7 Reasons We Love TV Mucho & You Will Too

TV MUcho gives you high quality and legal UK television anywhere in the world

TV Mucho is the best way we know to get UK television in Gran Canaria and here’s why…

It takes seconds to install

TV Mucho comes in a box and all you do is plug it into your television and your internet. The whole process takes a minute and you’ll be watching your favourite program before you can say “me gusta mucho”.

Founder Vincent Weberink designed the whole system with his mother-in-law in mind. It was only ready for the market when it was easy enough for her to use.

There are no dishes, cables or gizmos

The TV Mucho box looks like a Discman (remember them?) and comes with one cable to connect it to your TV and one for power. To be precise, it’s 12,85 x 12,85 x 3 centimetres.

All you do is connect it to your internet supply via Wifi or cable and that’s it.

You can get rid of all those yellow and red cables that connect the laptop to the TV and forget about the satellite dish on the roof.

All you need to get UK TV is a tiny TV Mucho box.

TV Mucho is completely legal

You can get UK TV online of course, but the quality is patchy, it’s probably illegal and the sites that stream it are riddled with spyware and dodgy links.

With TV Mucho you avoid all this aggro because the whole system is completely legal. The company has negotiated broadcast rights with all the channels you get and beams them to your TV set from a data centre in Switzerland.

Watch TV on your TV

How many times have you given up watching a program because it kept freezing, or because the sound was out of sync with the images?  Forget pixellated images and endless buffering; with TV Mucho you get great quality TV right on your main television screen with no delay.

It’s cheap as chips

TV Mucho costs just 10 euros per month and you can stop and start the service whenever you want.

You get all your British TV favourites on your television for about 25 pence per day.

You can take it anywhere

The TV Mucho box works anywhere so you can use it in Gran Canaria or anywhere else in Spain, then take it on holiday anywhere in the world.

All you need to watch TV Mucho is a television and an internet connection.

New channels all the time

Right now you get all the most popular UK channels like the BBCs, ITVs, Channel 4 & 5 and TV Mucho is adding new channels all the time.

Try it now

TV Mucho are offering a free trial to 50 people in Gran Canaria. Just fill in this form and you get to be one of the first people in the world to get UK TV in a box. Or visit the TV Mucho website for more info.

Mucho TV: The Spotify OF Expat Television

TV Mucho Expat TV is a new and completely legal way to watch Beritish television in Spain

When was the last time you downloaded a song from a dodgy file sharing site? It’s been a while, right?

There’s just no need to do it anymore.

With legal music sites like Spotify, why fill your device with viruses and spyware just to listen to a song? It’s far easier nd safer to pay a few euros per month for unlimited and completely legal music.

The same goes for films and TV series. You can risk finding online, or just sign up for Netflix and watch whatever you want.

But what about television?

Somehow the internet revolution forgot television.

It’s always been difficult to get good quality British TV online.

Okay, you can watch television online, but it’s a faff, often terrible quality, and hosted on websites that try and trick you into clicking on dangerous links.

And it always fails when you most want to watch something.

And, of course, it’ one thing squinting at Eastenders on a laptop and quite another to watch it on your television.

The expat TV revolution is here

Just like Spotify revolutionised music and Netflix radically altered the way we watch films, change is coming to expat TV in Spain.

And this time, the revolution WILL be televised! In your living room.

TV Mucho: Watch British TV the safe, easy & legal way

TV Mucho is a revolutionary new way to plug British television into any TV anywhere in the world.

It works, it’s legal and it’s simple to set up and use.

TV Mucho comes in a box and all you have to do is plug it into your television and the internet. The setup takes two minutes and you get all your favourite UK channels straight away.

Channels including BBC 1, BBC 2, the ITVs, Channel 4, Film4, BBC news, Sky News, Channel 5, CBeebies and CBBC.

And you can take your TV Mucho box anywhere in the world and have British TV on tap (well, on television).

I want British TV at home right now

Welcome to the television revolution. Go to the TV Mucho website right now and order your box.

It costs just €79 and price includes six months of free UK TV. After that, all you pay is €10 per month.