat up with.
    I would be very grateful if anyone reads my post and could help me or give me any advice

  20. Hi, there are plenty of affordable places in Las Palmas – you don’t need to worry about that. First, where is your school? and second it is much easier to find a flat while you are here rather than over the internet. Let us know where your school is and we’ll advise on location and where to find apartments,  hope this helps.

  21. Hi, Myself and 3 others friends are hopin to move over in august, we were wondering if u had any information! we think we want to stay around the playa del ingles part but the accomadation i looked up came in fairly expensive. I sthere many places looking for bar work or restaurant workers…


  22. Hi,

    I am renting an appartment in North Las Palmas. It is a two bedroom,reformed and luminous appartment in Port Area, in Albareda Street.The price is around 435 €.If you are interesting contact me.
    SPANISH MOBILE:669767444

  23. Hi my names Charlotte most people call me Charlie though, I have always wanted to work abroad my friend is in Las Palmas at the moment and is loving it and I would like the chance to do the same. Just a few little details about moi, I am from Essex, I will be 24 on Saturday 15th Oct, I am a fun loving and easy to get along with kind of girl but I am also hard working. I have bar, admin and customer services experience, unfortunately I was made redundant last week but it has given me an huge oppotunity to follow my dreams and work abroad. Please can anybody help me I have found a flight for the 26th October but need a place to stay and a job, any ideas? Much Love Charlie x

  24. Hola Raquel,

    mi nombre es Peter Muller y soy de Alemania.

    Estoy interesante por alquilar apartmento cerca de playa en Las Palmas. Yo estare de en Gran Canaria proximos semanas. Yo estaba viviendo en 2001 en la Calle Albareda mientras mi Erasmus en gran Canaria en el numero 97 de la calle Albareda, enfrentado a la plaza de mercado de el puerto (una edificio bonito de hierro donde se puede comprar la fruta y la verdura fresca).

    Se puede decirme el nummero de la calle albareda del apartmento?
    Se puede mandarme una email para contacto. La mio es

    Le doy las gracias por suyo tiempo.
    Peter Muller.

  25. Hello, i recently visted Grand Caneria, Puerto Rico. I really enjoyed my stay and fell in love with the location, im looking to book a one way ticket and stay out there and work for a while, how long i havent decided im just going to see how it goes if all goes well who is to say ill ever go back home! However im finding it hard to find accommodation, i am looking for a one bed property close to the center, for 400-500 euro per month bills included, im not planning on coming out untill January 2012 as i would like to be with my family @ christmas i haven seen a few properties via spanish estate agents but there admin fees are very very high!

    Pleaseee help!!

  26. Hello i want to live in gran canaria island ata the beggining of december
    i need to find a job and a home, i wold like to tell me if i can find a home at 250-300euro per mounth and where it will be easier to find something in this price…

    Thanks in advance

  27. Hi Im planning on goin in January, if by any chance you do go in December and come january you know of any appartments that are avaliable please would you let me know! Thanks xxx

  28. i found a place here using the website
    its good if you want to share a house or even rent a house .dont go to an agents unless its your last cause they’l charge you your first months rent as their commission , these are the kinda things you can find on the website

    and they get updated every day or so
    good luck
    this place is great

  29. hi myself and husband are looking to move to gran canaria soon, can any body help us with information on web sites or local estate agents, looking for rental accomodation on a long term basis that allows a dog in the agustin,plays del ingles area.If anybody has information please email me at,
    Much appreciated

  30. There are plenty available but they are typically onthebroadway studios which are also quite classy, however they have great balconies and there are hardly any better locations on the island.

  31. Be very careful when you pay a deposit on a property that you are not paying a fixed reservation. I have just seen what happens. You pay a deposit, believing that it is a deposit to be held for breakages etc, which is refundable. It isn’t, and is not refundable either. Friends have made this mistake and paid out all their money as a deposit on a bungalow only to within a week lose their job so they can’t afford the rental for the bungalow. They contacted the agent who has now told them that the money they paid is for a Fixed (fijo) reservation and basically they will not get a penny back of the 780 euros they paid.

    Make sure you get any receipts written in your own language and question every word of it.

