Sports and activities in Gran Canaria

Sports and activities in Gran Canaria

There are loads of things to do in Gran Canaria from the leisurely to the stupidly energetic. From fishing to skydiving to walking and mountain climbing. You can do most things by yourself but if you don’t have a top of the range mountain bike or a sport fishing boat handy there are hundreds of really high quality trips to choose from. Obviously we can’t go on every trip with every provider so if you do try out one of the activities please tell everyone about it at the bottom of the relevant article.

Unlike other websites, this section has been written by people who are fully involved with their respective sports, so the advice is up-to-date and REAL.

We are constantly adding to our website, so if you feel we have missed anything then leave us a comment (you need to register first. Also, if you are keen to write about any sports you feel we have missed, please add your own content. This will be reviewed and if we deem it good enough, we will add it to the menu.

Currently we have guides to the following sports:





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