Do Your TEFL/ CELTA Course In Gran Canaria

CELTA course dates for 2018 at the Irish Academy in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

To get an English teaching job in Gran Canaria, it helps to have a recognised qualification for teaching English as a foreign language (a TEFL or CELTA).

You can work without one, but your earnings and the chances of getting a job go up if you have a good certificate.

Until now, you had to get your qualification before you arrived on the island.

Not anymore; The Irish Academy in Las Palmas now offers the Cambridge CELTA course.

Of course, you don’t have to live in Gran Canaria to do it. Anyone come to Las Palmas, do the intensive month-long course, and then go anywhere in the world to teach English. The Cambridge CELTA certificate is widely recognised all around the world.

Getting your TEFL /CELTA in Gran Canaria

The Irish Academy in Las Palmas

The Irish Academy in Las Palmas

The Irish Academy is the only place in the Canary Islands offering the Cambridge CELTA course.

It is a full-time, four-week, intensive course aimed at people wishing to enter the teaching profession. No prior knowledge of teaching is required, but non-native English speakers are required to have a high C1 level of English.

Course requirements have been reduced so that candidates can be aged 18 and need not have a university degree. The CELTA can serve as the perfect tool for anybody wanting an alternative to university, or just wanting to postpone their degree for a year or two. Taken after a degree, the experience gives any CV an edge over recent graduates entering the job market.

It is an excellent way into teaching for people looking to forge a career out of it, both at the start of their professional lives or at any point after. There is no age limit meaning people can qualify even if they feel they have fulfilled their professional goals.

For more information, visit the Irish Academy.