Proper Gran Canaria Jobs: English Teaching Jobs In Vecindario

Operations manager and PA to MD: Jobs available in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Operations manager and PA to MD: Jobs available in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

An established language academy based in Vecindario is looking for two teachers; One full-time position and the other part time.

Here’s the description…

The English Centre in Vecindario has 2 positions available for Native English Teachers from 3rd October 2016: One full-time, teaching children and teens in the afternoons and evenings, and the other part-time, teaching young children twice a week in the afternoons.  Please contact Gordon on 696953092.

Gran Canaria Teaching Jobs

Welcome to Gran Canaria Guru’s unbiased guide to Gran Canaria teaching jobs. With several large English schools, lots of bilingual schools and lots of thriving language academies, Gran Canaria is a great spot to get a job teaching English.

There are five types of teaching jobs each one requiring different qualifications and offering different pay.

English schools

Schools such as the British School, Oakley College and Canterbury School.

These schools, most of the time, require a PGCE however it is not unheard of for unqualified people to get jobs there – send in your CV and see what happens. If you’re lucky they will need a teacher straight away. Monthly salary 1200€-1400€ depending on school and job.

Bilingual schools

Schools such as Hispano Inglés and Colegio Arenas. Many state schools are also becoming bilingual although they tend to employ teachers via academies.

These schools don’t usually require PGCE qualified teachers but a TEFL qualification helps. They pay less and working conditions aren’t as good, but you get the long holidays. Salary approximately €1200.

Do ask around before saying yes to a job at a bilingual school. A couple have rotten reputations for making staff work long hours.

Teaching assistant

Teaching assistant jobs have dried up after the main state school scheme was cancelled. There are still some available. The pay is 600€ a month working approximately 4 mornings a week.

Language schools/academies

Academies such as Inlingua, Harven  and Little Monk.

Language schools pay less and the afternoon and evening working hours can be unsociable. However, they pay well enough to live a nice life here and can be flexible with working hours if you’re lucky. Salary/hour between 12 and 20€ depending on experience and the academy. Some offer fixed contracts while others expect you to be autonomo (self employed).

Private lessons

Many people in Gran Canaria make a living by giving private English lessons to kids after school. You can ask for anything from 15-30 euros per hour depending on experience and chutzpah. Enterprising teachers also bag lucrative business-English lessons that pay up to 50 euros per hour.

Saturday Schools

All the English Schools and the American school offer Saturday schools for children and adults. They pay very well €60-€80 9am -1pm. If you are interested contact the schools well
before the course starts in October as teaching posts are rapidly filled. ESL is preferred but it is not uncommon for non-EFL teachers to get work.


If you speak two languages fluently it is worth sending out your CV to the translation companies. Decent jobs are not that common as many people now use freelance translation websites.