Windsurfing in Gran Canaria

Windsurfing in Gran Canariacu

Gran Canaria is to windsurfing what England is to crappy reality TV. It is one of the best places in the world, renowned for its crazy, summertime hurricane force winds that have made the PWA event at Pozo Izquierdo the biggest event on the PWA windsurfing tour.

Bjorn Dunkerbeck lives here (World Champion from 1921 to 2001) as do the Moreno Twins – arguably the best female windsurfers in the world, Jonas Ceballos, Victor Fernandez, Vidar Jensen, Orjan Jensen, Nayra Alonso, Marcos Perez and many more.

The windsurfing section includes the following:


Check out our in-depth guide, including maps of all the spots on the island. This section should give you an idea of where to go for different wind directions:


From around May/June through to September/October, the North Easterly trade kicks in with a force. It goes into an acceleration zone in the south-east corner of the island and blows force 5+ for 5 or more days a week. The wind is generally very strong – most of the locals have a 4.7 as their biggest sail and use 60-65 litre wave-boards.

As a general rule, the wind is at its strongest at Pozo Izquierdo when it is this direction. The further North you go (Vargas, Ojos de Garza etc), the lighter the wind becomes – if Pozo is 3.7, Vargas will be 4.2…


In the winter the wind tends to be a bit lighter and less regular – it sometimes gets strong from directions other than NE, so be prepared to travel a bit.

If the wind is between N and E, it is best to be on the east coast – the more North in the wind, the more north you go, the more East in the wind, the more south you go. Ojos de Garza for Northerlies and Faro de Maspalomas for Easterlies.

If the wind is between Southerly and South Westerly, Juan Grande (Ketchup) can work really well. South Westerly is also a good direction for down the line riding on the North Coast (think massive, kit breaking waves and rock!).

South Easterly is not such a great direction but can work at Bahia Feliz.

Easterly is a good direction for Playa del Aguila or Juan Grande again.

North Westerly and Westerly can actually work for flat water blasting in the lagoon at Las Canteras and we are yet to find other spots for this wind direction. If you have, let us know!

Internet Sites for Forecasts and Current Weather give you the current wind direction and speed as Las Palmas airport – invaluable information especially during the winter time. is good for forecasts – if the wind is NE, multiply by 2 for Pozo/Vargas.

What to bring

If you are an average weight (75Kg) sailor coming here, I would recommend a 70-75 litre waveboard (smaller if you can handle it) and maybe an 85 litre freestyle wave. In winter you need sails from 3.7-5.2, in summer 3.7-4.7. Also bring a surfboard if you can fit it in!



There’s a windsurfing club in Las Palmas where you can learn the basics, but to be honest you’d be better off heading south and learning with the CIW or Hullon in Pozo or the Mistral Centre in Bahia Feliz. There is a board rental place in Puerto Rico at Anfi but again it’s just floating and turning.


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