Here’s Where To Stock Up On Asian Ingredients In Gran Canaria

Exotic food at Las Palmas' Chinese supermarkets

Exotic food at Las Palmas’ Chinese supermarkets

If you like cooking with Asian ingredients, Gran Canaria can be frustrating. It’s tough to get hold of lots of common ingredients as the locals don’t use them.

Don’t worry. because the Chinese supermarkets by the Mercado Central stock a great range of Asian ingredients.

Prices are lower than in the supermarkets and they sell lots of things you can’t find elsewhere.  Things like big bottles of soy and fish sauce, fresh tofu, bean sprouts, dried mushrooms, big packs of noodles, Thai curry pastes, green tea, etc.

You never know what to expect. Salted jellyfish for tea? How about some Filipino puto mix?

The Chinese shops also sell fresh Asian veggies like bok choi, yams and spring onions. Most come from farms on the island.

Don’t forget to check the freezer cabinets for everything from Chinese dumplings to frog’s legs.

It’s worth visiting each shop as they all sell different stuff. Most are on Calle Barcelona but don’t miss Comercial Yu Fong just over the road on General Vives. The Korean supermarket on Calle Valencia is also worth a visit.

If you’re after Indian supplies, head to Godhwani’s. It’s an emporium rather than a shop with shelves stacked high with all sorts of spices and Indian treats. Look in the freezers for Indian breads and veggie treats.

Godhwani’s is on Calle Sagasta 59 just behind Las Canteras beach, and at the back of the Yumbo Centre in Playa del Inglés.