Running in Gran Canaria


If you are a serious runner or just like to jog to keep fit, Gran Canaria has a great climate for both and a very active running scene.

There are several Athletics clubs on the island all that train regularly together. Every evening from about 6pm, hundreds of people can be found running around the track at Parque Romano (C/ León Y Castillo: near Club Natación Metropole).

The biggest athletics club on the island is CAI Gran Canaria, however you must be a resident on the island to compete for them.

There are a number of races throughout the year; road races during October and November; cross-country January and Feburary; and track for the rest of the year. A calendar of races can be found here.


There are several orienteering races throughout the year, information on these can be found here.

All running information kindly provided by Allan Bogle of Active Canaria. To view his excellent running blog click here. Active Canaria organise warm weather training holidays for running and orienteering in Gran Canaria. To visit their website click here; and;


5 thoughts on “Running in Gran Canaria

  1. Hi there, I am going on holiday to Gran Canaria at the end of Dec. I would love to do some trail running but would need someone to guide me…would you know who I might talk to? Many thanks, Nicola

  2. Hey everybody
    I am on your beautiful island from the 2th august to august 9th.
    I would love some trailrunning, but I guess I need a guide, so I dont get lost:)

    Are there any trailrun-groups that could be interested in guide a guy from Denmark?
    Best regards
    Claus Andersen

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