The new driving license with points

Driving license and points

If you have a new EU plastic UK driving license you can use it in Spain until it runs out. Before you had to surrender your old license but now you don’t. However if you plan to stay in Spain for the long term it is advisable to get a Spanish license, it will make your life easier when dealing with the police and it may avoid complications in the future.

One GC resident lost her UK license after 10 years of living in GC and when she applied for a new one, the UK refused to issue her one because she had not been a resident in the UK. In the end she had to do her test again.

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Everyone starts off with 12 points on their license and loses them for every offence

·    If you exceed the speed limit between 21 and 30 km/h.
·    If you stop in zones of risk for the traffic circulation, for the pedestrians, or in the rails destined al urban public transportation. 
·    If you use any radar detection system to elude traffic police.
·    If do not have your lights on when it is obligatory or if you badly use them. 
·    If you carry a child of less than 12 years of age as the passenger of your motorcycle or moped, with the exceptions that be determined according to the rules. 

·    If you exceed the speed limit between 31 and 40 km/h. 
·    If you change direction where it is forbidden 
·    If do not you maintain a sufficient braking distance. 
·    If you use by hand headphones, mobile telephone or any another apparatus that reduces your attention when driving.
·    If you do not wear your seatbelt, the helmet and other obligatory safety items. 

·    If you exceed the speed limit by 40km/h assuming that you are not exceeding the limit by 50%
·    If you drve with a rate of alcohol over 0,25 mg/l and under 0,50 mg/l in air exhaled (professional and new drivers more than 0,15 and under 0,30 mg/l.)
·    If you drive on the motorway using a vehicle that is prohibited on the motorway
·    Negligent driving that puts others at risk
·    If jump you a stop sign, a red light or do not respect the right of way.
·    If you throw any item that could cause fire out of the window
·    If you drive endangering or hindering cyclists. 
·    If you reverse on motorways or roads.
·    If you overtake putting in danger those coming in the opposite direction or where visibility is reduced
·    If do not you respect the signals of the agents that regulate the circulation. 
·    If you drive in excess of 50% of the speed limit or drive with more than the number of authorized seats, excluding the driver
·    If you speed up or perform manouevres that affect your driving

·    If you drive in excess of 50% of the authorized maximum speed limit, provided that it exceeds at least 30km/h of the said limit. 
·    If you drive with a rate of alcohol over 0,50 mg/l in air exhaled (professional and new conductors more than 0,30 mg/l.) 
·    If you drive under the effects of narcotics, psychotropic, stimulating and other substances of analogous effects
·    If you refuse to take breath tests, narcotic, psychotropic, stimulating and other substances of analogous effects. 
·    If you drive recklessly, drive in the wrong direction or participate in races.
·    If you are professional driver and exceed more than the 50% the authorized driving times or spend more than 50% less of you’re allocated resting time.


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  1. Hello, I’m going to stay over 6 month here, so, I need Spanish plates to my car and a Spanish drivers license.
    Where can I get those?

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