Want to get Spanish resident discount on a Ryanair flight but the website just won’t work when you try to book? Keep on reading!

Computer-frustrationsGetting a ticket with the resident discount is not as easy as it should be. It just wouldn’t work when I tried to book a flight from the Canary Islands to Madrid.

If you live on the Spanish islands (The Canary Islands or the Baleares) or Ceuta or Melilla you are entitled to a huge discount on plane and ferry tickets. Normally, getting it is as easy as leaving your NIE number. Nowadays, automatic systems will check your status and approve the whole thing within a split second.

At Ryanair’s website it wasn’t so smooth.

I got to the part where I was asked to write both of my surnames, I only have one, and fill out my NIE. Whatever I filled in, the answer was every single time that it wasn’t correct and that I’d have to take the necessary papers with me to the airport and show them. Which would be okay, if the rest would have worked. Leaving the second surname blank, using “–” in stead or just repeating my surname twice: it all wouldn’t work.

As soon as I got to the payment stage, either with card or paypal, I would just get an error and this message:
“Oh. There was a problem Unfortunately, we could not process your booking at this time.”

I read online about changing the NIE, but it was pretty clear that it accepted my NIE only in the normal format: X1234567A. None of the the other solutions I found online were of much help.

The live chat assistant was sleeping and the contact form sent me to a 404 page. You have to love Ryanair for its customer service.

I went to other companies to book the flight in stead but they were a lot more expensive at my chosen dates.

So I decided to give it one more shot. I created an account at Ryanair and put me and my family as “passengers” or “companions”.

When I now got to the part where I had to leave my details for the residents discount I could click on my name that popped up and the fields were filled by the website automagically. And this, my dear readers, is where the magic happened:

My first name field showed my first name, my first last name was left empty and my second last name was my actual last name. And then everything worked.

If you’re stuck at the same page, try this. You might have some luck 😉