  32. Sorry to hear that your friends had such a bad and expensive experience. I just wanted to put a note on here to let everyone know that there are some agents (us!) who really are chuffed to find the right place for the right tenant, at the right price, and with nothing underhand going on! Reputation goes a long way on a little island! I hope that anyone reading this with plans to move here will get in contact, and we can see what we can do for them. Hope to hear from you chaps soon! Neil.

  33. hello guys,me and my girlfriend moving away to gran canaria in the end of may,planning to stay somewhere around playa de ingles.i been doing a bit of research and was looking at apartments but all websites i found is thro agents and as far as i know they take money for finding you accomodation.maybe somebody know which way can i find not thro agent?and i been looking for apartments in maspalomas and playa de ingles only but they can be queit expensive cus its tourist area probably maybe u could suggest which other areas should i look at but so could be walking distance to playa de ingles.
    Help will be much appreciated.


  34. You should consider San fernando which is a few minutes walk from Playa del Ingles, you can get a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment for about 450 or 500 euros, if you don’t know where it is if you walk up Avenida De Tirajana going away from the beach you will notice the hotels finish and you come across obvious residential apartments, have a walk about and check in the windows for “Se Alquila”, this way you’ll be dealing with the landlord direct and avoid the agent charges. Good luck.

  35. thanks very much i heard about san fernando u not the first person to tell me about it..are there any other resorts?i dont mind walking 10-15 this sign on windows of kind of agency or just be written on apartment which is renting?can u get bungalows in san fernando?and if u know are all shops same everywhere i mean supermrkets or if lets say san fernando recidencial area food shops would be cheaper than in tourist places?

  36. As far as i´m aware there are no bungalows in San fernando, only flats and houses but houses are usually a lot more expensive to rent. San fernando is very residential and has 3 large supermarkets which are a lot cheaper than tourist supermarkets and if you want a night out the bars and restaurants are also a lot cheaper, having said that the staff wont usually speak English so you´ll need to brush up on your basic Spanish. If you need a bungalow you could try Campo international which is at the far end of San fernando down next to the holiday world complex and San fernando market. The SE alquila signs will usually be in the window of the house/flat for rent, some of them even have the price on which saves asking, remember there is a recession on so if you really like a place but think it a little bit expensive try and barter over the price. We had a friend come over from the UK a couple of years ago, she fell in love with a flat that was 550 a month and she got it down to 500 including bills (if you don´t ask, you don´t get).

  37. I am jennifer, i am moving to gran canaria with my friend ashlie, and are looking for a 1 or 2 bedroomed flat or apartment, for 300 euros or less a month the most 500 a month ( would have to be nice ) we would like to have a pool shared or our own and for it to be near a beach or near shops.

    > las palmas, if can
    > or any on north side of the island

    me and my friend will be in las palamos on 14th may – 21st may 2012 so if you get in contact we can do some viewings.

    contact me by
    > email >
    > phone > 07517409642 < English Number Hope to here from you soon Jenni 🙂

  38. Hello guys,apartment to let in playa de ingles,5 minutes walk to yumbo shopping double bedroom,kitchen,living room,balcony, 575 euros a month,bills included,available from 23 of July but rent due only 4th august so u get 2 weeks living free,all u have to pay is or text Michael on 603508583

  39. Looking to share two bedroom apartment with another person.

    One single bedroom in a lovely and sunny apartment front line, total wide view sea panorama. Swimingpool, WiFi, Balcony, Kitchen & Livingroom, washing machine, microwave, kitchen and cooking equipment. Next to taxy stop, 2 minutes walk from bus stop and the San Agustin Beach. Very close by supermarket and the Shopping Center is 5 minutes walk on the beach. Security, reception, privacy. All bills included. Deposit of 200 Euros, and legal contract is provided. The deposit is returned at the end of the contract as required by Spanish Law. Looking preferible for someone working and long term. Any questions, please ask. Contact me at e-mail:
    Price: Euros:275. per calendar month.
    Euros:100 per week
    Euros:180 2 weeks

  40. Hi, great website and great guides!
    Just wanted to let you know that the links aren’t working. I end up at a 404-error site when I try to go the the next page through the links.

  41. Hi, I want to rent a piece of farm land in Gran Canaria.

    Could you tell me what I need to do in order to be eligible?

    I already have an NIE (although older than 3 months)


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