Claim Your Gran Canaria Resident Travel Discount

How to claim your Gran Canaria resident travel discount for Canary Islands travel

This certificate gives residents discounted travel in the Canary Islands


A big perk of being a Gran Canaria resident is the 50% discount on all air and ferry travel between Canary Islands and between the archipelago and Mainland Spain.

How to claim your Gran Canaria resident travel discount

The system is now automatic and most people don’t need a bit of paper to prove residency. The ferry and airline companies should be able to check online whether you are resident. They use a computer system called SARA and don’t need your permission to check you residencia status.

The Gran Canaria resident travel discount system works well until ‘computer says no’. If you’ve just got your residencia, or changed empadronamiento, you may need a ‘Certificado de Residencia’ from the Ayuntamiento.

Most ayuntamientos now let you apply for a certificate online and issue it for free. For example, in Las Palmas you can get a PDF certificate here in about a minute.

If you have any problem with the online system, get an online certificate or go to the Ayuntamiento with your passport, residencia paper and photocopies of both (always take photocopies of everything). The process takes a few minutes (once you get through the queue) and costs a few euros max.

Travel certificates are valid for six months.

Once you present your certificate to an airline or ferry company, you’re registered with that company and shouldn’t need it again.

Getting the Gran Canaria resident travel discount for children

Las Palmas residents can apply using the same form as adults use, but some small ayuntamientos don’t off a children’s option online. You have to go to the office and get them.

You need passports and residencia papers for parents and adults, and the libro de familia (now you know what it’s for).

Familia númerosa discounts

If you have three or more children, you get further travel discounts thanks to the Canarian government. You’ll need an official certificate from their offices. Here’s what you need to qualify for familia númerosa status, and all the paperwork you’ll need to get  the certificate.